Is Home Office Careers A Scam? Reviewed!

is home office careers a scam

Is Home Office Careers A Scam?

I was really impressed when first coming across Home Office Careers. It was organized and filled with information about potential work from home jobs in which anyone can apply… For a fee

For many, the thought of being able to work from home is ideal and though this site seems to cover all aspects when it comes to supplying it’s Premium members with real opportunities…

There were a few things I noticed which made me NOT bother purchasing their system.

Home Office Careers Review

As mentioned Home Office Careers does a good job of explaining how their system works and even offers seemingly complete information about their company, how it works, and what to expect.

Which is a good sign.

However, there are a few things which made me wonder if anyone would actually get hired using their site.

For starters, the hired “Actor”:

is home office careers a scam

is home office careers a scam

This is Jessica Faye, and you can find her on offering her services as a spokesperson. Nothing alarming yet.

However a lot of scam sites will rely on HIRING “actors” from Fiverr (and other places online) to give a positive testimony of their website and program.

There’s nothing wrong with having a spokesperson for your website, but it is important to understand that the hired help, in this case, will say anything for the money they are getting in return. Fiverr’s video section is notorious for giving false testimonies for many scam sites.

Above you can see Faye representing another company and even several others. Her credibility when it comes to saying “Home Office Careers is not a scam”, is unreliable as it was all part of a script.

What Led Me There

I was led to the Home Office Careers website by someone who has sent me scams in the past. I was sent a list of scams (which gave me things to review) by this person via email.

To give you a better understanding, here’s a look at this person’s Top 5 Recommendations to make money online:

is home office careers a scam

I have visited every one of these (just now getting to Home Office Careers) and spent quite some time with them to see if they were legit or held any value.

The 4 that you see listed above Home Office Careers were all scams, no questions asked. Here’s a fully detailed review I did for one of them.

The fact that the same person who has sent me all scams in the past led me to Home Office Careers, DOES make me question it’s credibility.

But then there’s also this….

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I Was Afraid This Might Happen

This is from their Facebook page and I noticed for the most part people were curious to learn more about them or had good things to say.

Which was promising.

But there were a few comments which caught my attention:

is home office careers a scamis home office careers a scam

Basically these two members had SCAMS sent to their email inbox from Home Office Careers!

The bottom comment even names Millionaire Bizpro which I have reviewed on this site already and is a full on scam. Again, this email came from Home Office Careers.

Their response:

To “opt-out from those mailings” from them.

Why would a place which claims they will aide you in finding work from home send you a scam?

After doing hours of research on this and even visiting two other reviews – both of which were inaccurate and claimed that Free and Premium membership had no differences – I came across mostly positive comments for Home Office Careers.

On the website and Facebook, all positive.

Keep in mind however a negative review or comment can be deleted with the click of a button (on Facebook or their site).


I can understand their being a monthly fee for their services, and the only way you may actually apply to any jobs listed on their site is by upgrading to Premium.

Here are the subscription fees:

is home office careers a scam

Are these prices worth it, more importantly, will this land you an at-home job?

Is Home Office Careers A Scam

Product Name: Home Office Careers

Product Owners: Unknown


2/ 0
Home Office Careers - Overall Rating


I cannot recommend this “team of job researchers” to anyone.

The site was well thought-out, filled with info, and looks professional but also has NUMEROUS red flags. They even listed an address for CareersUSA as their own…

I think people will spend several months (applying to jobs and paying membership) but will never actually land a job through Home Office Careers.

If anyone has had a better experience with Home Office Careers or even landed a job as a result of their program, Please do share with us in the comments section below!

Where Premium Is Worth It!

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    jody miller
    jody miller - 6 years ago

    There is so many scams online that it is crazy. It is always nice when someone points out a scam so someone else does not get screwed.I agree there are ways of seeing a scam you have to look at the comments and do as much research as possible. I like your site keep telling people where not to go.

      Jason - 6 years ago

      I intend to Jody.

      I keep coming across these so called “opportunities” and as you said, I do as much research I can before opening up my wallet and purchasing them.

      If the opportunity seems thorough and legit, only then will I recommend it.

      The sad part is that for every good opportunity, there’s about 60 scams. I continue to run into these questionable sites. The goal is to show people an honest way to make money online and in my experience there is NO ‘done for you systems’, ‘getting rich quick’, or ‘making money on autopilot’.

      These things take time and commitment and those serious about wanting to start a business from home and ultimately make money online from their business, see my #1 Recommendation.

      Good luck, Jody and thanks for chiming in!


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