Is Financial Education Services A Scam?

is financial education services a scam

So, is Financial Education Services a scam or not?


Here’s ALL you need to know about Financial Education Services (FES) before deciding whether or not to get involved with their service.

I’ve seen nothing but positive reviews online for FES, which is great.

However, my introduction to FES was not so great after being introduced to it by someone who is known for promoting “get rich quick” products and making unrealistic promises to people.

The majority of this review just so happens to warn people of this type of “fast-talk” so that they themselves don’t get tricked into buying something with the hopes they will soon become rich.

As with any business, hard work and effort provide the best results.

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Disclaimer: The review below contains some of my opinion and personal experiences after being introduced to Financial Education Services by a particular FES ‘agent’. You the consumer are free to purchase and pursuit any products that you choose.

Product Name: Financial Education Services

Product Owner(s): Parimal Nalik, Mike Toloff

Price: $87/mo – Protection Plan Membership


5/ 0
Overall Rating: Financial Education Services

What Is Financial Education Services?

Financial Education Services is a multilevel program involving products that claim to help it’s members improve credit score and assist with financial stability.

One hype around this product (aside from the amount of money you can make – see below) is that they will boost your credit score within months.

One thing I noticed about FES, is that their credit repair service doesn’t provide credit score reports or updates.

You have to do it yourself.


After an installment fee of $286, really a licensing fee that allows you to sell their service to others, here’s your monthly bill:

is financial education services a scam

$87/mo + $2 mandatory Donation to the YFL

YFL or Youth Financial Literacy Foundation is a non-profit corporation which involves the two owners of FES, Parimal and Mike.

For me I’m not seeing the value here, especially to access products like LifeLock, which you can get for as low as $9.99 a month from the LifeLock website.

The bottom line is that their monthly fees and setup fees are high – there are other services around that provide more for less.

I guess one reason so many people are attracted to Financial Education Services, is based on the belief that they can become rich.

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Make Money Using Financial Education Services

I’m sure this is the portion most of you are here for, be sure to tune in…

When you join FES and choose their Protection Plan Membership, this basically gives you a licensing right to promote and sell their service for a commission.

Which again, is fine.

How I Came Across FES

This is who and what brought me to this program in the first place:

is financial education services a scam

This is Mack Zidan aka Mack Millions aka Mack Mills, or whatever he wants to call himself.

As mentioned, his advertising is what lead me to Financial Education Services.

Without question, he is good at what he does and makes a killing online… I do question however if you will learn to do the same following his advice.

The problem is people are under the impression that they can live the same lifestyle by buying into his get-rich-quick scheme.

The video (like the one I came across above) doesn’t help.

Also, I know for a fact that he didn’t reach this status overnight or by getting started with a product like Financial Education Services.

He’s been at this for a very long time building up a huge following and understanding for the business. He struggled when starting out and has been at this since High School, he tells you this himself in the “FES” video:

is financial education services a scam

If you ask me, he has the unfair advantage when it comes to selling this system with an already established audience in place.

UPDATE: I’ve come across very similar videos from Mack numerous times since posting this. Most of the time he’s promoting a new product while bragging how awesome life is and could be for you to by simply buying what he ‘feels’ like selling that week.

This is part of his game.

The Testimonies

On the promotional video that led me to Financial Education Services website, Mack created a video vaguely explaining how you can make money from home using this product.

A lot of money in fact:

is financial education services a scam

The truth is, this system is NOT a great way for a beginner to go about making money online.

Seeing testimonies and earnings from other people is a great way of convincing people otherwise, but I am not so easily fooled:

is financial education services a scamis financial education services a scam

The first image is a “testimony” from Samuel Fredrick Jr, apparently he’s an associate of Mack’s.

Notice the second image from his Facebook page?

The point is not only should this “earnings proof” be discredited…

It’s that the only ones who usually succeed with multilevel programs (MLM) like FES are the ones already established in this business or already part of an inner circle (team, or has a ‘downline’).

They make their way to the top by selling false dreams to people who really can’t afford such programs, selling them the idea that they too will become rich.

Here’s another “testimony” from the promo video:

is financial education services a scamis financial education services a scam

Same thing – one of Mack’s associates and part of the inner circle, this is not a valid testimony.

I share this to point out why I believe you may actually hurt your income by joining the career opportunity at Financial Education Services, and not benefiting from it as advertised.

Your typical person will NOT join this program and be able to build a solid, long-term business from this.

Same is true for a lot of MLM products out there which is why I avoid them altogether.

