Is Affiliate Marketing A Profitable Business? (It Can Be!)

is affiliate marketing a profitable business

I’m guessing you’re interested in learning more on affiliate marketing and if it’s worth your time and effort.

Or more importantly, is more on affiliate marketing a profitable business?

I mean, it’s 2019 after all. Surely there are plenty of ways to make an extra income?

We’ll explore if more on affiliate marketing is a lucrative business opportunity.

As an affiliate myself, I can even share some personal experiences.

Is Affiliate Marketing A Profitable Business?

The short answer – yes, in a perfect world OR it depends.

The fact that you can spend around $300 total in your first year and potentially earn that much (or more) month after month by the end of that year, makes it a very profitable business.

(I created a free email course to help you get started. You could earn $300/mo – $5,000/mo within your first year even as a beginner).

Having hands-on experience with more on affiliate marketing for these past 4 years, I can tell you that it IS possible to figure things out by yourself.

Just realize that there is much help, tools, quality training out there available to you.

Affiliate marketing can be profitable when done right, it doesn’t matter if you are a newcomer or experienced.

How Much To Get Started?

We recently shared the costs involved in starting an affiliate marketing website.

Compared to a traditional brick n’ mortar store, starting an online business is extremely affordable.

startup costs of an offline business

Online business itself can be quite expensive as well.

Some people or websites will try to upsell you on things you don’t actually need, especially in your first year of business.

Here’s how much an online business COULD run you:

startup costs for an online business

(I’ll show you where you can spend much less than this while gaining access to some of the best training and support available).

For some, startup costs are not the problem and they just want to see a return on their investment. Consider some of these other recommended online business models then.

Affiliate marketing is a great way for beginners without a big budget to potentially make some serious extra pay using the internet. If you have a big budget, more on affiliate marketing can still be a great option.

As shared above, you could spend as little as $300 to $400 in your first year and have everything you need to start a legitimate business.

In terms of earning money on the side or entrepreneurship, I think the internet has created a great opportunity for many.

I know for me, it’s been life-changing.

I walked away from what would be my last job back in 2014.

By mid-2015, a year later, I was well on my way to earning a full-time income from home. Strictly from more on affiliate marketing.

My small success has been largely due to the quality help and training I’ve had.

How To Make Money As An Affiliate

Affiliate marketing is just a way for bloggers/websites to make money.

woman working on laptop and tablet


It’s all about connecting people with the products or services they’re already looking for.

Let’s say I created a website about Bluetooth speakers and I write an article about the best Bluetooth speaker.

Let’s say that I am ranked on the first page of Google and 20,000 people search for “best Bluetooth speaker” each month.

Of that 20,000 — 10,000 people actually end up on my website. And out of 10,000 — 1,000 people actually buy something.

I get a 10% commission for each purchase, and these speakers cost $100 a piece.

That’s $10k each month from a single article!

This was just an example of how affiliate marketing works, some affiliate sites earn this well or much more while some sites earn little to nothing.

How It Works Exactly

As an affiliate, you can recommend someone else’s product or service and promote it on your websites.

If someone clicks your ‘special’ affiliate link and decides to make a purchase, you earn commissions.

At which point, your work is done.

Anything that is related to customer support (shipping, payment processing, etc) is handled by the product owner.

Sounds simple, sure. But building a successful business takes tact and know-how.

This is why getting the right training is key!

Where To Start An Affiliate Marketing Business

I share my favorite more on affiliate marketing training within my email course.

Everything is free to try out and you will have a great sense if it’s worth investing into ahead of time.

I won’t pressure you to buy or do anything.

Taking action is up to you. Investing in an online business through the training I provide, is up to you.

I will always be around to answer any questions and assist where I can, however.

I’ve been involved with more on affiliate marketing for over 4 years now and have helped others create successful affiliate websites too.

Go here if interested in learning more and working together.


Is more on affiliate marketing a profitable business?

The short answer is yes.

But what many fail to realize is that just because it has low entry cost and high profit margin, doesn’t mean it will be easy to actually build a profitable online business.

This is why I’m a huge advocate of training. Folks who have “been there, done that” are readily available to educate you.

Just don’t think it will happen at the snap of a finger.

Any worthwhile business will require commitment, learning, and effort on your end.

But it’s usually worth it for those who are willing to see it through, especially with more on affiliate marketing.

There’s lots of potential…

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