Is Online Wealth Markets A Scam? Reviewed!

is online wealth markets a scam

I have seen MIXED REVIEWS online when it comes to the integrity of Online Wealth Markets.

I decided to create this article to clear up any confusion and give you a definitive look as to whether or not if Online Wealth Markets is a scam:

is online wealth markets a scam


Is Online Wealth Markets A Scam?

In short, there are places that will teach you how to actually make money online – and then there are misleading places like Online Wealth Markets.

Please read below as I share exactly why I do NOT recommend Online Wealth Markets.

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What Is Online Wealth Markets?

Online Wealth Markets is a binary trading software disguised as an online job opportunity.

It is being promoted all over the internet. In fact, they have numerous phony review pages in place giving themselves the OK (a positive review). Check out the different domains they use:

  • onlinewealthmarkets(.com)
  • onlinewealthmarkets(.org)
  • onlinewealthmarkets(.net)

You would think a legitimate company would be far too busy helping their customers rather than focusing on spewing out as many domains and fake reviews as possible.

Not to mention each domain has the same pitch, “make more money working from home” “start living your dream life” “online careers are easy”, and so on.

You may have also noticed each domain leads you to a site named: Home Jobs Now. This so happens to be the sales page where they intend to rip you off!

None of the websites or reviews take the time explaining what the job is exactly, what type of work you will be doing, or what to expect at all?

That is until you reach the sales page and cross paths with the good old link posting scam!

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Pay to Work

Online Wealth Markets promotes helping you make money from home with no experience while posting links online wealth markets a scam

While on the sales page (Home Jobs Now), you are given the routine sob story of a single mom who is divorced, lost her job, struggling to make ends meet, who MIRACULOUSLY landed her dream job online and started making millions in months!

Ridiculous, I know…

This is to tap into your emotions. Although we have our suspicions of such offers, we naturally tend to buy into these kinds of stories in hopes that we too could one day live a perfect, rich lifestyle.

Earning consistent income online is possible very possible, but just realize these things take time.

The truth is, Online Wealth Markets is a binary trading software. You’ll need to deposit money with their designated broker ($250+) before you can start trading.

It is not a real job opportunity!

The “Job” Itself…

Firstly, Online Wealth Markets tries to position itself as an online job opportunity with the use of words such as “working from home” and “improve your finances overnight”. It is also advertised as if there are limited job spaces available, but this is false.

Way to go “Kelly Simmons” (made up name and story), you found your dream job online which consists of constant vacations, quick millionaire status, and buying everything your heart desires all in thanks to posting links online.

Right. Don’t fall for this.

Of course, there are links online, like this one, but it’s not as simple as dropping a link and EXPECTING millions of people to click your links, boosting you to becoming a millionaire in no time.

Here’s some of the reasons they claim posting links is a good idea, and my response to it!

Reason 1. Companies are desperate for people to post links

No, in fact, they’re not. The truth is some websites advertising that you could make money online simply by posting links want you to spam other websites which only leads them back to the original site.

Reason 2. Cost of hiring employees saves companies money

Not going to dig too far into this, but posting links pays poorly.

Reason 3. Companies see real results from independent workers

If it was going on in the past, this is certainly not the case TODAY. With spam protection and other moderators, these bad links get deleted fast and with ease.

Scam Tactics

It’s hard to miss the notorious “news report video” shown at the top of the page which is commonly shown on different scam sites. I’ve seen this vintage video numerous times. All it does is mentions that there are opportunities to work from home, which is true, but saying that has NOTHING to do with Online Wealth Centers nor Home Jobs Now.

They also try to tie themselves into popular news networks, as if a news network would ever share their crappy product. Well maybe, but that’s another story…

This is very deceiving and put in place in an attempt to gain your trust and to prove their legit. Nice Try.

is online wealth markets a scam

The point here is there is no online job opportunity with Work Home Now or Online Wealth Markets. There are many duplicate scams in place very similar to this one and sadly enough more and more people find themselves losing out on money and time.

No, I am not just saying this, check out some of my other ‘Avoid Scam’ reviews and you will even see the same generic website structure!

What They’re After

Money, of course.

According to the Home Jobs Now website (which Online Wealth Markets leads to) in order to qualify you must get certified.

The “one and only way” of doing this is by purchasing and taking the “Wealth Development Certification Program” for $97.

Much alike this work from home opportunity of making millions by simply posting links around the internet, this program doesn’t exist.

As mentioned above, you will instead be sent software related to binary training. Which I am just about 100% positive contains upsells, where they will try and LEACH every dollar they can out of you.

Final Opinion

Product Name: Online Wealth Markets

Product Owner: Unknown

Price: $97, I have seen it as low as $47 however

Website: onlinewealthmarkets(.com, .org, .net, etc.)

1/ 0
Online Wealth Markets - Overall Rating


This is an elaborate con known as the link posting scam. This product adds NO value to anyone interested in making a purchase and is completely deceiving.

