Is SurveyWorld A Scam or Legit?

is surveyworld a scam

After visiting SurveyWorld for the first time a few days ago, I was left with a good first impression.

This should not be confused with iSurveyWorld as they are two different websites.

SurveyWorld can be found at

You can also find them on FB with over 300k followers and they’ve been around since 2016.

Another thing I noticed while researching and using the service myself, is that they have over 300,000 likes and follows.

Quite impressive.

But where do all these likes come from?

Is SurveyWorld a scam or is it legit?

SurveyWorld Review

SurveyWorld is a service that basically refers you to other survey sites.

They are not a survey website themselves and will not be the ones responsible for any payouts.

That being said, I was referred to a well-known survey company by SurveyWorld.

This survey company is known as Opinion Outpost and they have been around for some time and have quite the popularity as well.

opinion outpost homepage

I also believe it’s likely that anyone who uses SurveyWorld gets referred to Opinion Outpost, for now at least.

Online surveys aren’t an ideal way to earn considerable amounts of money.

Somebody estimated that Opinion Outpost pays around $1.5/hr.

Which seems to be the typical pay for online survey taking.

Some of our favorite survey sites include Respondent and this list of surveys which pay out more than your typical survey site.

How It Works

In my experience, I was instantly referred to Opinion Outpost after answering a few questions from SurveyWorld’s Facebook page.

The questions were: Where do you live? Approximate age? And do you shop online?

surveyworld facebook

After answering, I was led to a page where I could join Opinion Outpost.

It appears the only way to use SurveyWorld is to go through their FB page since their website,, is a single page website with no actions to take.

Do I Need SurveyWorld?

Not necessarily, but they do seem to be a legitimate service.

The service – referring people to (hopefully) trusted survey websites. I was referred to one.

When you join survey site through SurveyWorld, they get credit and likely compensation for being the one to refer you.

It’s a win-win. SurveyWorld gets paid for their effort. Survey takers find a reliable survey site.

Do keep in mind that SurveyWorld is not the one responsible for paying you. Best practice would be to research any website you are being referred to before getting involved.


  • Referred me to a legitimate survey site
  • Seemingly has great engagement from about 300,000 (fans) on FB
  • Been around since 2016
  • Provides relevant information in FAQ section


  • Payouts can be quite low (just the nature of survey taking)

More On Surveys

Some people truly do enjoy survey taking. There convenient and easy to do in most cases.

If you’ve joined a survey through SurveyWorld, feel free to continue using it. (Do your research on that survey company if you have any doubts).

Most survey companies are free to join, I for one wouldn’t pay to join. Payouts are also done by gift cards by most companies.

SurveyWorld claims on the website that the average survey takes between 10-15 minutes.

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Is SurveyWorld A Scam?

Despite the couple negative reviews I came across when researching SurveyWorld, I like them.

It’s a simple service where I believe they are referring people to a popular website known as Opinion Outpost.

They are not collecting email addresses (so zero possibility of spam mail from them), they’ve been around for 3 years, and seem to have great engagement from fans on their FB page.

Not to mention they took the time to put together a FAQ to address any lingering questions from people.

Based on these observations, and my time spent researching and actually using the service, SurveyWorld gets the OK from me.

In order to join, you can try their FB page.

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