Is Cash Printer A Scam?

is cash printer a scam

Will you really be able to quit your day job by using this system OR is Cash Printer a scam?

Product Name: Cash Printer

Product Owner: “Travis”

Price: $1 – $19,997 (You read right, almost 20k)


Cash Printer Review

Through it’s testimonies, Cash Printer implies that it’s users are able to quit their day job and work from home while thanking “Travis”, the product owner, for allowing them to land their dream job.

Among these bold claims, Cash Printer also implies that this shortcut, could earn you a 6 figure pay day within 28 days, and that you don’t need any ‘technical’ experience.

You’re also told that you will be able to do all of this for free, which is not true.

I’m having a hard time believing any of this to be true considering the fact that the user testimonies are fake and because Cash Printer does not exist.

Is Cash Printer A Scam

Let’s first have a look at these so called testimonies…

Some of these individuals have ACTUALLY been paid by Cash Printer, just not in the fashion you may be thinking and not nearly the amount.

The opening act for Cash Printer, after landing on the website, is a “testimony” from one of it’s users calling himself Mike.

Mike claims that this system has allowed him to quit his day time job. The truth is he was paid to give this testimony and has done many other testimonies for different products in the past:

is cash printer a scam

is cash printer a scam

So he may have been paid $5 or so by giving a false testimony for Cash Printer, but I don’t think he’s quitting his day job anytime soon with this “system”.

Here’s another paid “actor”:

is cash printer a scam

is cash printer a scam

I run into these kinds of testimonies online and understand the power behind them.

Seeing another person satisfied from using such a product, can really influence you into buying something. Unfortunately these kinds of services can be bought over at

Not every testimony you come across will be false, In the case of Cash Printer they are totally unreliable and misleading…

Cash Printer Doesn’t Exist

I mentioned Cash Printer doesn’t exist, and here’s exactly what I meant by that.

You are not getting ‘Cash Printer’ for free, as the video suggested:

is cash printer a scam

Instead you are getting ‘Aspire’ Digital Altitude, now you can argue all you like that Digital Altitude is a legitimate business (I have found both positive and negative reviews surrounding this product).

But if they’re teaching you to lure people in with phony presentations such as the Cash Printer, then in my opinion this is a very misleading, sleazy, scam.

Which brings me to the “Chairman and CEO” Mack Zidan, according to the Cash Printer website:

is cash printer a scam

I have no doubt in my mind that Mack Zidan is able to make a killing on the internet, and as a seasoned marketer, he really does make that kind of money.

I don’t however, think he’s out to help you to do the same.

Mack goes by separate names nowadays such as Mack Mills or Mack Millions.

This is due to his awful reputation online and the many complaints against him. Feel free to Google his name (Mack Zidan) and see exactly what I’m talking about.

Here’s another product I reviewed that he was pushing not too long ago.

By the way, the real owner for Aspire Digital Altitude is Mark Force, who also has a questionable past, and not Mack Zidan.

Regardless of ownership, this is something that I would never be interested in investing in. Certainly not for $20k plus!


We go from being told that we won’t be “spending a single penny” to just “$1” to potentially being over $20,000 in the hole.

This is how the system works and how seasoned (deceitful) marketers like Mack Zidan are able to make so much money.

While Digital Altitude “Aspire” is just the entry level investment, “Apex” will run you about $20,000:is cash printer a scam

  • Aspire – $37 or $67/month
  • Base – $397 (one time payment)
  • Rise – $1,497 (one time payment)
  • Ascend – $6,997 (one time payment)
  • Peak – $11,997 (one time payment)
  • Apex – $19,997 (one time payment)

$1 doesn’t do much for anyone and is an easy investment. However you will more than likely be prompted to spend more once in the “system”.

To my knowledge, Aspire members are required to by certain packages or tiers (above), allowing them to sell that exact same package to others. You can’t sell it unless you buy it.

And even after you buy it, you will only get a percentage for each sell.

But you will get a decent percentage nonetheless and this is how people like “Mack Mills” are able to make so much money.

They’ve been “working online” for quite some time. Not only do they have a huge following (e-mail list), but they have learned the skill set over many years allowing them to make a living online.

The reality is, you cannot expect the same results using Digital Altitude, and many of these seasoned marketers who lead you there will be promoting the next “Greatest Opportunity Ever” faster than you can pull out your credit card.

This is not to discourage you from learning how to earn consistent income online, it can be done, but to help you make smart investments online.

If misleading websites like ‘Cash Printer’ is how you’re being taught to do business over at Aspire – then I want nothing to do with it.

Final Opinion

0/ 0
Cash Printer - Overall Rating

Due to the misleading information – I see Cash Printer as a risky business venture and as a extremely misleading product.

If ‘Aspire’ Digital Altitude is teaching it’s members to trick people into joining by creating websites like Cash Printer – I can only recommend avoiding that too. Run far away in the opposite direction.

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    Darren - 6 years ago

    WOW! $20k! That’s a lot of cash to sink into something like this.

    No wonder you rated it 0/10. Just the name “Cash printer” screams SCAM! It looks like yet another tiered Rev Share scheme. There are so many out there at the moment. If I was into running scams I would set one up myself, but I believe in true value for the customer, not ripping them off.

    Thanks for this great review.

      Jason - 6 years ago

      We share the same values.

      I believe being transparent and honest with people works best.

      Thanks for stopping by Darren

    Warren - 5 years ago

    Jason, what a great expose’ on this product. I agree with your assessment that the only one making any money off of this. $20,000. They must have a party every time someone signs up for this level. Holy smoke. If anyone ever comes up with a way to make millions off the internet by setting up a phony website and charging people a lot of money and giving back nothing, this would be the prototype. Thanks for the great info.

      Jason - 5 years ago

      Not a problem, Warren.

      Thanks for stopping by our review on the Cash Printer.

    Stephen - 5 years ago

    Thank you very much Jason, for your honest review on this products and thank you for helping me to avoid another scam online.

    I was actually doing some research about this Cash Printer, which claims that it can make you rich and even to quit your job. As for the testimonials, I have realized that, it is what most scammers do, they hire people, pay them some little money so that they can give false testimonies about a particular product.

    I was not surprise when I saw your rating on Cash Printer as 0 out of 10 (0/10). Yes, most these products that promises to make you rich within some few days, without you doing any hard work is a real scam and I agree with you.

      Jason - 5 years ago

      Glad you found our review on the Cash Printer helpful, Stephen.

      Have a nice weekend.

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