Is My Hidden Pages A Scam? Reviewed!

is my hidden pages a scam

Without wasting too much of your time (because you’ve wasted enough already on the MHP website), we’ll show you why we do not recommend this program.

We’ll also show you a safe place where you can LEARN how to begin building your own profitable website.

So, is My Hidden Pages a scam?

We have strong reason to believe that My Hidden Pages, is connected to or the exact same low-value product being offered over at Ultimate Online Success Plan.

Everything you need to know about Ultimate Online Success Plan, which happens to be a spin-off of another bad product, can be found here.

Here’s how we came up with the two being connected:

screenshot showing the with the domain

In short, we do not recommend either of these ‘programs’ as we explain the reasons just below.

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Is My Hidden Pages A Scam

My Hidden Pages fails to do many things wrong.

One major fail is that they spend 30-50 minutes trying to convince you to buy their product instead of teaching you anything relatively helpful about the product.

From what I understand, they are selling a “secret” method that will teach you how to make up to $10,000 per month online on autopilot from a website they build for you.

“You don’t have to do a thing” in order to succeed with these “14 Steps to profit secret website system”.

In my experience, this is not how real online business opportunities look or operate, at all.

Instead of using the opportunity to explain the product, like normal people would do, they say everything in the book in order to get you to buy.

Not Our First Encounter

This is not our first encounter with a get-rich-product.

In fact, we’ve come to know the owner from the My Hidden Pages quite well.

The owner (the person we hear in the sales video) introduces himself as Philip from Minnesota, but make no mistake, this is Jordan Daniels at it again.

Jordan Daniels has been on the make money online scene for many years offering one bad product after the next. In our Cash With Matt review, we warned against Daniels who at the time was promoting a system known as MOBE.

MOBE has since been shut down by the Federal Trade Commissions and the owner Matt Lloyd has went MIA with his millions in earnings. You can read more on this here.

Here’s an older vid of Jordan Daniels from Youtube selling who know’s what. But you may recognize the voice:

Avoid anything this guy is selling, is our advice.


Much like the entire video, the one “user” testimony fails to give us much.

woman giving her testimony, likely unrelated to my hidden pages

If you pay close attention, you realize she makes no mention of My Hidden Pages or anything useful really.

She just goes on about how e-commerce and some Facebook group has helped her make over $2,000 per day.

Without getting into everything else wrong with this testimony, it is our belief that MHP found some random clip on the internet and decided to use it as their own.

Does Anything Work?

When it comes to actually earn money online, we’ve encountered a handful of legitimate, beginner-friendly places to start.

Wealthy Affiliate comes top on that list and will allow you to create an account, jump into the training, communicate with other members, and more all for free.

The free account is known as the Starter account. Having a Starter account will give you a great sense if this training platform is right for you or not.

When it comes to creating your own website(s) and learning how to generate an income from that website(s), what they teach has been proven time and time again.

You can learn all about WA here.

Staying Safe

It’s important to realize when you come across a potential scam online and to know the difference between a legitimate opportunity and a get-rich scheme.

If you are being promised financial freedom for minimum or no work, on autopilot, secrets to getting rich online, you will earn thousands within your first few weeks, or anything that sounds too good to be true – it more than likely is.

With any legitimate training that’s willing to teach you how to earn money online, you will have a great knowledge in what it is you are buying beforehand, what kind of internet marketing they teach, how you can expect to earn, the kind of work involved, and more.

My Hidden Pages fails to fall into this category.


I decided not to buy My Hidden Pages for the reasons shared in our review above.

You are free to purchase any products of your choosing, however, we do not recommend this one.

Did you buy the system? What are your experiences and was it what you expected? We’d love to hear from you on the comments below.

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