is the easy marketers club a scam

Is The Easy Marketers Club A Scam?

If you had your suspicions about the Easy Marketers Club website, you were NOT wrong for doing so. This unknown seller who goes by the stage name “Trevor”, makes one of the most ridiculously convincing arguments on why he intends to make you rich.

Stating he’s doing it all only to get back at those “Jerk Internet Gurus” who only steal people’s money… When in fact, he sounds very similar to one of those jerk guru’s himself.

Let’s find out, is The Easy Marketers Club A Scam?

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I kind of agree with his stance on internet gurus, many of which offer low value for an outstanding price. However The Easy Marketers Club is no exception.


Very misleading website and only pushing a sell on a product known as Instant Income Producer. This will not make you $638 per day while you do nothing. Earning money automatically with this product while you sit back and do nothing is unrealistic.

This is without question a scam (see the proof below)!

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The Easy Marketers Club Full Review

I was lead to The Easy Marketers Club website by email. Not from a friend, trust me, I would have told them off.

Right off that bat you are presented with a video claiming you are one of the lucky few chosen to be part of the “exclusive easy marketers club” and to prepare yourself to earning massive amounts of money online.

$638 a day to be exact. Which comes to over $19,000 a month, not bad at all in my book.

Here is what unsettled me very early into the video however:

is the easy marketers club a scam

Guaranteeing someone can make that kind of money within their first day seems a little bizarre to me. There’s not even an explanation of who qualifies or what kind of work to expect.

If you ask me, the person in the video sounds a bit desperate, which is never a good sign. But don’t worry it gets better.

The entire video on the website’s homepage or sales page? Consistently mentions how much money you can expect to make, how it’s done for you on autopilot, how you will have money to live the dream life, etc.

These are typically red-flags and a good indication of a scam.

While there’s more than one way to earn money online, none of it will ever come in a done-for-you system.

Spending X amount of dollars on a product and watching the money flow in for life while you do nothing is simply unrealistic.

Unfortunately people do buy into the hoax of living a high-end lifestyle believing that such success will come overnight.

It doesn’t work that way. Earning money and/or establishing a real business is going to require a time and effort commitment regardless if you’re on the internet or offline.

Now that we got that out of the way, here’s some of the things I found odd with The Easy Marketers Club.

Proof This System Is Fake

While The Easy Marketers Club claims their only intentions is to help earn you money and to get back at the “jerk internet gurus”, don’t be fooled by these statements.

I was able to dig deep and find some inconsistencies within the program and the product being offered:

1. The Income Proof

Firstly I would like to address these completely out-of-date, photoshopped, income statements supposedly generated by the Instant Income Producer product that is being offered:

is the easy marketers club a scam

There were a few of these “proof of income” images shared during the video. If you look closely up top, they are also dated back to 2013.

Very odd. Also while attempting to show proof of income through these old, useless statements, you notice you are denied access to view any details at all.

My impression. These could have come from ANYWHERE!

2. You’re Going To Enjoy This!

From the homepage, after some time a button will appear labeled “Take Action Get Started Now” taking you to another page and where you can actually purchase this wonderful (not) product for the price of $97.

Here you are greeted with another video up top just like the page before. To get a full understanding of what it is I am reviewing here, I tune in.

Here’s where it gets good, while watching the second video I happen to notice a familiar face!

is the easy marketers club a scam

At first I couldn’t put a name to the face or where I have seen it before.

That’s probably due to all of the confusion, as this person was introduced as “Tom” who barely knew how to open his email bust started using Instant Income Producer earning him $5,719 his first week!


Meet Eddy, a person with 12 years of experience in SEO and building websites online. The person in the video looked familiar because he is a Top Seller over at

is the easy marketers club a scam

Fiverr is a place where people can offer their online services in exchange for money, usually around $5 (hence the name). I’ve used it in the past and even had my logo for this site created there.

is the easy marketers club a scam

Our friend Eddy offers all types of services and has had many clients within Fiverr alone. I’m not sure he has zero experience in earning money online as the video for Easy Marketers Club indicates.

My guess is someone hired Eddy to give a fake testimonial for the Instant Income Producer product, for the low price of $5….

3. The typical “As Seen On”

I would say 50% of the websites I reviewed which turned out to be scams, had one of these located somewhere:

is the easy marketers club a scam

This is used to gain trust in you the buyer and to prove legitness of the product. Trust me when I tell you, you will not find this phony product on sites like Forbes or The Washington Post anywhere.

Final Opinion

This product is obviously very misleading and I do not recommend it to anyone.

If you believe there’s a system available online that will make you close to 20k automatically while only after you provide a few simple clicks, then give it a try and don’t take my advice.

I love how the owner of this false item claims he’s on your side and really wants to “stick” it to those jerk gurus who constantly rip people off.

But then turns around and offers a product which delivers no value, no training, and definitely no results.

I work from home and earn money online and know that there is no magic system that will help you become rich in an instant.

It requires hard work and effort to be able to succeed and earn money online. But of course, it can be done and you can even learn how I earn money online starting today.

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What are your experiences with The Easy Marketers Club? Am I making the product sound worse than it really is? Let us know in the comments below!

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