Is Website ATM a Scam? My Review

is website atm a scam

The first time I came across Website ATM, I chose to ignore it simply for the fact that its entire setup reminds me of many low-value systems that I’ve come across before.

In this industry, first impressions are everything.

And when your setup is identical to many other “bad” systems or opportunities out there, it could make one raise an eyebrow.

I’ll show you what I mean.

Here’s Website ATM’s homepage:

website atm homepage

Here’s a system we reviewed and strongly recommend against:

secret affiliate machine homepage

And another we had bad experiences with:

another homepage of low grade system

These are clearly different websites, however, the similarities are obvious. (Especially the first and third homepages).

These are known as 2-step or 3-step websites.

On one page there’s the sales video and the may ask you for your email. While the next page there’s usually another video or checkout page where you can buy the system being promoted.

There’s nothing wrong with 2 step websites.

There are those who misuse it, though. Is this the case here?

And is Website ATM a scam or legit?

Let’s see.

Is Website ATM a Scam

Website ATM can be found at , and after spending quite some time on the site, it really isn’t something I would recommend to a friend or loved one.

That’s because I believe they don’t offer much value, training, or anything else actually needed to earn money online.

It certainly isn’t a long-term business plan. They tell you themselves that what they do “may very well one day be banned”.


What Is It?

The only description they give for how there system works was a poor one.

Aside from this description, the remaining time on the videos is spent promising people (us) how simple and life changing their system is.

And all you have to do to get this major lifestyle change and be set for life is buy the $47 Website ATM.

Unfortunately, real online business opportunities don’t work this way.

Here’s how they say their system works:

“Our automated transaction maker uses advanced monitoring and computerization technology that may very well be banned one day – but that doesnt stop it from pouring cash into your bank account nonstop”.

Website ATM comes off as very desperate and misleading.

Click A Button

According to Website ATM, there system works in 3 simple steps.

1. Watch 4 simple videos

2. Wait 4 minutes

3. Give it one push of a button, and you’re done

website atm 3 steps

Following these steps will allegedly publish your very own money generating website on the internet. From the moment you “push the button” and your website becomes live, it’s said to begin earning right away.

I can see how this can be appealing to newcomers who are interested in working from home or earning extra money, but the fact remains, online business doesn’t work this way.

Anyone who’s joined my free email course knows this to be true.


There are none


  • Website ATM is misleading/desperate
  • Fails to teach a single thing or explain how it all works exactly
  • Promises easy riches while doing little to no work, which is language used by scam websites
  • Deadly similar to many other low-value systems I’ve reviewed


For the reasons expressed above, we do not recommend the Website ATM.

As a consumer, you are free to try to purchase any products of your choosing.

After years of reviewing different products within the ‘make money online’ space, it becomes quite apparent which products offer value and which are potentially harmful to others.

In order to counter these low-value “opportunities”, we decided to put together a free email series.

In this series I share 5 beginner and budget friendly business plans which are allowing your average, everyday people to earn income from home, when done right.

Bottom line…

Any place telling you that you can make money (lots or little) at the click of a button, is lying to you.

This stuff takes real work. Those who are serious about earning extra money online and understand this, usually go on to do quite well.

Let us know your experiences using Website ATM in the comments below. We’d love to hear from you.


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