Instant Income Code Review – A Scam?

instant income code review

Instant Income Code Summary

Name: Instant Income Code
Owner: “James Johnson”
Price: ($49.95) or ($1 + $36.95/mo)

Summary: Instant Income Code is simply a sales video being used to funnels it’s viewers to BAD products.

For instance, one of the products you may have come across while visiting the Instant Income Code sales video is Facebook Vault.

Facebook Vault is a site that teaches how to get “cheap clicks” for paid advertising on Facebook and to promote CPA offers.

The product is unreliable in my opinion, and apparently, Instant Income Code is being recycled among different marketers to get you to buy their product or program. More below.

Recommended? Not Recommended

Instant Income Code Review

The sales video for Instant Income Code implies that by using their system, you will be able to “buy your dream home, buy your dream car, retire sooner than anyone thought possible”, plus many other big claims.

I’m not here to knit pick and people are free to spend their money however they like, but there’s a few things I noticed that would make me never interested in something like Instant Income Code.

Beginning with the software itself:

The Super Secret Software

For the reasons shared in this article, I refuse to buy Instant Income Code, even for the $1 price point (followed by $37/mo) and support those behind it.

The way you earn money and what’s being pitched in the sales video is a software which allegedly “creates multiple streams of income flowing into your bank account on autopilot”.

They even go on to tell you that this software has made “them” nearly $60,000 in 29 days and that it CAN’T be bought anywhere else. If only this were true:

instant income code review

The truth is you can buy the exact software that they shared in the video at Envato Market for $22 (not saying you need it).

This has no connection to Instant Income Code, but it is something extra you can expect to buy once inside.

Here’s the two of them together, the image on the left comes from the IIC sales video:

instant income code review

instant income code review

List Fusion which oddly enough looks exactly alike the “List Fuel” from Instant Income Code, is simply a plugin (app) that will allow you to capture people’s emails from a website – nothing fancy here.

Recycled Sales Video

As I mentioned before, while researching this ‘program’ I discovered different marketers using this same sales video in an attempt to sell their BAD products.

Facebook Vault, owned by Mike Buontempo, being one of them:

instant income code review

Now Mike’s sub par Facebook Vault calls for another review at another time. I just thought it was pretty shady that it was being plugged through the Instant Income Code sales video – when the two of them are non related.

This offer can be purchased for $1 then will cost around $37/mo. Another offer people may come across while visiting Instant Income Code costs $49.95.

I say avoid them all.

Here’s a look at two different marketers both utilizing the same sales video to sell you their junk products:

instant income code review

instant income code review

The other is from a Cory Lewis, and to be honest I’m not sure what he’s peddling for the $49.95.

A legitimate product would not need to use a cover up like the “Instant Income Code”.

Why use the same sales video?

The only reason I can think of is that it saves these product owners time and money of creating their own, plus they must have found the video to be convincing enough to help them get a few sales.

Is Instant Income Code A Scam

1/ 0
Instant Income Code - Overall Rating

Plain and simple Yes. It appears Instant Income Code ceases to exist or never existed.

If it did exist, it seems to only be a system that gives you pre-written content for creating email campaigns to a one page website. This creates duplicate content, which is never a good idea.

And then maybe learn to market to those registered under your email list (if any).

One thing that is clear is that different people are taking advantage of the same sales video funneling you and me to their low-end products.

The entire video is setup in typical scam fashion, despite their many claims of “wanting to get back at gurus” and the product “will make you rich”.

Not to mention, they said the video or software couldn’t be found anywhere online. But as we saw above, that is simply not true as the video is available on Youtube and the software can be purchased elsewhere.

Final Recommendation

As stated earlier in the article, people are free to spend their time and money wherever they choose.

For me, I luckily joined a program that taught me the ropes of earning money online as a complete noob.

None of this happened overnight and it did require actual work on my end, but the entire experience has been worth it, and I officially began working ‘full-time’ from the comfort of home beginning this year (2016).

You can learn more about this program and community, Wealthy Affiliate, by reading my full review here – the site is free to get started by the way.

I hope you found this Instant Income Code review helpful and feel free to share your thoughts and experiences with this product below 🙂

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    My goal for this website is to help those who are looking to make money online from the comfort of their home and to offer people an alternative to the FIXED 9-to-5 life. Whether you are looking to make full time income online or just looking to make some extra cash. I've got you covered.

    Marion - 6 years ago

    Thank you Jason for making this scam review I think it’s great that you warn against scammers. I have been scammed too, but with Binary Options. It is new to me that there are also scammers in the leads to traffic world. This one seems to be sloppy how they made it though, just copying from others. thank you for exposing this. i can see how it can be attractive to people who are desperate for trafficleads and it is relatively cheap. Thanks Marion

      Jason - 6 years ago

      Oh yeah, traffic generation sites are commonly involved with scams, I know because I wasted time and money on a few early on.

      I know now that there are better, safer ways to gaining traffic to your site in fact I don’t spend a single cent on advertising and haven’t done so all year.

      Thanks for stopping by Marion and I’m glad you found my review on Instant Income Code to be helpful.

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