Is My AE Success A Scam?

is my ae success a scam

Before deciding on whether or not to purchase what’s being offered at My AE Success I think it’s important to understand who the owner is and to understand the product itself. So is My AE Success a scam?

Product Name: My AE Success aka MOS Success Plan

Product Owner: Jordan Daniels


Price: $97 (I’ve seen it as low as $77)

1/ 0
My AE Success Plan - Overall Rating


What Is My AE Success?

My AE Success is a spin-off of a once common scam known as MOS Success Plan and also Online Success Plan. While’s website has been removed (probably by ownership) it is actually the end product that you are buying over at “My AE Success”.

Here’s the proof… I found this while on the website (

is my ae success a scam

This $20 discount was offered by Jordan from the $97 offer after trying to exit My AE Success, but as you can clearly see, it mentions the MOS Success Plan.

Besides a domain name and a funnel to MOS Success Plan, I am unclear on what My AE Success is. You can find the same old pitch being offered at the Online Success Plan website where you can also get these “Millionaire Websites (that) cannot be bought of found anywhere else online”.

is my ae success a scam

So just to be completely clear:

MOS Success Plan = Online Success Plan = My AE Success

It’s all the same nonsense and they are willing to tell you just about anything to ensure you become their next customer (victim). Truth is, the chances of making $1M in your first 6 weeks of business, online or offline – near impossible.

It’s unrealistic.

I was however able to locate numerous complaints on behalf of MOS Success Plan and the owner “Jordan Daniels”:

is my ae success a scam

is my ae success a scam

is my ae success a scam

is my ae success a scam

You can find a few more complaints here and here.

Why would a company feel the need to continue changing it’s name… Well, people catch on and begin to voice their opinions and experience after being scammed for a lot of money.

This forces people like Jordan Daniels to move on to the next scam.

About “Jordan Daniels”

Jordan Daniels claims to be the owner of the few trademarks or products we mentioned above, in the case of My AE Success he only provides his name within the last few seconds of the video:

is my ae success a scam

While I am sure that Jordan Daniels is a stage name, the importance here is to realize who you are getting involved with, and that this whole idea of “millionaire (making) websites” is all an act too.

Here’s Daniels on Youtube. I found it interesting that this brilliant internet millionaire (Daniels) with all these wonderful products meant to “inspire a generation of change” has only 31 subscribers on Youtube.

Not to mention, the statement he makes here about his earnings may surprise you:


Did you catch that? “I’m not going to be like those morons who promise to make you a millioanire overnight”. Much different then the spiel is my ae succes a scamwe were hearing over at the My AE Success website.

Like I said about their willing to say just about anything to ensure their next payday by way of scamming others!

Nice try “Mr. Daniels”, but this link posting scam is seriously getting played out.

The Product Itself

Now that you understand the poor reputation of this known scammer, let’s look at some other things which stopped me in my tracks and urged me NOT to buy this system.

Don’t you hate being pressured into buying something?

Another big red flag is their urgent call to action gimmick that claims there are only 50 positions available at My AE Success.

My AE Success is not a job, and doesn’t really exist (remember their pedaling MOS Success Plan) therefore there aren’t any positions. Yet you are constantly urged to HURRY UP AND BUY.

is my ae success a scam

Clearly to get you to make a hasty decision without thinking it thru. I don’t know about you, but I don’t appreciate being rushed into something especially when it’s unclear on what I am buying.

Throughout the extremely vague video presentation you are told how much you can make and even to imagine “what you will do with all the extra money”.

Snap back into reality and you realize you never receive an explanation on what it is that you are required to do to make money. There’s no such thing as buying a $97 “millionaire website” and earning money on auto-pilot from there on.

Seriously think about it.

My AE Success is all hype and I’ve come across and bought much similar junk in the past.

You can expect to be exposed to more up sells (spending more money on nonsense) after buying and extremely low value training. That’s just my guess and please correct me if I’m wrong.

What Now?

If you would like to learn a safe way to make money online I would suggest stopping by Wealthy Affiliate.

It is here you will learn and have access to:

  • Your own website(s)
  • Other knowledgeable, experienced members (along with fellow noobs 🙂
  • Live video classes
  • Certification Courses for:
    Setting up your website – Adding content to website – Attracting visitors – Selling products (don’t have to own any) – and more!
  • The necessary tools, help, support, and more! Everything so that you actually succeed online.

Here is how the two stack up:

More Red Flags

The $500 guarantee might of caught your attention as well, only I have seen it many times before.

How it actually works:

is my ae success a scam

This was taken from the website ( and clearly states what you can expect in order to receive the “$500 Guarantee”.

Up Sells! – Which will total way more than $500…

More proof that these “millionaire websites” aren’t quite what they seem to be, again taken directly from the website:

is my ae success a scam

I’m glad you made it this far and have done your homework on this and hopefully haven’t decided to purchase yet another over-hyped product.

There are real ways in which you can begin earning money online, but you need to understand that it will require commitment and effort on your part.