There are better ways to building a business and making money online.

Here’s the kind of results you can expect as a Financial Education Services agent directly from the FES earnings disclosure:

is financial education services a scamEarnings Disclosure:

Only about 7% of the agents from Financial Education Services are making what most would consider a full-time income.

Don’t be fooled by seasoned marketers like Mack Zidan, they do not have your best interest in mind.

After getting as much money out of FES as possible, he will simply move on to promote the next product.

It happens all the time:

is financial education services a scam

is financial education services a scam

Mack promoting Empower Network, Paid With Cash (leads you to FES), and Money Formula.

There’s nothing wrong with promoting several services, but again, if you’re under the belief that you are going to actually learn how to start a business promoting Financial Education Services or get the help you need from individuals like Mack, think again.

You’re going to be abandoned when the next “greatest opportunity” comes along and left with less money than you started with.

Unless you really expect this guy to help you:

is financial education services a scam

is financial education services a scam

Even worse is having a reputation so bad, that you cannot go by your real name Mack Zidan, (Google it). So you’re forced with an alias.

If serious about learning how to make money online, stay far away from “coaches” like this.

Give yourself a real shot at starting an online business, with real help every step of the way…

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FES Credit Repair Reviews

Since the original publication of this review, I’ve gotten many comments in the ‘comments section’ just below. These comments range from longtime FES agents to those who feel they were almost “tricked” into joining this program.

Have a look for yourself if you are still feeling unsure. Don’t be afraid to join in on the conversation.

Is Financial Education Services A Scam?

Though I had a very bad introduction to Financial Education Services, they do offer a legitimate service.

This is not a scam. However, Better Business Bureau has rated them C+ as well as revoked their accreditation. You can see the real complaints made by people and the resolution and answers from financial education services FES and decide for yourself if financial education services is scam or legit.

FES operates out of Farmington Hills, MI and has been around since it’s inception in 2004.

The services being offered:

  • Credit repair
  • Multilevel marketing business

Fixes your credit along with the chance to make money by recruiting others who need some help with their credit.

The company has over 1,000 attorneys working for them and they also specialize in creating wills, power of attorneys, trusts, among other services just for being a member of FES.

Credit repair is nothing new and it has been around for a very long time with most services being mediocre and barely doing anything to your credit report.

Financial Education Services products:

is financial education services a scam

is financial education services a scam

is financial education services a scam

Financial Education Services is a product of MLM.

With MLM you:

  • Pay to promote products
  • Recruit others
  • Sell from just one company
  • The top earners are the ones with a large downline, not the guys hustling the most

There are other business models out there. One beginner friendly one I recommend, affiliate marketing.

With affiliate marketing:is financial education services a scam

  • Promote the products you want – for free
  • Share your honest opinion about products/ help people by writing informational articles
  • No recruiting or bothering friends/family
  • I can choose any topic, interest, or passion I want and profit


Affiliate marketing, in my opinion, is a great way to learn how to make money online…

Not to mention you can get started for free with your own websites, training, live help, and support.

And with the right training, you can get started regardless of experience.

It does require some commitment, but if you’re serious about succeeding online it’s completely worth it.

To learn more, see how I make money online below:




About the author


    My goal for this website is to help those who are looking to make money online from the comfort of their home and to offer people an alternative to the FIXED 9-to-5 life. Whether you are looking to make full time income online or just looking to make some extra cash. I've got you covered.

    William - 6 years ago

    This article is great. I love the fact that your main motivation for your website is to help other people make money online and not trying to sell a get rich quick scheme. I appreciate the time you took to write this article exposing the FES for the scam artists they are. Too many people are looking to get rich quick, but that doesn’t usually happen and they leave themselves vulnerable to be tricked by a scam. Thanks again for your true desire to help other people. I am definitely subscribing and bookmarking your page.

      Jason - 6 years ago

      Hey William,

      I was pretty much convinced that Financial Education Services was a legit service based on all of the other reviews out there. I was excited to share another method with readers in which they can potentially learn how to earn using this system.

      Unfortunately, this was not the case.

      Experienced marketers (like mentioned above) notice these “opportunities” and while it may be an easy sell for them, your average person will lose out on a lot of money.

      Last month it was a damn water cooler system (no joke) this month it’s credit relief. (This is only true for some agents where money becomes the goal and not the actual service or product or people)

    Neil - 6 years ago

    Thanks for your breakdown of Financial Education Services which I found very insightful, especially as I’m looking for a legitimate way for making money online.

