Is Data Dollars Pro A Scam Or Legit?

is data dollars pro a scam

Data Dollars Pro Summary

Name: Data Dollars Pro
Owner: Jenny Lewis
Price: $37 + Upsells

Summary: According to the Data Dollars Pro website, you can earn a few extra thousand dollars each month working from home.

This can be done without having any prior “tech skills” or without investing any money.

I have a hard time believing any of this as there is obviously a cost involved in order to get started, but also, I have a strong feeling this opportunity isn’t what the sales video makes it seem to be.

Recommended? No.

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Data Dollars Pro Review

What is Data Dollars Pro?

It’s an eBook nearly 100 pages long.

Upon doing research on this system, I found that the meat of this eBook mentions sites like and Amazon’s Mechanical Turk where you can become a freelancer.

Also, it gives tips on typing while working and points you in the direction of websites that may help you become a better typist.

That’s it.

Data Dollars Pro doesn’t connect you with high paying jobs from home. They give you tips on where you can find freelancing jobs by pointing you in the direction of crowdsourcing marketplaces like

Freelancing could very well produce a regular income from home, but this eBook will not teach you how to do that.

Data Dollars Pro doesn’t deliver the “well-paying data entry opportunities” as promised.

Other Concerns

When visiting these different websites which claim to help you make money online, there are a few things I like to keep an eye out for.

This includes:

  • Is the product/service beneficial?
  • Is there a focus or demonstration of the product being used?
  • Are the testimonies or reviews on the sales page real? (if applicable)
  • Does it offer a trial period?

Unfortunately, Data Dollars Pro failed each item on the checklist.

Not every product will offer a free trial or discount of some sort, which is fine. It’s just something I like to look for.

Back to DDP, I found that the testimonies were completely made up, and I’ll show you just below, and also they fail to reveal any real information or demonstration of their product in use.

The whole video on the Data Dollars Pro websites is just one big sales pitch.

Ownership and Testimonies

Jenny Lewis, in my opinion, is some sort of a pen name or stage name being used by the person(s) behind Data Pro Dollars.

Using a pen name (for authors and bloggers alike) is not that uncommon.

However, the reason I a bring this up is because there is not much known about Jenny Lewis although she claims to make thousands from home and can help you to do the same.

Even the image on the website meant to portray “Jenny Lewis” is highly unlikely to be her:

is data dollars pro a scam

is data dollars pro a scam

The images used on the website were purchased and do not represent actual users of this system.

The same is true for the “testimonies” that can be found within the same sales video:

is data dollars pro a scam

is data dollars pro a scam

is data dollars pro a scam

is data dollars pro a scam

This just raises red flags…

It is my belief that Sarah and Adrian, who allegedly profited using this system, are completely made up.

The point of user testimonies is to show how members are benefiting from using this system.

I do not know if I can trust these testimonies or anything that Data Dollars Pro has to offer.

Is Data Dollars Pro A Scam?

3/ 0
Data Dollars Pro - Overall Rating

Due to the fact that Data Dollars Pro doesn’t deliver as advertised, we do not recommend it.

You are told that you will earn a few extra thousands of dollars a month from home.

They also imply that some of their users are earning up to $5500 per month or even $275 daily while only working 2-3 hours using their system.

I think it’s safe to say that we cannot trust the testimonies, as shown above.

Instead of learning how to “earn a full-time income from home by typing” and being set up with an at home job, you instead are given an eBook instructing you where you can become a freelancer online.

Not to mention, the upsells you will encounter after purchasing the Data Dollars Pro system.

Not recommended.

Feel free to share you experiences using this system in the comments below. Your comments help others make the right decision before getting involved with such systems 🙂

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