Learn A Beginner-Friendly Way To Earn Money Online

Final Opinion

Do to the obvious deceptive tactics of My AE Success, I gave it a 1/10 rating and decided not to buy it.

Stay far away from this one, I do not recommend it to anyone.

I don’t believe the “lucky 50” people who decide to join this program stand any chance at starting a legitimate business. The training you receive will more than likely only teach you how to sell the same crap (My AE Success/ MOS Success Plan) to others.

Interested in learning how to start a real business online without all the red flags involved and insane tactics? Join my 5 Steps To Starting An Online Business below where you can reach me at any time and I will be around for the entire duration of you building your business (if needed).

If you have tried My AE Success and have had a different experience than shown above, let us know below.

Thank you and keep moving forward!

About the author


    My goal for this website is to help those who are looking to make money online from the comfort of their home and to offer people an alternative to the FIXED 9-to-5 life. Whether you are looking to make full time income online or just looking to make some extra cash. I've got you covered.

    Sirio - 6 years ago

    Hey Jason, thanks for the review and the warning!

    I generally stay away from sites where the say things like “get rich fast”. That’s nearly impossible without taking high risks. So do yourself a favor and stop believing in such things.

    You can get rich online, but you’ll have to do some work first. The beginning isn’t easy… you’ll have to learn new things and try them out and see what works for you, but it’s possible.

      Jason - 6 years ago

      I can see that you have some experience Sirio, which is great!

      I think people realize that these certain programs ARE too good to be true, but go ahead with purchasing anyway with the HOPE that this miracle system will work for them.

      I come across these scams often – which I wish wasn’t the case – but I can honestly see why people fall for it.

      Sites like My AE Success had a lot of time and energy put into them, but for all the wrong reasons like pocketing people’s hard earned money.

      Do the research and ask questions before you spend (directly to the company if need be) – It’s Your Money!

      Hope this helps,

    ariefw - 6 years ago

    Thank you for exposing this. It is always the first rule to remember that “if it is too good to be true, it probably does.”

    I will definitely not buying AE Success. There are no money making auto-pilots. You have to do the business yourselves before you can have an autopilot business.

    And an autopilot business means that you already put the foundation yourselves!

      Jason - 6 years ago

      Very True, ariefw.

      It’s possible to see residual income from an online business – but this doesn’t occur fast, magically, and definitely not with a few clicks of a button.

      It could take several months if not years to build a business online to that status – I also like to ask the question if you spent a few years building a business from your computer and this resulted in earning several thousands of dollars from home…is it worth it? (You can see results in months of course!)

      But the reality is that ANY business that you begin will require a commitment of time and effort.

      These get rich quick schemes make people think otherwise and burn them in the end.

      If about 1% of a programs members are experiencing success (full-time income) in “Cash With Matt” aka MOBE – then I don’t think it’s a sound investment of $10,000’s, but a serious financial risk!

      Just saying….

      Thanks for commenting

    Diamond - 6 years ago

    hi put money into this scam recorded system is fast

      Jason - 6 years ago

      Sorry to hear about that Diamond, I’ve had it happen to me with other scams. Were you able to get your money back?

      I would contact their support as soon as possible. Sometimes they will live up to their money back guarantee.

      Thanks for stopping by and letting others know about AE Success.

    Jerry - 6 years ago

    Thanks for the heads up there on this ae success scam. I figured it was too good to be true but needed to see if anyone thought the same.

    I guess there really is no shortcut to super money. Is Wealthy Affiliate full of upsells and all that other junk ? I’d hate to get in only to find out I have to buy some other products to actually succeed.

      Jason - 6 years ago

      Hey Jerry, Yes My AE Success has too many red-flags for my liking.

      When it comes to Wealthy Affiliate there are no up sells as a Premium member. You pay for access to (all) training, tools, support, along with other services that will guide you to build a reliable online business.

      One thing that’s recommend, once you get your website/business rolling, is to eventually purchase your own domain (.com) name. This has many advantages in itself and costs about $10 per year.

      Hope this helps and let me know if you have any further questions 🙂

    Silent Bob
    Silent Bob - 6 years ago

    Thanks, had gotten a text while at a birthday dinner, suffering some hard time and was thinking it over when I watched the video, reading this, at least my little one won’t worry about daddy not having any money now.

      Jason - 6 years ago

      Glad I could help, Bob!

    Mrs Sam
    Mrs Sam - 5 years ago

    Hi there,love the way your helping expose these people ,always a good read !! Was wondering if you could point me in the right direction of legit sites,tired of stupid surveys and such.I have all the time in the world right now do to hip issues,i am not looking to get rich by any means ,but could really use a little income,not to mention my hubby working late all the time and i feel so useless by not being able to help out.thank you …..sam from a small town ? And Have a great day,oh i actually was thinking of becoming a full time contester???

      Jason - 5 years ago

      Survey sites work, just requires a lot of your time with very little return. I would recommend joining Wealthy Affiliate.

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