Is Facebook Bonanza Real – Or Just Another Scam?

is facebook bonanza real

Facebook Bonanza Short Review

Name: Facebook Bonanza
Owner: Unkown
Price: $4.97 + ($89.97/month)

Summary: Plainly put, Facebook Bonanza is not exactly what it seems. It presents itself as a “work from home program” created by Facebook which it is not.

All this “product” will do is connect you with other questionable products that may or may not help you build a business online. Whoever put this program together is looking to profit. Not help the individual users.

In reality, Facebook Bonanza is just a spin-off for two other well-known scams. Once formerly known as Explosive Payday and Facebook Cash Code.

Not only has the previous programs received terrible ratings and backlash across the internet from dissatisfied customers, but reviews like these arise from time to time calling them out.

The person(s) behind this lousy product continues to rename it for a reason.

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Recommended? No

Facebook Bonanza Review

Upon reviewing Facebook Bonanza, there were more than a few things which drew red-flags for me. The fact that I have reviewed this item twice before in Explosive Payday and Facebook Cash Code, see above.

And also how pretty much everything this system is about can be found in the disclaimer area on their website.

The Disclaimer

is facebook bonanza real

I realize it may be hard to read the disclaimer above, you can always visit the Facebook Bonanza website if you wish to view for yourself.

Written in the fine print above, oddly enough we learn that Facebook Bonanza has no affiliation or relationship to Facebook. That’s a bit of a buzzkill.

How does a product claiming to be a work from home program created by Facebook have zero relationships with them? It’s simple. It was a flat out lie and an attempt to gain your trust using a very believable story.

Here’s another flat-out lie which can be found on their website:

is facebook bonanza real

The banner found across the top of their website makes it SEEM as if they have been featured on CNN, ABC, and other popular news and social media networks.

When in fact, they have NO relation with either of these networks as well.

This is a common tactic used by scam websites. And again, it’s really just an attempt to build credibility between you the user and their product.

What You Are Actually Buying

As I have shared earlier this is not my first time reviewing this very product, twice in fact. The only difference is that before it went by a different name.

I saw many questionable things in prior reviews and not much has changed since. Therefore, I refuse to buy the product so it’s hard for me to say what you are buying exactly.

According to the disclaimer, “This is a product that teaches you how to use recommended products and services in an internet based business”.

Basically, you are paying Facebook Bonanza, a “Facebook work from home program” who has no relationship with FB at all, to connect you with other products that they recommend to help you form a business.


At the moment, you can buy the Facebook Bonanza program for $4.97 but do expect many upsells as this program will be “recommending” products and services to you after getting started. It is my guess that these products are either scams themselves or stuff being promoted that you really don’t need.

Also, there is a MONTHLY FEE of $89.97 each month while using this program until you cancel. This information can be found on their checkout page within the fine print.

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Based on our shady experience with these guys already, I am not sure how reputable or useful these products will actually be. What I can tell you is that people who have already bought into this program are usually very displeased.

Customer Complaints

Here are just a handful of complaints I found while researching the Facebook Bonanza program from people who have already bought the system. Most are trying to figure out how to get a refund:

is facebook bonanza real

is facebook bonanza real

is facebook bonanza real

is facebook bonanza real

Is Facebook Bonanza Real?

I think it’s safe to declare Facebook Bonanza as the fake bonanza.

0/ 0
Facebook Bonanza - Overall Rating

Again I did not purchase the program based on many of the findings shared above. You the consumer are free to pursuit/purchase any programs that you like.

When it comes to Facebook Bonanza. I do not recommend getting involved with this program.

If you would like to do some further research on this very program, feel free to visit either of my reviews for Explosive Payday or Facebook Cash Code. Notice any similarities?

Help others! Share your experience using Facebook Bonanza below, good or bad. Your experience could very well help others learning more about this specific product.

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    Susette - 5 years ago

    I have fell for the scam how do I stop or regain any money that was taken

      Jason - 5 years ago

      Hi Susette, I would contact your credit card or bank and let them know what’s going on.

      There are more actions in which you could take. You can find these on the scam info page.

    Michele - 5 years ago

    I was stupid enough to do this. Any idea on how to cancel?

      Jason - 5 years ago

      I would contact my bank/credit card company and ensure that no further payments can be posted by this company.

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