Is Daily Web Biz A Scam – This Again?

is daily web biz a scam

Daily Web Biz – Short Review

Name: Daily Web Biz
Price: $97

Summary: Daily Web Biz poses as the #1 Work From Home System, and even claims to have been featured on FOX, ABC, CNN, etc. None of which is true.

The truth is, Daily Web Biz is part of an ongoing cheat known as the link posting scam. Potential users of this elaborate con are tricked into believing that they can earn up to $379 per day by posting links around the internet.

This is not the case. Use Caution.

Recommended? No.

Daily Web Biz Review

Daily Web Biz is not a real business, let alone will they teach you how to make an income online.

This “system” has many duplicates out there and due to this, it becomes hard to pinpoint exactly what one may be buying if they decide to pursue a system like the Daily Web Biz.

Here’s what I mean by having many duplicates:

is daily web biz a scam

is daily web biz a scam

is daily web biz a scam

is daily web biz a scam

is daily web biz a scam

is daily web biz a scam

This is only a short handful out of the dozens I have seen out there. Each are set up with the exact same sales page and promises of earning some serious income at home for minimal work.

That would be nice earning that amount while only “sparing 60 minutes per day”, as stated on the website.

Reality is, making money online requires more effort than that. If you want to generate a monthly income online while operating your own business, which can be done, it’s going to take hard work.


is daily web biz a scam

Daily Web Biz claims to have been featured on these popular networks, again unture.

Sadly, people do fall for this. I’ve reviewed similar systems in the past using these same antics and had a person upset with me because the website used this kind of deceit.

Well their claim was that I am wrong because it’s “featured on the news”. People are free to do as they like, but I personally am not buying anything that the Daily Web Biz is selling.

This is the exact reason this is placed at the top. It’s an attempt to gain your trust so that you believe there product(s) are valid. There not.

Notice it says “Work From Home Opportunities Have Been Featured On”, well of course work from home opportunities have been featured on FOX news and CNN at some point in time.

Again, this has nothing to do with the Daily Web Biz.

What You’re Really Buying

I did not buy this system, I am fully aware that it is part of an ongoing scam:

is daily web biz a scam

is daily web biz a scam

We know all of the sales pages are scripted the same way. The difficult part is pinpointing what it is you actually might be buying. I know for a fact it won’t be the Daily Web Biz.

For example with Automated Daily Income (another one of these scams), you would of end up purchasing a system known as MOBE (not recommended). Even though you were told you were buying Automated Daily Income at the checkout.

You can expect several up-sells after the initial $97 investment as well to ensure or expedite your “chances of earning money”. My advice, don’t take the risk.

Is Daily Web Biz A Scam

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Daily Web Biz - Overall Rating

Daily Web Biz is a very risky business venture which is simply a duplicate of many link posting scams out there.

They promise easy riches with minimal work. Sadly people think they can generate reliable revenue this way, just because they’re on the internet.

I can understand why people fall for such scams and why this occurs often. daily web biz a scam

People are use to the speed of the internet. We can connect with one another instantly, search for something (anything) online and receive relevant results almost immediately, send a message with the click of a button. It all happens fast.

However, making money online (consistently month-to-month) usually takes time. This is especially true if you have little to no experience.

Don’t expect to make money instantly because you purchased a promising LOOKING system.

It’s important to slow down, and always do your research. There are some systems out there that will actually help/teach you how to make money online, just be realistic and don’t expect riches overnight. 🙂

Feel free to share your experiences using the Daily Web Biz below in the comments area, and let others know about this system.


Learn How To Start A Reliable Business From Home, A Business You Can Be Proud Of.




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    Tonia Anderson
    Tonia Anderson - 5 years ago

    Looking to earn my why traveling. Ideas?

      Jason - 5 years ago

      Hi Tonia, have you had the chance to visit my #1 recommendation.

      This of course won’t pay you on the fly, no opportunity online works this way. It will teach you how to build a reliable business online. Let me know if you have any further questions 🙂

    Jenniffer Holmes
    Jenniffer Holmes - 5 years ago

    Like to live the decent lifestyle.

      Jason - 5 years ago

      I think we all are aiming for that 🙂

    AJ - 5 years ago

    I have made several calls to my so called” start up adviser” No returned calls or messages. Seems I got taken but was not $97 atleast I did not spend but $27. I should have known better when the videos started with how to set up email, ebay and paypal accounts, Who doesnt know how to do this? Hopefully I can get the money credited back to my credit card

      Jason - 5 years ago

      Hopefully so. Usually with digital products, there’s a 30-60 day money back guarantee so I would try contacting “Daily Web Biz” as well.

    Ricky Marshall
    Ricky Marshall - 5 years ago

    Join the largest private travel club in North America! An awesome adventure with great people!

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