Is Automated Daily Income A Scam Or Life Changer?

is automated daily income a scam

Automated Daily Income Short Review

Name: Automated Daily Income
Owner: Raena Lynn
Price: $49, ($1,000’s in upsells)

Summary: In short, Automated Income Daily doesn’t exist.

I understand that it has its own website, sales page, and even tells you that you can purchase their program which will help you earn “$379 daily”. But the truth is Automated Income Daily is simply a funnel to a more popular program known as MOBE.

MOBE is an overpriced MLM company which poses as affiliate marketing training. More on this in the review below…

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Recommended? No.

Automated Daily Income Review

The Truth About Automated Daily Income:

If you were to visit any of these other sites you would instantly recognize the striking similarity between them and Automated Income Daily:

is automated daily income a scam

is automated daily income a scam

is automated daily income a scam

That’s because each of these sites are all a front.

In other words, they present themselves as an actual opportunity capable of earning you money online and begin able to work from home comfortably.

In reality, they just connect you with different companies (some undesirable) that have nothing to do with the offer and opportunity you just read and may have purchased.

Be wary as I constantly come across these websites. The offer and sales page always remain the same but which company you actually end up with – sort of becomes like a jack in the box.

What You’re Actually Buying

I was able to find out that this was actually MOBE, or My Online Business Empire, by visiting the disclaimer on Automated Daily Income’s website.

Though constantly throughout sales page and even during checkout, they insist that they are Automated Daily Income:

is automated daily income a scam

MOBE has been around for some time, however, it is a company that I would never be interested in – mainly because it is a ‘high ticket MLM program’ claiming to be some sort of affiliate marketing training.