Is Home Wealth Remedy A Scam? – Not Recommend

is home wealth remedy a scam

Home Wealth Remedy Summary

Name: Home Wealth Remedy
Owner: Bree Johnson
Price: $97.95

Summary: Home Wealth Remedy, in a nutshell, is nothing more than a dud. It is part of an ongoing scam known as the link posting scam. The unfortunate reality is – NO, you will not be earning $87/hour within 5 minutes of joining this program. As advertised on the website.

The good news is that not everything online is a scam and will take advantage of you like the Home Wealth Remedy.

If you are looking for a way to LEARN how to earn money from home. I suggest you join and participate in the training over at Wealthy Affiliate. It is my #1 rated service.

Recommended? No.

Home Wealth Remedy Review

The “Forbes” Website

Prior to being introduced to the Home Wealth Remedy, I landed on a website which was designed similar to’s business section. The design has been ripped off by the person(s) responsible for Home Wealthy Remedy and tries hard to appear to be the actual Forbes website.

It’s really just an attempt to gain anyone who visits the site’s trust. I guess.

What’s odd about the dummy website, in particular, is that just about anywhere you click it will take you to join Home Wealth Remedy.

If you visit Forbes actual business section, you will notice the difference, and be directed upon clicking certain items as you normally would. Not funneled to some scam.

The News Video

Many people will swear up and down the legitimacy of a website because it SAYS it has been featured on the news.

I’ve had people argue this point with me in the past. “It was shown on the news, it must be the real deal!”.

That is not what is going on here:

is home wealth remedy a scam

is home wealth remedy a scam

The same video which can be found on the Home Wealth Remedy sales page is one that can be found on Youtube. This same video has been recycled amongst scam websites.

It is used as a testament to their product. The fact of the matter is Home Wealth Remedy is not mentioned once in the video. It mentions working from home but no program.

The same is true for this banner.

is home wealth remedy a scam

Home Wealth Remedy “As Advertised On: FOX News, MSNBC, ABC, etc”.

At the very bottom of the Home Wealth Remedy website reads:

All registered trademarks are the property of their respective trademark owner. NBC, CNN, ABC, USA Today, CBS, Fox News, Entrepreneur Magazine, eBay or any search engines do not support, endorse, sponsor nor are in any way affiliated with this product, website or promotion

There is no real affiliation between any of the popular news networks illustrated in the banner above. Home Wealth Remedy has added the following disclaimer in order to cover their asses.

I suggest you do the same by avoiding this ongoing scam.

It’s Been Improved

With the addition of the forged Forbes website, Home Wealth Remedy has slightly evolved from other scams that are almost identical to it.

In the past, I have reviewed websites very similar to Home Wealth Remedy. To name a few:

is home wealth remedy a scam

is home wealth remedy a scam

is home wealth remedy a scam

is home wealth remedy a scam

is home wealth remedy a scam

These all have the exact same sales page and sales pitch. The name of the owner will vary from time to time but at the end of the day, there is no such thing as a link posting job earning you $87 per hour.

With Home Wealth Remedy, you would be lucky to get your money back.

Is Home Wealth Remedy A Scam?

It is my opinion that Home Wealth Remedy is part of an ongoing scam. It’s a get-rich-quick scheme that will not deliver.

I did not buy the Home Wealth Remedy for the reasons expressed in the review above. You the consumer are free to purchase any products that you like. I do not recommend using Home Wealth Remedy.

When it comes to making a regular income online, do not fall for places that promise fast and easy riches, with minimal work.

I feel that there is a lot of opportunity for people online. People can create their own businesses online and be able to earn a consistent income from home.

I myself was skeptical until finding a program that worked for me. It was very transparent about the work involved and all that it will require operating your own successful business from home. I put faith in this program, Wealthy Affiliate, and it has paid off for me.

For those interested in learning how to work from home, I encourage you to join WA just below. You can even participate in the first lessons for free today, and see if it is right for you.

Join A Service That Works. Learn How To Earn An Income From Home.

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    K. Grimmett
    K. Grimmett - 5 years ago

    Is Donald Trump involved in this?

      Jason - 5 years ago

      Hi K.

      I can confidently tell you that he is not. I’ve seen Trump used in the “Forbes business website” page for a different scam so I know exactly what you are talking about.

      In the case of Home Wealth Remedy, I came across an article for Mark Cuban. I am not surprised by the fact that you saw Trump instead. But no, he has no affiliation with this program. You can bet on that.

    peter barrett
    peter barrett - 5 years ago

    it certainly looked like Mark Cuban was touting the program. why wouldn’t he put a stop to it ????

      Jason - 5 years ago

      There’s a great chance that Mark Cuban doesn’t know his name isn’t being thrown out there as part of this program. I’ve seen the same scam going (similar set up) but they used Donald Trump’s name.

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