Is Profit Countdown A Scam – Reviewed!

is profit countdown a scam

Profit Countdown Summary

Name: Profit Countdown
Owner: Jeff Lerner
Price: $49 (Up to $20,000)

Summary: According to the sales video on the website, “all the work is done for you” and “you can earn up to $1,000 per day” using this system.

Can this be accomplished working from home using the internet? Sure!

But I highly doubt you will be able to by using the Profit Countdown system. That’s because this system doesn’t really exist.

I’ll show you why just below…

Recommended? No.

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Profit Countdown Review

Before we dive into this review taking a look at the ownership, what you are actually buying, and a few other ‘alarming’ things, I think it’s important to point out what it takes to earn a consistent income online.

I have not come across a legitimate product where all the “work is done for you”. Or that puts thousands of dollars “directly into your bank account on autopilot”, as Profit Countdown implies.

These types of systems never work out. The only ones who usually profit are the people selling the system.

If you are new and serious about earning and potentially being able to work full-time from home:

Yes, keep an open mind but be prepared to learn a lot of new information, and be prepared to work hard.

Do not, look for shortcuts, or trust anyone promising thousands of dollars and an early retirement in a very short time.

If you are serious about starting an online business, we recommend Wealthy Affiliate, a beginner friendly platform with quality training.

Let’s see why I chose to not recommend Profit Countdown.


The owner of Profit Countdown introduces himself as Jeff Lerner.

jeff lerner

For this specific product or system, Jeff claims to have made millions of dollars and shares exactly how he did it.

His explanation…

“By using a simple system that can dump massive commissions into your bank account completely on autopilot.”

Really, Jeff?

This explains Profit Countdown in a nutshell.

You are not given much information about the system. In fact, the entire video is all hype to get you to act fast and to buy the product.

Hence, all of the pointless countdown timers which reset if you refresh or stumble across the website again.

Within the sales video, Jeff claims he was completely broke, in debt, hated his job, and not enjoying life just a few years back.

While some of the above claims may be true, I happen to know that Jeff has been at this for awhile as some of his products and work date back to 2010 – if not earlier.

Other Products

Some of Jeff’s other products include The Millionaire Operating System and the Ultimate Laptop Lifestyle.

There seem to be plenty of dissatisfied customers when it comes to BOTH of these systems.

Dissatisfied or not, I believe Jeff happens to be making most of his money online through these low-grade systems.

You can find a small handful of complaints about Millionaire Operating System here, a system which has been around since 2013.

And with a simple search in Google, you will come across many unfavorable reviews for the Ultimate Laptop Lifestyle.

What You’re Really Buying

I hope I do not confuse anyone here.

But I will do my best to explain exactly what it is you are buying when you purchase Profit Countdown.

Earlier I mentioned that Profit Countdown doesn’t exist.

That’s because Profit Countdown is simply the name of the website.

What you are really buying for $49 is Jeff’s training, “Jeff’s 6 Figure Business System”, which will allegedly give you access to “products, marketing, promotions, sales, all done for you”.

I became aware of this on the actual checkout page.

All of these products, marketing, promotions, sales, including the ‘millionaire mentor coach’, come from a completely different system. The one which you will be asked to buy separately of Jeff’s training.

I believe you will be required to buy this system in order to fully participate in Jeff’s training (shown above).

In short, you’re buying Jeff’s system ($49) which teaches you how to operate a system Jeff is promoting (potentially costs up to $20,000+).

The Done For You System

Some evidence found on the Profit Countdown website which indicates that you will be getting involved with a product known as Aspire – Digital Altitude.

(If you click the ‘Full Income Disclosure’ link found at the bottom of the Profit Countdown page, you will be redirected to Aspire’s Earning Statement.)

This is the done for you, automated system.

Digital Altitude

Normally, you could join Digital Altitude for a $1 trial. (I think it’s about a 14-day trial).

The trial is a limited entry point into their system, understandably, and the next level of “membership” within Digital Altitude is a product known as Aspire.

