Is Click Cash Machine a Scam or Legit?

is click cash machine a scam

So, is Click Cash Machine a scam or is it legit?

From the outside looking in, Click Cash Machine appears to be your typical get-rich-quick scheme, despite that owner Aaron Ward insists that it is his “mission” to help you earn $60,000 or more within your first 60 days of joining.

Which we have a hard time believing…

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Click Cash Machine Review

Click Cash Machine poses as an opportunity to get rich, fast and easy, for a small one-time fee of $49.

This fee will give you access to a “secret cash machine system” (their words not mine) and could help you make millions on the internet.

How It Works

According to the website, the cash machines are tools that leverages traffic from Facebook, Google, and YouTube and turns that traffic into “cold hard cash”.

You earn money from this traffic by placing affiliate offers in front of buyers. These offers are what buyers were already in the process searching for which means an easy sell.

They mention that the traffic generated by their cash machines are 100% free.

What’s also mentioned is that these buyers are “extracted” from Facebook, Google, and the YouTube sites using secret codes.

Which not only sounds 100% illegal – but these major sites would easily be able to shut such nonsense down with even a whiff that someone was stealing traffic from their websites.

Click Cash Machines, in my opinion, is borderline dangerous…

Be Cautious

Certain websites give this industry, the internet marketing/online business industry, a really bad name.

Click Cash Machines like other systems I have reviewed, fall into this category.

People looking for genuine ways to earn money on the internet think that it’s a complete faux after coming across such websites.

I’m calling it dangerous because they are selling false information and hopes. People encounter this enough and they become turned off to the possibilities of earning online – sometimes for good.

I think I read somewhere once that for every one legitimate online training/program, there are 60 scams.

Which I do believe to be true.

But after working from home, solely on the internet for the past 2 years, I can assure there are safe places where you too can learn how to generate income online.

New Opportunity?

Things to look out for, which were quite obvious on the Click Cash Machine website, are the terms they use, real user testimonies, and ownership (are they reputable, any other products, etc.)

On this particular website, you come across ridiculous promises such as:

  • “by the time you are done watching this video, you will know the code to making millions online”
  • “money into your bank account on complete autopilot”
  • “bank $1,000+ within your first 60 minutes”

Online business does not work this way – real online business training and/or opportunities don’t use this sort of language.

Succeeding online and establishing a legitimate business takes hard work. You can find my #1 rated training here.

When it comes to Click Cash Machine all you’re getting is an outdated video filled with empty promises:

is click cash machine a scam

Not to mention, everybody in the video is just paid actors.

Ownership – Aaron Ward

The owner of this system introduces himself as Aaron Ward as he walks around this mansion.

We have reason to believe that Aaron Ward is a stage name and that the mansion is rented.

It’s really none of my business where the guy lives nor do I care, but I think it’s important to point these things out because it’s a tactic we’ve seen used before. (The rented home and false name).

For example, in our Click Cash System review.

The two are very similar and both of these get-rich-quick schemes are not recommended.

One Thing They Got Right

Click Cash Machine gets a lot wrong on their website and promotional video.

The main thing wrong is that they failed to teach or show anything relatively useful about how the system works.

But their is mention of affiliate marketing, which is a real online business model.

There’s even great training to help you get started with everything you need included.

Just don’t expect some completely done-for-you software that will generate $$$ into your bank while you sit back and do nothing.

Remember, succeeding online is possible, with hard work.

Is Click Cash Machine a Scam?

If you enjoy having screenshots shoved in your face, dating as far back as 2013, then you may be interested in joining Click Cash Machine.

(Not to mention, screenshots can be easily manipulated).

I decided not to purchase due to the many reasons shared above. You are free to purchase any items of your choosing.

Click Cash Machine is NOT recommended.

Feel free to share your experience using this system in the comments below – good or bad. We’d love to hear from you!




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    Alfred - 4 years ago

    are you making legit money or generate fake money? stealing money from other article to generate cash into your account/

      Jason - 4 years ago

      I’m making real money online and pay real bills with that money.

      I am not, however, making money using Click Cash Machine. It is a system we do not recommend.

      Just to add, we do not steal money from other articles (not sure what that means) but do create original content at Extra Paycheck Online.

      Let me know if there’s anything else I can help you out with, Alfred.

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