    I really do hate scamsters with a passion because they tell you how easy it is to make so much money online. The truth is, it leaves you broke and fills their pockets when you join their opportunities. I discovered this for myself when I joined Empower Network a few years back.

    Mack Zidan sounds like such a moron and I would never allow myself to be a part of his “scam” team!

    I will never touch FES because it’s unethical!


      Jason - 6 years ago

      I’m glad I could be of some help, Neil.

      Also I’m sorry for the fact that you were a part of Empower Network. Unfortunately I run into Empower Network and sites like Financial Education Services too often.

      Don’t get me wrong though, there are a few good ones out there that do a nice job of helping others earn money.

    Samuel - 6 years ago

    thanks for the great article! This looks like another Common Type of Pyramid Scheme that many conventional internet marketers use. “Inner circle” “Rankings” “Fake testimonials” and over price products lol. That’s why before making a purchase online, do your thorough research first! Google is always your best friend 🙂

    Take care


      Jason - 6 years ago

      True that!

      Always do your research and a simple search in Google can reveal a lot and help you when it comes to deciding whether or not a product is safe.

    Chris - 6 years ago

    I’ve come across numerous complaints about this bunch online and they all seem to center around the same problems – I’m surprised that these have been going for as long as they have!
    Apparenetly FES doesn’t have any licensed attorneys on the payroll. Instead, they have credit-trained employees which aren’t as helpful if you run into legal issues. What do you think about this?

      Jason - 6 years ago

      Hey Chris, I pointed this out in the article above.

      It is alarming and something one should consider before getting involved with Financial Education Services.

        Bre - a couple of years ago

        Actually FES is partnered with another company who offers the products who also has attorneys on payroll that can be reached 24/7. From my understanding all the agents do is make customers knowledgeable of the services and they either enroll or dont. There is alot of misinformation in this article honestly. You should do your own research.

    ShanitaB - 6 years ago

    I saw an inaccuracy in your article. The service is not $288/month, as you stated. It is $87/month. That $199 is a one time fee. All businesses that are legal and paying money should be respected, unless they have shady practices. I don’t see anything shady about this business. Your real issue seems to be more with some of the people who are agents of the company. I don’t think you should be so harsh on this company, because you don’t like the way a few people carry themselves. I saw a lot of reaching on your part. You were drawing conclusions that had nothing to do with the pictures or what was posted.

      Jason - 6 years ago

      A lot of reaching?

      You were quick to point out the errors made on the pricing that I provided (now fixed, thank you). If I truly did a lot of “reaching” or false info within the review, I am sure you would of had zero problems pointing those out as well…

      Maybe FES should create or enforce some guidelines for their ‘agents’ who promote their system, and not allow ‘agents’ to target people and sell them the idea that they can become rich with little to no effort.

    LEN CONNELL - 6 years ago

    I had a nightmare with them that cost me financially and personally. I introduced them to a friend of my girlfriend who ran 10 H&R Block Offices in Las Vegas, Nevada. We set up a booth as a special invitee to one of their ….H&R Block Tent Events., which was an honor to be selected to participate in.

    I had another business commitment that prevented me from physically showing up the day before to set up the tables, stack brochures, etc. , so I relied on my team up line to help me do this. You would think that if someone invited me to participate on his or her deal with a client the size of H&R Block to get leads and clients to help build their business, they would be happy to do so…Not the neophytes at FES.

    First, they got people from other downlines who were simply going to take my cases and write them for themsevles, cutting me out of the deal I provided for them. The procedure they teach at their classes is to have the higher members of the team write the cases under the lower agent, myself, so everyone could benefit. Problem is that the managers oftentimes violate company procedure by taking the cases for themselves at a higher up front payment..or give cases to other members who are struggling…to get them above water to release a management bonus.

    It pays at FES, sadly to have managers steal from their agents…..The dilema the manager faces is that if they write the case themselves…they get a big up front cash payment…If they write it through someone working for them…they forego the big up front cash payment for a larger percentage payment in the future from their entire organization…Many struggling managers early in their career…need money now vs later…even if it is in their long term best interest…The second problem faces all sales forces…they manage to their weakest players…If they have a representative who is struggling somewhere else in another downline…FES peeps have 3..separate downlines…they will feed their weaker players with cases…and steal from their higher producers…because if the weaker player or leg falls below a certain level…they lose all the gains they would have been paid on from their stronger legs and players….This is a common manager vs producer rip off…that is all to prevalent at FES….

