Is WiFi Millionaire A Scam?

is wifi millionaire a scam

Name: WiFi Millionaire
Owner: Matt Lloyd
Price: $50 with lots of upsells

Summary: WiFi Millionaire is run by Matt Lloyd, also the owner of 21 Step Millionaire Coach, which Jason panned for essentially being a front for Lloyd’s other business MOBE.

At first, looking at other reviews online, I was surprised by how negative Jason’s review was, but as I dug a bit deeper I started to see the same shoddy work that Lloyd did on 21 Step Millionaire.

As we’ll get into it below, there was no way this company was getting my hard-earned fifty dollars.

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Recommended? No.

WiFi Millionaire Review

When going to WiFi Millionaire, you’re first greeted by a claim that the Americans shown in their video make between $10,000-20,000 a month.

Now, at this point, you hopefully know to greet such large numbers with a degree of skepticism as if something sounds a bit too good to be true, it usually is.

But let’s ignore that red flag and scroll down to the site’s main feature, what appears to be a video.

Now let’s try to click on that video play button.

Why Doesn’t The Site Work?

is wifi millionaire a scam

Um, OK. Call me old-fashioned but when a site asking for even just your email address can’t take the time to make sure the video that is its main content offering to work.

That’s a serious red flag right there.

But for the sake of doing a thorough review, I entered my name and email and was taken to the following screen:

is wifi millionaire a scam

What Steps Come Next?

OK, great, more content, right?


Click the button inviting you to view the site’s helpful blog content and you get nothing, nada, zilch.

Also, there’s a bit of errant HTML code that runs across this landing page that speaks to the slapdash quality of this site.

Additionally, I’ve submitted my email twice now to this site for a one-week period and haven’t gotten a single piece of mail.

It may have gotten caught in my Gmail spam filter, but if it did, then I’m going to take that as sign

But hey, look, there are four social media buttons!

They must surely have at least one working link, right?

I mean, they do want to instill trust in the prospective buyer, right? (who t, in turn, rn will make rich, of course).

Alas, there will be no liking of any content as none of the social buttons work as well.

Does It Cost Anything?

Doing some further research in Matt Lloyd and MOBE, it appears that seemingly new and unique programs like 21 Step Millionaire Coach and WiFi Millionaire are indeed just different gateways to the MOBE family.

Apparently, once you pay your $50 or whatever cost Matt is charging–it seems to change quite a bit–you are then given training on doing affiliate marketing for high ticket offers.

Now high ticket offers refer to products that cost a considerable amount to purchase to sell but then yield equally large if not larger sales margins.

And according to some sites, these buy-in prices go as high as five figures so you’re taking on a considerable risk for a person who can’t be bothered to get a video to work.

Additionally, looking at Jason’s review of 21 Step Millionaire Coach, one thing that bothered him was that site’s use of paid testimonials by individuals on the site Fiverr who would sell video endorsements for just five bucks.

In a similar fashion, there’s a ringing endorsement of WiFi Millionaire on the home page of a woman identifying herself as Michelle Nader, founder of Online Business Education.

Like Wealthy Affiliate, there’s a lot of talk about providing you with the materials you need to educate yourself on running a business from home.

But on top of there not actually being any useful information on the site, who exactly is Michelle Nader??

is wifi millionaire a scam

While that sounds like a made-up name, let’s go a quick Google search for “Michelle Nader Online Business Education” and see what we find.

is wifi millionaire a scam

As you can see in the top five results right here and for yourself if you do the same search, Michelle Nader may or may not be a real person and if she is, all she’s really done with her life is create a site ( that looks exactly the same.

Is Wifi Millionaire A Scam?

1/ 0
Wifi Millionaire - Overall Rating

( Disclaimer: The review above contains the opinion of that of the author. All reviews found on the EPO website are based on assessment, research, and each product is approached as a potential opportunity to share with you, our audience. You are free to purchase or pursuit any ‘products’ of your choosing).

On top of being a site that’s openly associated with someone my associate Jason firmly believes to be a scammer, WiFi Millionaire’s inability to even put together a working site with the content that they promise ultimately makes this a low-harm waste of time.

We do not recommend Wifi Millionaire.

And should they ever get around to actually asking you for that $50, now you know to save your money for a program that actually works!

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