Is Automated Daily Income A Scam Or Life Changer?

is automated daily income a scam

Automated Daily Income Short Review

Name: Automated Daily Income
Owner: Raena Lynn
Price: $49, ($1,000’s in upsells)

Summary: In short, Automated Income Daily doesn’t exist.

I understand that it has its own website, sales page, and even tells you that you can purchase their program which will help you earn “$379 daily”. But the truth is Automated Income Daily is simply a funnel to a more popular program known as MOBE.

MOBE is an overpriced MLM company which poses as affiliate marketing training. More on this in the review below

To avoid the hassle and BS of learning how to earn consistent income from home, I suggest you check out a #1 rated service for earning money online.

Recommended? No.

Automated Daily Income Review

The Truth About Automated Daily Income:

If you were to visit any of these other sites you would instantly recognize the striking similarity between them and Automated Income Daily:

is automated daily income a scam

is automated daily income a scam

is automated daily income a scam

That’s because each of these sites are all a front.

In other words, they present themselves as an actual opportunity capable of earning you money online and begin able to work from home comfortably.

In reality, they just connect you with different companies (some undesirable) that have nothing to do with the offer and opportunity you just read and may have purchased.

Be wary as I constantly come across these websites. The offer and sales page always remain the same but which company you actually end up withsort of becomes like a jack in the box.

What You’re Actually Buying

I was able to find out that this was actually MOBE, or My Online Business Empire, by visiting the disclaimer on Automated Daily Income’s website.

Though constantly throughout sales page and even during checkout, they insist that they are Automated Daily Income:

is automated daily income a scam

MOBE has been around for some time, however, it is a company that I would never be interested inmainly because it is a ‘high ticket MLM programclaiming to be some sort of affiliate marketing training.

$49gets you in the door”.

To participate within the system you will need to complete MOBE’s 21 steps (notice 21 step training series above). These steps include purchasing the full program.

To purchase the full program which also gives you licensing rights to MOBE, you are looking at spending around $2,497.

They also have 3 Upper Tiers which you should be aware of:

Titanium: $9,997
Platinum: $16,667
Diamond: $29,997

The worse part about MOBE relating itself to affiliate marketing training or an affiliate marketing opportunity is that it costs $0 to join an affiliate program. This is MLM all the way, do not be fooled.

When it comes to Automated Daily Income, why do they feel the need to disguise themselves as something other than MOBE?

Why don’t they tell directly tell their visitors what it is they’re buying?

MOBE Complaints

Here are only a few complaints which can be found online involving MOBE and owner Matt Lloyd:

is automated daily income a scam

One lady claims to lost about $40,000 getting involved with this system. No thank you!

Is Automated Daily Income A Scam

1/ 0
Automated Income Daily - Overall Rating

Automated Income Daily is a copy and pastes sales page which claims to help you earn money by posting links (another scam), but instead leads you to MOBE (even worse).

Automated Income Daily aka MOBE is something that I would never be interested in mainly due to the fact that it’s very, very expensive.

The training and theproductsare not worth it, in my opinion. Not to mention, you can start a legitimate online business and not spend over $500 learning how to do so.

Learning how to earn money online shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg, it also doesn’t have to be so damn confusing.

If you would like to begin an exciting journey learning how to earn an income online, join my free email course ‘5 Steps To Beginning An Online Businessjust below.

You will have access to myself and also discover my favorite program, which helped me start a career from home 🙂

Feel free to comment below or even share your experiences using Automated Daily Income below.

We also liked the video above that shows detailed review of Automated Daily Income program.

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    My goal for this website is to help those who are looking to make money online from the comfort of their home and to offer people an alternative to the FIXED 9-to-5 life. Whether you are looking to make full time income online or just looking to make some extra cash. I've got you covered.

  • Jason Tom Morrow says:

    Hi Jason,
    Thanks for your heads-up on Automated Daily Income.

    What do you know about Elite Money Machines?

    Any comment would be helpful.

    Yours with appreciation,
    Tom Morrow

    • Jason Jason says:

      Hi Tom, you’re welcome!

      I have never heard of Elite Money Machines but will happily take a look into it sometime soon. I will be sure to contact you after doing so.

    • Jason Jason says:

      Hey Tom, I hope your Monday went well.

      I was able to check out the Elite Money Machines for you and though this program appears to be legit, this is something I would not recommend on my site.

      I understand it’s only $8 or so (plus up sells) but you get what you pay for. They do have some training but I’m not seeing the value here.

      So they do provide training and you could earn money (no guarantees), but again there’s much better training out there.

      Hope this helps,

  • Jason Allison says:

    After reading the reviews made me change my mind.