    Wait…it gets worse…One upper manager simply decided to steal a dozen customers for herself and cut me out of the deal, since she could get extra cash to buy presents for her kids who graduated from HS and College….she was a single mom..after all. Then, to make things even worse….she was complaining that she had to do all the work…because I was going to stripper bars with the other male members of the team…which BTW wasn’t true. What she didn’t know was that my GF…had her own business booth a few tables down and was listening to all these lies. She really was convinced that I was out cheating on her with strippers…and decided to text me in the middle of the night and break up with me. I hadn’t been seeing her as much for a good reason… I was really working hard extra hours to make some $$$$ to surprise her with a trip to New England we were going to take together a month later. We still remained friends to this day though…and the manager of H and R Block is still friends too…They are willing to testify on my behalf to FES if I wished to make a formal complaint.

    But wait….it gets even worse with FES…..One of my field managers was a hairdresser in real life who at age 70 plus fancied himself a ladies man. He was flirting with the receptionists working for H & R Block at the event…and he really started to bother them…..One young lady walked by and he…physically grabbed her…pushed her down on his lap and began to grind on her !!! This totally freaked her out to the point where she had to take a 3 day leave of absence with no pay….afraid to come back to the office until he was gone…

    Obviously the door got closed at H&R Block…we decided not to make a formal issue out of it…since my friend didn’t want problems with her management career there….

    Since then, i have had nothing to do with their field force…and decided to put the matter behind me….they are just low life and I will leave it at that. I still keep my membership that has worked for me in credit restoration….I also sell their products ..a la carte…like their trusts…to my clients in my financial planning practice who may need them…The ironic thing is that the credit restoration worked very well for me, it made one big one from a disgruntled ex employer go away…which they should be congratulated….

    FES finds itself in a long list of consumer sales companies ..who ruined good products…with pathetic sales people and cheesy sales presentations….Their worst enemies are themselves, which I can say for most sales organizations I have worked with in my 4 decade professional career….

      Jason - 6 years ago

      We truly appreciate you taking the time to share your experiences as an FES customer, Len.

      Sorry it didn’t turn out to be a favorable experience.

      I did not purchase FES for the reason shown in the article above so I didn’t know how reliable the products were or were not.

      However I did have my suspicions about the OPPORTUNITY that they are trying to sell to me and others interested in earning honest money, you’ve now confirmed them.

      Keep moving forward and good luck!

    Adrian Prince
    Adrian Prince - 6 years ago

    That’s a very well written article exposing a scam for what it is and offering a great alternative such as Wealthy Affiliate.

      Jason - 6 years ago

      Thank you Adrian,

      Yes there’s too many red-flags when it comes to Financial Education Service’s, “business opportunity”.

    Ilice Jackson
    Ilice Jackson - 6 years ago

    Hey Jason I read your article and I would have to disagree with your “opinion” on FES and their services.
    Believe it or not my husband and I had no experience, knew nothing about credit, had no “inner circle” when we first began in the business. I can honestly say it literally changed our lives. We invested into an opportunity that has now allowed us the time freedom, we desired without any issues from the company.
    I believe that you have the wrong opinion about the company and all it has to offer people.
    I won’t try to take your opinion away from you but I will say never judge a book buy its cover.

      Jason - 6 years ago

      Hi Ilice, I am glad that FES has lead to a life-changing experience for you and your husband and that you were able to make money using their system, apparently.

      It’s also good news that you haven’t had any issues from the company as others have expressed different concerns within the comments.

      My opinion may differ from yours but my mind is made up when it comes to Financial Education Services based on all the material shared above. Plus, the earnings disclosure provided by the FES website, says a lot when it comes to their business “opportunity”.

      Thanks for stopping by and I wish you continued success,


    Byron - 6 years ago

    Hello. I find it interesting that the poster sends it’s readers to Lexington Law to improve their credit score. Anyone else smell a conflict of interest? At FES, there are lawyers available when the credit reporting agencies refuse to remove an legally disputed item. The company has an A+ rating with the BBB. As an agent, I have spent very little on starting the business and treat much like I would a franchise without the high startup costs. I like the fact that it is a Michigan based company as well. It is true that there are ways to maximize your income, but what business doesn’t do that? Also, what savvy sales manager wouldn’t help out the weakest on their sales team to help strengthen the entire organization? I agree every company has bad eggs, I’m not one of them. I am a retired business teacher who sees a product/service that can help people with their finances and also provide a possible business opportunity. We did attend a training and they EMPHASIZED that this is not a get-rich-quick scheme and that hard work would be required.

