is internet careers online a scam

Is Internet Careers Online A Scam?

Think you’ve found your “dream work from home job” using Internet Careers Online?


Internet Careers Online is not a new or reliable system, in fact it is part of an elaborate scam known as the link posting scam.

I know their website makes several claims about how you can make X amount of dollars and be your own boss simply by posting links around the internet, but as you will learn below, link posting is NOT a valid method to starting a real online business or career.

Internet Careers Online is nothing new. They are repeat offenders of the same scam and often will change the name or “trademark” of their website while keeping the same BS promotion.

Here’s an example of what I mean:

is internet careers online a scam

is internet careers online a scam

is internet careers online a scam

is internet careers online a scam

These are only a few and believe me there’s way more out there.

Why So Many Websites?

The reason for having so many websites in place all promoting the same exact thing (scam), is because people catch on to them, write reviews, and expose these liars.

The easy fix is changing their name and moving to a new site (which is not hard to do) giving them a “fresh start”. In their case, it’s as easy as copy and paste.

Can You Make Money Posting Links?

The Internet Careers Online website directly tells you what kind of work you can expect and why when paying to join their “system”:

is internet careers online a scam

The problem is that these 3 steps aren’t real.

You’re told you will be given a personal link – customer records for you to post your links to – and as simple as clicking ‘Build My Website’ afterwards.

This is supposed to earn you thousands of dollars a day and allow you to “have all your life wishes” according to Internet Careers Online:

is internet careers online a scam

It sounds to good to be true because it is!

The truth is you will more than likely be “trainied” on how to promote Internet Careers Online to other people. So you are literally selling the same crap you just bought and may earn some money if another person unknowingly falls for this system.

I’ve purchased similar systems in the past only to encounter up sells of more get-rich-quick schemes immediately after buying, useless information, and extremely lousy training.

If you come across this “link posting job” again, my advice is to run for the hills!

So Can You Make Money Posting Links?

Technically yes, but the pay is beyond poor and what you are really being taught to do is spam other people. Again you will more than likely be promoting Internet Careers Online, the same crap you just purchased, or other get-rich-quick schemes to others.

If you want to attempt starting an online business by spamming people, you’re free to do as you please.

However there’s better options to starting a real business and career online – in some places you can even get started for free.

See How I Make Money Online!

Things To Watch Out For

Here’s a few things to watch out for which can be found on the Internet Careers Online website and are commonly used in other scams.

I’m Putting You On The News!

is internet careers online a scam

This can be spotted in the top right hand of the website and is intentionally used to help build credibility and trust in their product – I see it all the time.

“Work From Home Opportunities Featured On Fox, MSNBC, USA Today, etc”. Truth is they are only speaking in broad terms… This does not reflect Internet Careers Online whatsoever.

Same is true of this ancient video shown on the website:

is internet careers online a scam

I’ve seen this news clip more times than I can count and always associated with these scams. It interviews a young mother, Patricia Freeney, who tells her story of how she now works from home.

Again, nothing to do with Internet Careers Online.

Fake Testimonials

You will encounter other people’s testimonials where they will vouch and “back-up” a system to making money online even if it isn’t true.

This will usually be done using an image or sometimes even a video testimony. The problem is sometimes the people giving the testimony were paid to read a script and will say anything as long as they are getting paid.

So be careful and do your due diligence before buying into these get-rich-quick schemes.

In the case of Internet Careers Online, they were too lazy to even use their own images for their “testimonies”:

is internet careers online a scam

is internet careers online a scam

Each image they used in their testimony section, found on the check out page where you purchase this crap, are stolen images from around the web.

There’s no such thing as posting a link and earning thousands of dollars each month – let alone making any money at all using this system.

If you’ve had a different or similar experience using Internet Careers Online, share it with us below!

Where To Start An Online Business

Making money online or starting a valuable business from home never comes as easy as the click of a button or by spamming other people’s videos/websites with links.

You can however become very successful in making money online if you are willing to commit time and effort into learning how to properly do internet careers online a scam

I am confident anyone willing to commit to their business could truly start an at-home business.

You just need the right training!

When I first started out, I used Wealthy Affiliate to learn how to create websites, how to earn money with my websites, was able to communicate with other entrepreneurs, and much more.

For my full review on Wealthy Affiliate… Click Below!

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About the author


    My goal for this website is to help those who are looking to make money online from the comfort of their home and to offer people an alternative to the FIXED 9-to-5 life. Whether you are looking to make full time income online or just looking to make some extra cash. I've got you covered.

    Kim - 6 years ago

    Thanks for your review of Internet Careers Online (if they still go under that name and haven’t already change it…).

    I agree with you, the creators behind this kind of ‘make money online opportunity’ sites are pure scammers, who’s only mission is to make fast cash for themselves.

    There is absoultely NO value behind this (make money posting links around the internet, duh?), and they are only aiming for inexperienced ‘newbies’ looking for ways to make an income online.

    There are new people looking for a way to make an extra income online each and every day, and obviously many of them are falling for scams like this – otherwise these sites would’t be around.

    Thanks again for your honest and ‘exposing’ review. It’s a good thing that you are warning people, so they avoid getting sucked into this total fraud.

      Jason - 6 years ago

      Well said!

      They target noobies and those who are under the impression that making money online comes fast, easy, or somehow magically.

      There’s no magic or secrets behind making money online. The trick is to avoid the get-rich-quick schemes like this and to find a reliable, trustworthy place with actual training.

      It’s unfortunate that so many miss out and think earning money online is a total scam after falling victim to crap like this.

      There’s honest ways of doing this!

    Robert Allan
    Robert Allan - 6 years ago

    Hello Jason and I have to admit I have not heard of Internet Careers Online.
    Surprising really as I have been around internet/affiliate marketing a long time.
    But it’s easy to miss those type of scams because they usually get found out so quickly they have to change just as fast.
    Now you see them, now you don’t (unless you read the small print).
    You mention Wealthy Affiliate as an internet platform to launch a legit career online and that one I can vouch for as I have been a member for the past 2 years.
    Work hard, put in the time and effort and you will succeed is the best advice I can give anyone and with WA you are at least on the right road to that success.
    Have a great day.
    Robert Allan

      Jason - 6 years ago

      Thank you Robert.

      That seems to be the case regardless of what you want to succeed in doing (online or off). Work hard and be committed and the results will come.

      I have not been with WA as long, but long enough to vouch for them and everything you are saying. I started there a year ago, a bit skeptic in the beginning, but stuck with the training.

      I am now making pretty good money on a monthly basis and it’s only getting better with time.

      For those interested, give Wealthy Affiliate a try – it works!

    Cyril - 6 years ago

    The testimonials are definitely tricking people! How come they are using other websites’ photo to be their testimonials!

    I hate faking testimonials because that means they don’t have confident about their product! How can you trust a guy that is already faking you before you purchase his product.

    Although there are legitimate ways to make money online, it doesn’t mean Internet Careers Online is legit.

    What is your best recommendation if I want to make money online?

      Jason - 6 years ago

      Hi Cyril,

      If you would like to learn how to make money online see my #1 Recommendation. You will find a community of people, live help and support, access to your own websites, and step by step instructions on how to build your websites.

      I agree about the testimonies for Internet Careers Online, they are very deceiving.

      A lot of other fake products do the same thing because they know a lot of people will fall for their product when they see another person vouching for it.

      Thanks for commenting.

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