Aspire costs $37 per month. This also happens to be what you end up with if you decide to join Digital Millionaire Secret.

The “membership” fees don’t stop there. Let’s have a look at some of the other products from Digital Altitude:

  • $1 for a 14-day
  • Aspire – At the end of the trial, you will be billed $37 each month.
  • Hiker – is $67 a month.
  • Hiker, plus Climber – $127 a month.
  • Base – one-time fee of $397.
  • Rise – is a one-time fee of $1497
  • Ascend – one-time fee of $6,997
  • Peak – one-time fee of $11,997
  • Finally, Apex – one-time fee of $19,997

This is where those commissions come in.

The commissions where Jeff claims you could make between $500 – $10,000 per sale.

Your goal is to get other people to join Digital Altitude through you. The higher they join or more money they spend, the more you make off of that particular sale.

If you are not the highest tier yourself, and someone you referred passes you up, you miss out on making money. So they really try to press you to pay for the highest tier to ensure this doesn’t happen.

Keep in mind, none of this is necessary to build a real online business.

While I don’t appreciate Jeff selling training on a system he is promoting, maybe he has some really great training and an effective system in place that will help people earn sales using Digital Altitude.

On the other hand, why was there no mention of this in the sales video?

Why are you shown flashy cars and yachts instead of more information on the product, how to use it, and how people can really benefit from it.

In my experience products who overhype usually under deliver.

Let’s not dismiss Jeff’s former products either.

Is Profit Countdown A Scam?

2/ 0
Profit Countdown - Overall Rating

As we discovered in the review above, Profit Countdown doesn’t really exist.

It is a funnel to Jeff’s $49 training which will eventually funnel you to something that Jeff is promoting – Digital Altitude. Again, costing you more money.

We debunked the “small one-time membership fee” claims stated in the sales video. This could end up costing several thousands of dollars.

Personally, this would have been more convincing if Profit Countdowns had been more transparent about what it is people are actually buying here.

Maybe there’s some really good training to be had within “Jeff’s 6 Figure Business System”. Based on what we found, we decided not to purchase this system and do not recommend it.

You are free to pursue any products, systems, or items of your choosing.

But we are confident that your time and money would be better spent elsewhere.

Check out our #1 rated service and learn how to earn a true income from home.

Have a question? Drop it in the comments below.

Also, don’t forget to share your experiences using Profit Countdown below to help others make an informed decision.

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    My goal for this website is to help those who are looking to make money online from the comfort of their home and to offer people an alternative to the FIXED 9-to-5 life. Whether you are looking to make full time income online or just looking to make some extra cash. I've got you covered.

    Andrew G
    Andrew G - 5 years ago

    Man, with all of those claim, how could he go about making so much hype and feel any sort of feeling of accomplishment just selling a website that adds no value in and of itself. Its amazing that these things even get started. Hopefully these can stop somehow, but I suppose not with ever-changing scam systems in creatvie autopolit. Thats where the money is.

      Jason - 5 years ago

      Yes, and I am positive that the particular owner for Profit Countdown does make a lot of money online.

      The unfortunate part is that it comes at the expense of others.

      I feel this particular system would be far better of by disclosing to potential buyers exactly what it is that they are buying, which the sales video does not, and describes what type of realistic work to expect.

      Thanks for sharing, Andrew.

    Jacob Schilling
    Jacob Schilling - 5 years ago

    One of the big turn-offs to me when it comes to products like profit countdown is they never even hint at what you will be doing until you purchase the product. It is quite ridiculous. They don’t tell you if its affiliate marketing, or if its MLM, nothing! Thanks for informing us that profit countdown is really just a funnel to another product that is really not worth getting involved in

      Jason - 5 years ago

      Glad I could help, Jacob.

      When a product or service fails to mention the simplest things like a demonstration on how to use their product or fails to share the kind of work involved, it’s usually a good indicator that it might be a scam.

      You’re right, people are left in the dark until they actually buy.

      Thanks for commenting on our Profits Countdown review.

    Tracy - a couple of years ago

    Can you tell us what’s a good at home online business

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