      Jason - 6 years ago

      Hi. “Poster” here.

      After doing the research on different credit repair services, I found Lexington Law to be a great option for those interested. I have no affiliation with/to Lexington Law. Sharing an alternative should not be the issue here.

      Glad you are enjoying FES 🙂

    Michael - 6 years ago

    Reading this gives me so many questions for Jason…

    1. So you’re saying it’s a better deal to use a service that charges at least $79/mo (and as much as $119) + $99 start up fee, which doesn’t provide credit score reports or updates like you’re looking for, while FES does give an initial FICO score AND premium 24/7 credit monitoring through Smart Credit (which normally costs $29 for that alone) for just $87 and no start up fee?

    2. I’m assuming you missed that part of the plan that includes the Credit Attorney? It’s included in the FES plan and provides legal coverage for credit and debt collector issues.

    3. How can you say “This system will NOT teach you how to make money online or allow you to work from home. ” when people are doing that? What documentation do you have that people haven’t been able to learn and accomplish that? Even the earning disclosure shows that entree level agents can average $74/wk, which although isn’t a lot, is over 1,300% return on initial investment over the course of a year.

    I don’t know Mr. Zidan but I know that not long ago I was a college drop out working in retail and within a short period of time I was able to leave that job and completely work from home. Even now, years after starting, I’ve been able to make more money than ever before and enjoy a lifestyle that allows my wife and I to travel, spend more time with friends & family, be more involved at church, experience many luxuries and a whole lot more. However, I would never have been able to accomplish any of it without plugging into the FES University training system.

    I’m certainly not looking to change Jason’s mind but if you’re reading this and thinking about getting started with FES you might want to way the option of listing to someone who’s been the with the company for years and seen too many success stories to count vs someone that’s glanced at the company from the outside. But I don’t recommend starting unless you’re going to plug into the FESU trainings. I don’t get paid to say that, I say it because it’s the common thread between my success and every success story I’ve ever heard of within the company.

    – Michael

    p.s. The $2 donation to the YFL is not an additional mandatory donation. The company donates $2 from every customer payment and is taken out of the $87. The YFL has given away over $100,000 in college scholarships this year directly from those donations to teenagers who go through their financial literacy courses. A kid from my area got a $15,000 scholarship.

      Jason - 6 years ago

      Hey Michael, this is Jason.

      You make some very good points, also, I did not think of the weekly earnings in that light. An average of $74 per week comes out to about $2500 in profit annually. This certainly can help people with bills, groceries, gas, etc. throughout the months.

      Also I will admit that I got a bad introduction to FES through Mack Zidan and the very misleading video being used to represent this product/opportunity.

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts and success story while using Financial Education Services, as a few others have done within the comments as well.

      I personally avoid the MLM business model but that does not mean people cannot become successful using it. There’s also many BAD MLM products out there, but based on your testimony and the others within this comment section alone, I am going to have to take your word for it and say that Financial Education Services is one of the better products/opportunities out there.

      I will look into updating this review after visiting the website again. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your concerns.

      Have a great weekend,

    Lejeune Bauvil
    Lejeune Bauvil - 5 years ago

    I read many of your comments and I would love jason and many of you answer those questions for me.
    1) Do they truly help people improve their credit?

    2) I am not a member yet, but I personally know people who had their credit boost from real bad to real good, do you think it worth the price consider good credit has no price?

    3) if they can fix other people credit, just boost them to 640, as a realtor, I will be able to sell a home to my clients making easy a good $4000 on each client. I know over 100 people with bad credit and who need this service. Would not that be great?

    4)I went to one of their presentation; the speaker never showed or mentionned that you can get rich real quick, how do you come up with that?

    5) Do they truly have A rating at BBB? if yes, I guest most complaints are solved!

    6) Have they been around for 10 years for real? if yes, networking scams do not last that long.

    7) is that a highly regulated field? Would that be the job of SEC or related to look deep into their violation?

    8) Name one good or great company and I will show you many complaints on google or even people calling walmart, verizon as scam?

    9) Do you have an alternate way even half greater to show people on how to make money from home, not to become rich, but to at least be able to make $10000 a month. Talking about affiliate marketing while you hate MLM does not sound right to me. same BS. The other side of the coin. It is a matter of preference. We can’ not all be doctors, lawayers or the sameThe guy that I met is making twice of this in less than 2 years. He is from Africa. The next thing that will happen, people will hate him. for his lifstyle.

