Is MSW System A Scam? Reviewed!

is msw system a scam

In this MSW System Review we’ll be answering the question, is MSW System a scam?

It didn’t take long for us to realize many issues involving this “opportunity”, from fake testimonies to false income claims.

We’ll go into more detail just below.

Make sure to read through the entire review to not only avoid misleading systems such as this one but to gain a firm understanding of what it takes to REALLY make money online from home.

Yes, there are legitimate ways to make money from home. You can even begin learning today.

MSW System Review

Money Sucking Websites or MSW, found at, claims to help people earn money with ease and has dubbed itself “the most profitable opportunity on the internet”.

Other ridiculous claims include making “$500 a day while having to do absolutely nothing, just press a button”.

Two things wrong with the above statements, this IS NOT the most profitable approach to making money online because it is not an actual opportunity.

If a stranger approached you and said that you could make $500 each day, and all you had to do was push a button, you would look at them as if they were crazy, as hell.

So why believe it just because you are on the internet?

I can assure you, this is not how legitimate online opportunities operate, and there is no magical button that will pump money into your bank account.

It is possible to make $500 in a single day using the internet. I’ve accomplished this with my own online business on more than one occasion.

These type of earnings were a result of hard work, however. Don’t be mislead by the get-rich-quick or push button crowd.

It never works out because these systems overpromise and underdeliver every time. Anyone using a system that pays you hundreds of dollars at one push of a button each day, feel free to prove me otherwise in the comments below!

The bottom line is that MSW System is selling a push button “software”.

How It Works

According to MSW, all you have to do is watch 4 simple videos, wait 4 minutes, push a single button, and your work is done. “The sales and money will start coming immediately”.

Pushing this single button will create an affiliate marketing website for you. This website is said to be all set up with content and products already in place.

If you’ve visited a recent post we created, How To Build An Affiliate Marketing Website That Earns!, you will know that this is absolute BS.

Affiliate Marketing Websites Scam?

It appears that MSW has taken the affiliate marketing business model and is promoting ‘turnkey’ websites.

The problem is that you do not know much about these ‘push-of-a-button’ website.

Does everyone get the same website or are they unique? Same content? Do they offer good user experience? What do they even look like?

With MSW, your left in the dark about these “Money Sucking Websites”.

Instead of showing you, the customer, exactly what it is you are buying, they focus on convincing you how much your life will change and how easy it will be.

You just need to spend $47 first.

If you’re going to have an affiliate marketing website built for you, this usually costs around $1,000 depending on where you purchase it from.

So yes, there are services that sell affiliate marketing websites, but with these services, you know a great deal of detail about the site you are potentially going to purchase before spending a single penny.

I believe that MSW is targeting noobs to affiliate marketing or perhaps those who have heard of affiliate marketing and are looking for shortcuts.

Either way, we recommend staying away from these money sucking sites.

Why Are Customers Loving It?

One question you might be asking yourself is that if MSW is such a bad product, then why are so many people vouching for it?

Easy, they’re not.

Anyone you see giving MSW two-thumbs up on their website and stating how much it’s changed their lives should be discredited.

They were paid to do so. See for yourself:

woman giving testimony for msw system

same woman from previous image offering testimony services on

man giving testimony on msw system website

same man offering testimony services on

On the MSW system website, we see the same people claiming to have made thousands and thousands of dollars using this system, offering their services as a “spokesperson” on

It’s safe to say that they did not see actual results and were paid to lie about this extremely valueless opportunity.

Real Owner or “Troll”

As is the case with the paid actors we see vouching for this system, it is likely that the person posing as the owner is someone paid to read the entire script we see and hear in the sales video.

This is certainly not him:

image of owner and family from msw website

same image available for purchase online

The person posing as the owner, calling himself Willy Handcock (lol), even goes as far to make comments such as “it won’t be around for long” and even directly states that the very system he is selling “might become illegal soon”.

It’s apparent that they are desperate and willing to say anything to get you to buy their system.

Real Online Opportunites

The only sound info I heard coming from MSW was that if you want to succeed online “you need a website”.

This is not the only way to make money on the internet, but having your own website is the best way without a doubt.

As for these Money Sucking Websites, this is some made up idea to get people into believing they can become rich with little to no effort, in order to sell a product.

No push of a button will produce a website earnings big money day in and day out, for only $47.

You could get your hands on a website that is already generating income, but this will cost you depending on how much the site is making.

For a website earning $2,000 a week, you can expect to pay around $160,000 to $480,000 depending on different factors – just to give you an idea.

Courtesy [6-12 Months’ Average Net Profit] x (20 to 60+) = Listing Price


Real online opportunities/training don’t operate in the way that MSW System does.

To see how I am able to make a living from a laptop, join my #1 recommended service and training where I can personally help you each step of the way.

Is MSW System A Scam? Not Recommended

There is no “perfect” way or system out there that can help you earn more money from home.

But there are some damn good ones.

Due to its many issues and misleading nature, we do not recommend the MSW system.

There is nothing out there that will “cause a serious flood of cash to your bank account”, and all you have to do is push a button and spend $47.

Be careful out there, and remember, if you want to create an income from home and earn month after month using the internet, it’s going to take actual work.

Check out some of my recommendations just above if you would like my personal help with your online money making journey.

Feel free to share your experiences using the MSW system in the comments below. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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    How do I get the information about making money through the app.

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