Not Everything’s A Scam

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About the author


    My goal for this website is to help those who are looking to make money online from the comfort of their home and to offer people an alternative to the FIXED 9-to-5 life. Whether you are looking to make full time income online or just looking to make some extra cash. I've got you covered.

    Martin - 6 years ago

    I just want to say thank you for your review about ‘Online Weaith Markets’.

    What would you suggest I look into to generate some online income?

      Jason - 6 years ago

      Don’t mention it Martin.

      You can see a list of recommendations here and see if you can find something fitting for you.

      Let me know if you have any questions!

    Batu - 6 years ago

    How much on average do make a day?

      Jason - 6 years ago

      Wow, how much do you make a day Batu? I’m not comfortable sharing that with everyone.

      You don’t stop random people on the street asking them that, do you?

      In all honesty it varies but I make enough to pay the bills and live comfortably. You can find a few examples of my earnings throughout this website and within my profile here.

      But my actual earnings is between me and the tax guy… I’m sure you understand.

      Jason - 6 years ago

      I generally don’t approve of these comments, because:

      A) People won’t believe you anyway
      B) My pockets/bank account won’t help you to pay your bills, etc.

      But I understand why people ask, they want to know that they’re not wasting their time with something.

      If that’s the case, in the one year I have been ‘working online’ I still have days where I make $0. Other days I wake up to over $200 in profit, which occurred while sleeping, out with family, or just away to the computer – which is an awesome feeling.

      I am still building my business as well and while working on providing a better service, I am also working on creating more consistent income.

      Overall I am happy with the direction of my business and what it has provided me in such a short time. The best part of it all is that I know anyone can do this! So I created Extra Paycheck Online to help you get started.

      Let me know if you have any further questions Batu, I may be able to help out.

    Roni - 6 years ago

    Hi Jason!Just wondering wether I need to have ANYTHING to sell to start with either of those sites u mentioned-as most of them state,that they’ll guide u how to set up your busness,or talk u through the process of starting your new busness
    I do not have any products for sale or busness to start,just would like some extra income..

      Jason - 6 years ago

      Hey Roni,

      The beauty of affiliate marketing, which is taught at Wealthy Affiliate, is that you don’t need to create, sale, or ship your own products. None of that.

      You learn how to advertise/sale others products and services for a commission. This is how I make most of my income.

      There’s other business models available to you online, however I believe this one fits what you are looking for and is a great introduction to earning real money online.

      You will also be taught how to set up your own website and how to grow and scale your business. At Wealthy Affiliate, you are learning how to set up a long-term business.

      Check it out, and I’ll see you there 🙂

    Aries - 6 years ago

    I’ll check this out

    Zandile - 6 years ago

    Hi,in 2010 I opened an account with Ideal cfd and I started to trade for my self, but unfortunately I lost all my money,so I am so scared to trade for myself, can Online Wealth Markets appoint a broker to trade for me?.

      Jason - 6 years ago

      As stated above, I do not recommend using Online Wealth Markets.

      It appears that by visiting one of the Online Wealth Market’s websites, you will either be sent to a phony work from home opportunity (as I was). Or you will be asked to enter your information, including your credit card, giving you access to their “software”.

      Based on what I’ve seen, it’s best to avoid it.

    sf - 6 years ago

    jason, i just entered my c/c details but yet to further register with online wealth maker. will it post any risk to me? i meant, will they simple charge any amount my c/c? am i too late to turn back the clock?

    i was so eager to make money online. and i ceased after listening to the audio display that i have to fund my account with $200. it caused me to stop the next action.

    if i would like to follow your path how to start?

    what is all about your online job?

    i still prefer and believe in earning the money via the normal way and not the “become millionair in 90 days” of version.

    so, could you pls guide me through?


      Jason - 6 years ago

      Wow, I can’t believe other sites are actually giving Online Wealth Markets the “thumbs up”. I don’t blame you for seeing it as a legitimate opportunity.

      I did however visit the different Online Wealth Market website’s today, one lead me to a different scam, one is telling me that “the product doesn’t exist, contact the staff”.


      I would contact your CC and let them know what’s going on.

      As far as the opportunity I offer on this website, it is not necessarily an online “job”. It’s a learning center that will help you create a long-term business, step-by-step.

      You won’t be paying money to “make money”. You are paying money (if you upgrade) for a service that is unmatched in the industry. That will facilitate your online success and offers you all of the tools and support you need. Overall you are in control and responsible for your own success, but just know that by following the training and taking action – anyone can succeed.

      You can join here for free and see if it’s for you: Wealthy Affiliate.

      Just be sure to set up your account so that I can send some info your way to help you get started :).

    Bukenya john
    Bukenya john - 6 years ago

    I would like to make my dream true,hope i can earn more money to become rich .

      Jason - 6 years ago

      It’s going to take hard work John, but I’m sure you can make your dream come true.