    10) I am glad I came across your website since I plan to join tomorrow, but I feel there are not too many that you or anyone on there can advance to stop me from joining tomorrow if at least you do not not tell me they can not fix people credit for real.

    Thanks and I will wait for each answer.

      Jason - 5 years ago

      You seem sold on FES so why not just try it out?

      You’re free to pursue and spend your money wherever you like 🙂

      That being said, I hope you realize this review focuses on starting a “business” through FES. That I am not so sure of.

      There’s a vast difference between affiliate marketing and getting involved with an MLM.

      Jessica Harrell Kiefer
      Jessica Harrell Kiefer - a couple of years ago

      I know this comment was left 3 years ago but, I’d like to leave a comment for the current readers like my self. The whole spill of FES is that they can help you with bad credit and then, you can help others while making a commission doing so. Ok….that’s fine. The only setback in all of this is the person you sign under…Who is the “big guy” you dream of becoming like? The one who says he’s making tens of thousands of dollars, each month, off all these commissions. If he’s an honest man then, if you work like a dog building your own down line then, you just might succeed. BUT, if he’s a dishonest man/ woman(Don’t leave out us girls!) then, that’s where the problem begins! See, a fool and his money are soon parted. That’s why most of us have bad credit….because we don’t make good financial decisions. So, how can we tell if we’re signing up under a good downline/person? Let me tell you, something kids….the downline IS that person! I’ll explain… I signed up with FES because I wanted to get help for my best friend…Her credit was a hot mess and I convinced her we could make money while we fixed her credit. No problem, right?? Oh, I wish. The guy who we signed under swore to help us. Swore to see to it that we would get the sign-ups we worked hard to find and sell on joining this thing! I worked at a casino…I had, literally, thousands of potential people to add to my downline! Our “manager” took all of them and gave them to others in his “favor” I guess. Keep reading and it gets easier to understand me. My downline stayed at the minimum while, in reality, I could’ve added hundreds to mine and my friend’s downlines! I wasn’t getting the commissions for my own hard work!!!!! So, I had had enough and chose to confront our district manager and his wife! You see, they made more money when they signed people under their own cronies instead of me. Hitting their bonuses every month for widening their pyramids and keeping each member active!! With my recruits!!!!! When asked, I was told I was wayyyyy down the line, so to speak, and my time would come when the pyramid was stronger!! And nobody above me was ever weak thanks to all my hard work. But, I wasn’t getting the credit for all the people I had gotten to sign up!!!! They were signing people up to those above ME so, it would look like they were the ones working instead of me!!!! I didn’t get any credit for my own recruits!! So, I got an attorney. My best friend and I sued this guy for false promises and stolen revenue! We won!! Also, after that happened, every one of the people I had recruited to join quit the business! All 309 people!!!!! Yeah….that many! I worked in a casino that had 9,000 employees so, it wasn’t that many but, I could’ve gotten a lot more for FES if it hadn’t been for the guy I signed under. Come to find out, I wasn’t even in his downline!!!! He put me in his wife’s downline. They met at an FES meeting and got married after they became members. So, they had 2 different downlines to work. He used me as a salesperson for both their downlines. They just split my new recruits between them to make their bonuses each month!!!! I could’ve been making bank today if it hadn’t been for them!!! Yeah, they made all the bonuses that should’ve been mine to enjoy!!! They didn’t even realize they were shooting their own selves in the foot by working it how they did. I never got their plan. They were costing their own selves a ton in bonuses by keeping both accounts level. If they had worked one account we would’ve all been making good money! And after all of that, my best friend never got her credit “repaired.” They were slow to help her and we were never given training on how to do it ourselves. I called the company for help but, they weren’t interested in helping us. I did a little research and found a company that repairs your credit for a 3 dollar a month donation!!! It’s called CCCS- Consumer Credit Counseling Service. It’s a government program in every state!!!! Free!!! Well, it cost 3 bucks but, if you can’t afford that then….you got a bigger problem than they can fix, honey! LOL So, what did I get out of FES? Without more regulations and frequent check-ups on its’ “salespeople” then, you’re at the mercy of the person you sign under until you get the hang of how it all works!! An that can be detrimental to your bottom line!!!! You see, it’s true about only 7% of the people ever succeeding at FES. Seeing as they sign up a few hundred thousand people a year, that’s a tremendously low percentage of success!!!!! It all depends on the honesty of the top guy in your pyramid. When it comes to money? Hmmmm….who’s going to cost themselves a bonus just to run the downline the way it should be run? A very small percentage of people will forgo money to do what’s right! Even if it would benefit them in the long run…Money is about the now….can I pay my bills this month or not? There’s too much freedom and power, for the guy at the top to be a truly honorable person, without the company ever checking upon them. They need checks and balances for their “employees” to ever be a truly reputable company. If not, you just have a person, operating as a single entity, while using the name FES. However, listen…People have made good money under an honest leader! I’ve seen those downlines and they are a success!!! I’m not saying the company is a scam. I’m just saying it’s hard as H. E. double hockey sticks to succeed!! People can make bank but, it’s such a rarity. That’s the REAL problem!!! I don’t want to be put in a long line of unrealistic “dreamers” who have a 7% chance of making it big!! I need to be in our reality! An attainable dream with small steps to glory! If you find a way, I’ll work the snot out of it! I’ve been looking for a way to work from home for 25 years! Yeah, I’m old enough to be your mother, ok??!!! LOL, I would LOVE to learn how to do Affiliate Marketing but, it’s complicated as all get out! I need an “Affiliate Marketing Guide for Dummies” book!!! LOL If someone would do an MLM for affiliate marketing and taught me how to do it then, take a commission of my sales we’d both be rich! Instead of charging me 50 to 3,000 dollars to join their website, only to find out, the talk looks like it’s in another language because it’s so complicated! I just don’t understand the lingo. So, teach me the lingo first!! Let me tell you this….Save my name….because if I ever figure out how to do Affiliate Marketing I’m going to offer you a free membership to my website…then, when you make your first 100,000 dollars you can pay me my fee!!! Not a second before that!!!! I believe in helping a person when they are down…not adding to their pain!!!! Every last site charges you a monthly fee to join their premium membership. But, it’s so foreign to you that you don’t get any real value out of becoming a member. Unless you have a college degree in marketing! So, if you’re willing to teach me how to do it and not charge me a fortune until, I make my first 100,000 dollar check then, email me! Reply here. I want to learn how to do it, please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL FES? Not a positive outlook from me, guys…..I honestly can’t recommend a pipe dream!!!!! Have a great day! I’m going back to studying Affiliate Marketing on my own, for now…Sigh……Good luck to all of you.

