Is Copy My Commissions A Scam – A Copy Itself!

is copy my commissions a scam

Copy My Commissions Short Review

Name: Copy My Commissions
Owner: James Johnson
Price: $47 (+ upsells)

Summary: Copy My Commissions poses as an opportunity that will teach you how to earn money online. Their angle, make every other opportunity online seem “dirty” and attack online guru’s in an attempt to gain our trust.

Copy my commissions is no better than the many opportunities online which give the industry a bad name, it’s a get rich quick scheme.

While they claim in the video that what you are watching, “can’t be found anywhere on the internet”, Copy My Commissions is just an exact copy of the Instant Income Code.

Recommended? No.

Copy My Commissions Review

Copy My Commissions poses as a legitimate online opportunity that will allow you to “make more money than you ever thought possible online on auto-pilot”.

They claim that their super secret software is what will enable you to do so. Sadly, none of the above is true.

Copy My Commissions is an exact duplicate of the Instant Income Code (see full review). The reason that these both exist is simply because different people (marketers) chose to use the same promotional video on these two separate websites.

I’m unsure if Copy My Commissions even exists, it appears to only be a front. Plainly put, this video is being exploited by random people in order to sale their random products.

Introducing The Software

Due to the many red-flags, I refuse to purchase Copy My Commissions (or Instant Income Code) for $47 – and support those behind it.

The way you earn money and what’s being pitched in the sales video is a software which allegedly “creates multiple streams of income flowing into your bank account on autopilot”.

They even go on to tell you that this software has made “them” nearly $60,000 in 29 days and that it CAN’T be bought anywhere else. If only this were true:

instant income code review

The truth is you can buy the exact software that they shared in the video at Envato Market for $22 (not saying you need it).

This has no connection to Copy My Commissions, but it is something extra you can expect to buy once inside.

Here’s the two of them together, the image on the left comes from the Copy My Commissions sales video:

is copy my commissions a scam

is copy my commissions a scam

List Fusion which oddly enough looks exactly alike the “List Fuel” from Copy My Commissions, is simply a plugin (app) that will allow you to capture people’s emails from a website – nothing fancy here.

More Red Flags

Despite the (rehashed) sales video being 50 minutes long, you don’t get a whole lot of information about this system. They do give us a sneak peek at their “secret” software, but as we realized above, this software is nothing copy my commissions a scam

Other than this insider look, the person in the video spends much of his time attacking “guru’s” and boasting on how much money this system has made him.

This is all done in your typical scam fashion. A good product normally focuses on it’s advantages and benefits of the customer.

They do share that there is a step by step process within this system, but no real details are given.

It’s all very alarming to me. For a video almost an hour long, we still don’t know much about this system.

There are legitimate places online that offer excellent training to help you need to start learning. Such as Wealthy Affiliate. The best part, you can join WA for free and see if the training is right for you before spending a single dime.

Check it out here.

Is Copy My Commissions A Scam?

1/ 0
Copy My Commissions - Overall Rating

I do not recommend the use or purchase of Copy My Commissions. What you are actually buying is a complete mystery as different people are using this same video, to promote and sale their low-end products.

It may tell you that you are buying Copy My Commissions, but this may not be the case. For a better understanding, please visit my full review on the Instant Income Code. This just so happens to be very similar to what we see here with Copy My Commissions.

Have a minute? Share your experiences using Copy My Commissions or Instant Income Code in the comments area below for others to see 🙂


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