      Best of luck! 🙂

    Bukenya john
    Bukenya john - 6 years ago

    How can i make it ?

      Jason - 6 years ago

      Hey Bukenya, you can start here.

    M SZOPE - 6 years ago


    Ching - 6 years ago

    Hi ,

    Thanks for your review about “Online Wealth Markets”.

    I had read your articles in your blog. I am interested in the WA you recommended. Before I make any further decision, can you please share your website?


      Jason - 6 years ago

      Hi Ching,

      This (Extra Paycheck Online) is my website.

    jes - 6 years ago

    is it trustable?

      Jason - 6 years ago

      Hey Jes, depends which program you are asking about?

      Online Wealth Markets? No, it is not.

      Wealthy Affiliate? Yes I highly recommend this business learning center. You can even join for free and follow the first 10 hands-on lessons to see if it’s right for you.

      Give me a shout if you have any other questions 🙂

    randy - 6 years ago

    How can i get the money? is it by money transfer or what?

      Jason - 6 years ago

      Hi Randy, forgive me but I am a little confused by your question.

      What money and from who?

      If your referring to Wealthy Affiliate, which teaches affiliate marketing primarily, this depends on which companies you plan on partnering up with. You can be paid by check in the mail, PayPal (or similar online payment system), or direct deposit to your bank. This truly depends on the company and also whatever you may be referring to in the first place.

      If you can be a little more specific, I will be able to help out.

    Thx Jason
    Thx Jason - 6 years ago

    Thank you Jason for the good article you made.

      Jason - 6 years ago

      You’re welcome!

    MaGirls - 6 years ago

    never pay for a job that claims will pay you more! check out my link to find out more opportunities to earn online.

    Raja Mohsin
    Raja Mohsin - 6 years ago

    I am working in a security company i am also willing to join online business so can i? i read out your article and comments it helps me a lot but i am still some confused that have i pay or invest some money before start this

      Jason - 6 years ago

      Hi Raja, have you checked Wealthy Affiliate out?

      You can join here for free but eventually will need to upgrade (pay a monthly fee), ONLY if you would like access to all of the training.

      Again, feel free to create a free account today and see if the program is right for you. No charge.

      Let me know if you have any more questions 🙂

    Haris cowlas
    Haris cowlas - 6 years ago

    Hi i am interested please send us your indepth knowledge about how it is real?

      Jason - 6 years ago

      Hi Haris, how what is real?

      If you could please be more specific, I may be able to help provide you with an answer.

    Raveen - 6 years ago

    I hv clear pic of what it’s all about, however, I hv a question in regards to the paycheck. Understand the transactions are USD based, so does the company pay the income thru online transfer (TT), or we can transfer directly to our local account as I am from Malaysia.
    Knowing USD is a sensitive currency, will us be charged to pay government tax, GST etc? As am sure all incoming funds to local account is subjected for tax, extra charges. Whats ur policy and how it is works and will us be receiving statement on de income made.
    Thanks for ur clarification in advance, cheers.

      Jason - 6 years ago

      Hi Raveen,

      This depends and I receive all of my earnings thru Paypal (an online payment system). To this day, I’ve had no issues.

      It depends on which affiliate program(s) you join and there ‘payment methods’. There’s literally thousands of different affiliate programs out there, and you can bet most of them do online transfers.

      Let’s take Amazon for example, which is just one affiliate program of many. Amazon pays it’s affiliate’s via check in the mail or directly to your bank account. Other affiliate programs will pay you strictly Paypal or some other online payment system.

      So again, it depends. It’s the same thing with taxes. Some will consider the taxes beforehand, some programs will send you 100% earnings at which point you are accountable for taxes.

      Thanks for asking, and let me know if you have any further questions 🙂

    Richard - 6 years ago

    Hello there I will never trust another online wealth making website useless it requires a one off payment to cover everything or else I will get very irritated ?!

      Jason - 6 years ago

      Hey Richard,

      Create an account over at Wealthy Affiliate. You can create an account and participate in the training at no cost, and if you do decide to upgrade – there are no further expenses.

      Only I do highly recommend purchasing your own domain name which costs around $15 for one year.

    Prasad - 5 years ago

    Hi jason
    Please advise.. im working for a firm 8- 5,Looking for some extra cash to meet my personel expenses.

      Jason - 5 years ago

      Hi Prasad, try Wealthy Affiliate.

    Instaforex - 5 years ago


    I am an affiliate program manager for InstaForex Group – the Best Broker in Asia.

    We would like to offer you the affiliate program cooperation with InstaForex. If you are interested to get involve in high commission based program, please contact me and I will provide the details.

    If you have any queries, do not hesitate to contact me.

    Einaldo - 5 years ago

    Hi guys, online wealth market is scam, they are frauds, don’t give details about anything, without your knowledge they will cash from your account.. be aware..

      Jason - 5 years ago

      Thanks for confirming for us, Einaldo. I also do not recommend Online Wealth Markets.

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