    Jawaan - 5 years ago

    Honestly I just want to know if the services can bring my credit score to where I need it because $87 a month is affordable to me not interested in the business side of it .I’ve been through everything you express in this article and am well aware of MLM by the way this is a well written article. But just as a customer can they do what they say credit score change in 45-90days?

      Jason - 5 years ago

      Hey Jawaan I hear you. Having something reliable to properly restore your credit may be worth the $87 for some. I suggest emailing them personally as I did not purchase the company for the exact reasons stated above.

      Good luck, sir.

    Keith - 5 years ago

    Im getting ready to start FES, but Im getting people lined up before I pay anything, that way I have the 87 per month covered going in, I’ll just pay the 200 and if they can really help with the credit it will be well worth it. Its funny ( EVERYTHING IS A SCAM) if it doesn’t work for you. No one is going to give you anything, you have to work to make money.

      Jason - 5 years ago

      Hi Keith, glad you enjoyed reading my review.

      Not once did I say that FES’ business opportunity is a scam. That comes directly from your mouth.

      I am fully aware that making money requires hard work. Thank you?

    Casual Reader
    Casual Reader - 5 years ago

    I know people using FES and it works. As far as the business opportunity, unless you can recruit I’d pass. But I do hear that the monthly fees are waived after you recruit 5 people and they give you a $100,000 life insurance policy. Those are positives.

    But from the credit repair side, it WORKS, I’ve seen friends scores JUMP! I’m signing up, for the service!

      Jason - 5 years ago

      Awesome, that’s good news! I do hate the whole recruiting model but so long as the service is OK, it should make for a better overall experience for everyone.

      You would be surprised by the amount of “systems” and “services” out there that leave people empty-handed after an investment and a whole lot of misleading promises.

      Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment.

    Dwayne - 5 years ago

    I am very familiar with FES. I have met Greg and some of the other higher ups in the company. I was first introduced to FES as a person who were seeking to have my credit score increased; however, the services were less than sufficient. The dispute letters they put together were not adequate in boosting my score. Not one item, an account or inquiry, was moved from my file. About a year later, I was introduce to FES as a career opportunity or a means of supplementing my income, and personally, I would not do it again. I do not holistically blame FES for my lack of motivation. I do not like network marketing, and I definitely do not like a product I do not believe in. Initially, I brought 62 people into the organization within a month; however, only one person continued in the business.

