Is Get The Discovery A Scam? Reviewed!

is get the discovery a scam

If you’re deciding whether or not to purchase this system or if Get The Discovery is a scam, we hope to help you with that in our review just below.

Take your time to read through and see why this is not our favorite system and how to avoid get rich quick systems like it.

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Get The Discovery Review

Get The Discovery’s big attention grabber is the story of an 8-year-old girl who has made close to half of a million dollars in just one year.

To prove what they are saying is true, they even share the name of the girl, Alina Morse.

The only problem is, Alina Morse, who founded a ‘healthy’ candy business in Zollipops, has nothing to do with Get The Discovery, there is no connection at all.

You can chalk this up as a failed marketing stunt, or pure desperation as I see with many of these low-value systems.

What Is Get The Discovery?

Get the discovery is a two-page website which promises to help people earn life-changing money, for doing little to no work.

The landing page consists of a 20-30min sales video and a buying button. While the only other page is a sales page.

Unfortunately, the video (which makes up 50% of their entire ‘operation’) has very little to teach us. It’s extremely sales driven and offers no value to visitors or potential buyers.

In short, we have NO clue what it is being offered, this is because Get The Discovery fails to explain anything relevant.

What They’re Selling

Get The Discovery is flaunting a software that “takes care of everything for you”.

This software will produce a single page website that people all over the world can visit and happily pour money into that page. When a purchase is made, the earnings go to your wallet. All of the complicated stuff is taken care of by the software, according to the website.

As someone who has worked from home for the past 3 years, and has used the income solely as a source of income, I can tell you making money online is a real thing.

I can also say that real online business training doesn’t present itself in this way. At the very least, you will have a genuine idea of what it is you are buying into.

What kind of training is being offered, an idea of the work involved, what to expect, etc.

image of a question mark

And unfortunately, you are left in the dark about their product, the most you are getting is big (empty) promises of how your life will change after spending $97 on their system.

Based on my experience in purchasing and reviewing dozens of similar systems, we cannot recommend Get The Discovery.

More on why just below.

What To Expect, Really

Upon joining, you can expect to be greeted by more upsells (for things you don’t need) before getting to any kind of training, if any.

If there is training, I would expect it to be either out of date or something completely unrelated to the software mentioned in the sales video.

Why? Because such software doesn’t exist.

In just about every case, creating an online business will take a commitment of time and effort.

With an online business, you could make 4, 5, hell even 6 figures each month. But this takes hard work, as it should.

There is no “magic” software that will do this for you. Anyone promising you there “amazing secret” or that all of the work is done for you, should draw a red flag.

This is why I recommend a safe place for people to learn how to start an online business. You can even start the hands-on training for free.


One of the testimonies featured someone who claimed to have made $40,000 in sales, in just 2 months with the system.

I know for a fact that this person has made money online, but highly unlikely he made any money actually using Get The Discovery.

Meet KyleBruach from He offers his services as a “spokesperson” and was paid to give this testimony:

man giving testimony on get the discovery website

same man found on offering promotional and spokesperson services

I think by now, it’s safe to discredit each of the testimonies found on the website and anything Get The Discovery has to offer.

Is Get The Discovery A Scam?

Get The Discovery uses false promotion tactics in a desperate attempt to get anyone visiting their page, to hurry up and buy.

This system focuses on selling you and fails to teach visitors anything relevant about their product and really comes off as a lot of hype.

Based on the findings shared in our review just above, I chose not to purchase Get The Discovery. You as a consumer are free to pursue any items of your choosing.

We, however, do not recommend this one.

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