Is Financial Independence Academy A Scam?

is financial independence academy a scam

Name: Financial Independence Academy
Price: $97.95
Owner: Bobbie Robinson

Recommended? No.

Financial Independence Academy Review

While there’s not a lot of information that can be found on the Financial Independence Academy, due to it being a single page website, there are a few things I can guarantee you.

Financial Independence Academy is not an academy of any sort, nor will they teach or help you how to make money online.

This single page website which claims to be a “unique work-from-home opportunity” and that implies that it’s users will make money super fast by joining, is nothing more than an ongoing scam – known as the link posting scam.

What Is Work At Home EDU?

From the website (there’s also a (.net) and (.org) for this scam) you will notice several clickable links and even a few clickable images. Each of these clickable items will direct you to Work At Home EDU, also known as, WAHEDU.

Work At Home EDU is all too familiar on this website as I come across and have reviewed many similar scams in the past. See below:

is financial independence academy a scam

is financial independence academy a scam

is financial independence academy a scam

These are all different websites that I have come across and each of their sales pages are identical. They all present an opportunity to make thousands of dollars a week by posting random links around the internet.

NONE of them are true.

What does Work At Home Edu and Financial Independence Academy have in common? Everything.

At the time of this writing, Financial Independence Academy is a front (or funnel) to the WAHEDU website. Which overall, turns out to be a fake opportunity to work from home.

I do not recommend joining this site as it is an extreme ripoff, but don’t just take my word for it. Hear from a former WAHEDU user. There’s also many reviews in existence which can be found with a quick search in Google.

Is Financial Independence Academy A Scam?

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Financial Independence Academy - Overall Rating

Without question, Financial Independence Academy is a misleading opportunity and part of an elaborate cheat known as the link posting scam.

It is a one page website with big promises of being an easy-to-use system that will replace a 9 to 5 job. However, it doesn’t deliver. Instead you are lead to a well known scam in Work At Home EDU.

It is my advice is to avoid using or participating with these sites.

Final Recommendations

There are excellent sources of training’s available to you on the internet.

Why the need for training?

Well if you don’t know where to begin or what you are doing, these platforms could help you to begin learning how to earn online.

One of my favorite platform’s, the same place that has helped me to create success online, allows members to join, participate in the training, interact with a community of people (both new and experienced), all before spending a single dime.

If interested in learning how to earn online, click below to get started. I am an advocate for this platform because due their training and other valuable tools, I am now able to work from home full-time.

Begin Learning An Earning Today!

Please realize that earning income from home requires real work and there are no “secrets” or “done for you systems” that will actually allow you to earn online. Systems like Work At Home EDU and Financial Independence Academy do not deliver as promised.

It comes down to learning the material, if you don’t know what you are doing, and putting in some effort.

Share your experiences using Financial Education Services below. Have you stumbled across any similar systems that promise instant riches online that you are unsure about? Let me know below and I will be more than happy to take a look 🙂




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