    Since, I have done my due diligence and started my own credit repair company and my results have be stellar.

      Jason - 5 years ago

      Hi Dwayne,

      Thanks for taking the time to share your experience using FES and sorry the service did not work out as expected.

      Glad to hear (your own) business is doing well. Way to go!

    Riggs - 5 years ago

    I was skeptical of FES from day one but a friend wanted me to join her team. My biggest argument from day one is the amount of time I was going to have to put in. I am a business owner and I have kids, time is limited. The group was trying to sell me a fantasy that this money is passive income “make money while you sleep.” In reality your only good as your last deal. So the upline suggested for me to attend a workshop in las vegas… $487 to see for myself. The workshop had random people giving testimonies about the checks they are making in FES. My upline (my friend’s cousins) stopped to talk to me during a break and sell me on the amazing opportunity. I told him the truth….AGAIN. In order to work this business I would have to put an incredible amount of time. He got up and walked away. After the workshop him and a the group literally cornered me to brow beat me about how “stupid” i was for letting this opportunity get away from me. FYI out of the group of 10 only the husband and wife upline are currently Involved with FES.

      Jason - 5 years ago

      Hey Riggs, sorry to hear that you had such a nagging experience while just getting familiar with FES.

      It seems typical with MLM businesses to only focus on how big of a “check” a select few individuals might be making and not the actual product/service being offered to potential customers.

      Of course share the opportunity with others, but don’t ridicule them for not wanting to be a part of it. The emphasis of the workshop should have been on the product and/or customer, IMO.

    kelly - 5 years ago


      Jason - 5 years ago

      You’re welcome!

    Mark - 5 years ago

    I also had a very bad experience with them, I paid for 2 months and they were able to boost my credit score with only 3 points. You heard that right. Not to mention it was a pain to cancel my subscription, they almost never answer their phone lines.

    After doing some research I found out that the FTC warns, “Anything a credit repair company can do legally, you can do for yourself at little or no cost.”

    and also according to the Credit Repair Organizations Act, which is a federal law: Credit repair companies may not take consumers’ money until they fully complete the services they promise.

    So I still don’t get how these companies are still running. I was able to fix my credit score eventually, by myself, and the cost was $0. It’s nothing that complicated if you do your research, you can read about it here: (shortlink, original is way too big)

      Jason - 5 years ago

      Hello, Mark.

      I will argue that people do look into such services because they don’t have the time or are not interested in learning to do it themselves. Amongst several other reasons.

      Sort of like when people hire personal trainers, for example. Sure they can go to the gym and get fit without the help of a personal trainer, but having someone who knows what they are doing and can guide you is not always a bad option.

      But, you are absolutely right. People do have the choice to do some research and learn about fixing their credit score themselves.

      Sorry to hear that you had an unfavorable experience using Financial Education Services and thank you for taking the time to share!


    Ferndina - 4 years ago

    I have been in the business a few months. I do see the pros and cons of being a customer and agent. I did not sign up as a agent with the intent of earning thousands of dollars. I wanted to use this a supplemental income. Money is money, multiple streams of income is needed now to survive. When you get your five people you have made your money back you invested. It is difficult for me getting people to sign up. They make it seem like it is easy but everyone is different. If you are a competitive go getter with drive then this business is easy. If you are any less than that then you will have to work at it. It will take time to build your customers and agents. Credit is long term, it is not going anywhere. It will become more sophisticated in the future. Credit is important so I am investing in this business for now. If I do not see the value in this business within a year I am out. I think a year is sufficient enough time to devote to building a business. Everything is not perfect with FES but it has its good points.

      Jason - 4 years ago

      I would have to agree that FES has its good points, and that NO business out there is perfect or will be easy.

      I think one year is a reasonable amount of time to see if this is right for you. Effort and a positive attitude will get you ahead in any business.

      Good luck!

    Dwilson - 3 years ago

    Thank you for your compassionate info, a coworker/friend, single mom, working 2 jobs shouldn’t have to learn the hard way about MLM like I did 40 yrs ago – sent her your article

      Jason - 3 years ago

      Hi Dwilson,

      I would like to say that not all MLM opportunities or products are bad.

      Where there is attention or popularity, there will always be those who try to exploit others. The same is true for any established industry.

      It’s always good to do your research ahead of time which is why we are glad you found our article. Glad to help.

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