  • Jason Richard says:

    Thanks for your informative review.I almost fell for ADI, but just in time I decided to check. :))

    I note that you are part of the Wealthy Affiliates. How is that going for you?

    I looked at WA back in 27 June 2011 when I was in contact with Kyle (part of the Kyle & Carson partnership).I have a copy of theWEALTHY AFFILIATE INTERNET WEALTH GUIDE”.

    I`m interested to discover how to make extra income on Internet without getting involved with all the up- sells. What do you suggest?

    I have plenty of time now as I am retired.

    • Jason Jason says:

      Hi Richard, it’s going great!

      I’ve been with Wealthy Affiliate for over a year now and have never heard of theWealthy Affiliate Internet Wealth Guideand never dealt with any up-sells within this community. I suggest you login to your WA account and see what’s new! If not, feel free to visit my Getting Started page located in the menu above to explore other opportunities.

      Feel free to shoot me any other questions and also, have a good day.

  • Jason Owain says:

    When I saw the value of upsells I immediately thought yep this is a scam. This is yet another scam where you get suckered in. You lose your money as you will soon fail and the guy behind all this gets richer. Isn’t there a law against this? Thank you for your site and bringing this scam to our attention.

    • Jason Jason says:

      Hi Owain, couldn’t agree more!

      I think these ‘companieswould be better off by being transparent with their (potential) customers. Instead, as you pointed out, you get blindsided by upsell after upsell, which isn’t right.

      As far as the law goes, this becomes complicated as well. For example, I live in the U.S. which doesn’t have the same laws as someone operating theirbusinessoverseas somewhere else.

      It’s best to always do your research and practice your rights as a consumer, to ask questions prior to becoming too vested in these different ‘opportunities’.

      Thanks for stopping by

  • Caught it just in time! She had me going, but I thought I’d play it safe and do some research, first. (That was even before I got to her $49 pricing.) Thanks for your revealing expose!

    • Jason Jason says:

      My pleasure Bruce 🙂

      As convincing as some of theseopportunitiesmay sound, it’s always best to do your research and find out exactly what it is you are getting. Automated Daily Income is a dud!

      Stay safe,

  • Jason Molly Egge says:

    Hey Jason, thank you for posting this I was getting ready to give it a try! I am currently a full time student and I think online work would be perfect to fit into my busy life, could you please email me about you website? thank you!

  • Jason Adrian says:

    Hey Jason I’m interested in making money online to try to go your route if it works but if you can email me n guide me through would b great.

    • Jason Jason says:

      Hi Adrian, feel free to join my e-course which can be found above the comment section here. It will help get you set up in starting your own profitable website.

      The e-course is free, and you can message me at any time.

  • Jason Donna says:

    Thank you, I have gotten older and with that come aches and pains, still to you to retire but would like to do some online business. I am not very computer savvy, but I love to learn. So I just wanted to say thank you, for being honest about these sites. I have a fixed income so not a lot to spare for knowledge but if you can steer me in the right direction I can and will figure it out. Can say it enough thank you, thank you!

    • Jason Jason says:

      You are very welcome Donna, and I am glad that you found the review helpful.

      If you are interested in getting started with online business, I highly recommend trying out the Wealthy Affiliate. This is the same program that has taught me just about everything I know about online business.

      Not to mention, Wealthy Affiliate is free to join. They have the option to upgrade to their Premium membership, but you can remain a free member as long as you like and determine if the service is right for you.

      If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact me 🙂

  • The truth is. I did pay to get started. To fine myself with no help at all. How are u any different? The 21steps is up for a short while. I have to work and the caretaker for my brother that has less 20% of his lungs. I am 64 years of age and can not do the 21 steps in the time limit I am given. I need help. I am not good with computers and have to go to a place to be on the internet with my computer. How can u help me

  • Jason Becky says:

    I was ready to pay the $49 in just 2 days from now. Wow am I glad I didn’t! My husband & I live paycheck to paycheck & we were so excited that maybe we could finally catch a break. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia 4 yrs ago( but I’ve had longer than that) & my job is getting to be more & more Challenging everyday. I’m a janitor for an electric company, been there 12 yrs now. I just turned 51 back a few wks ago, so I’m not young anymore. I’m so angry how ppl can take advantage of other ppl. Some ppl live on disability or have a limited income & for scammers to do this, shame on them! Not sure how they can sleep at night, I know I couldn’t. Be sure I will call them out on this for sure. So tired of these fake websites promising we will make shit tons of money, when they are the ones getting rich off us. Makes my blood boil that I almost fell for it again. 😠 Thank you for letting me & everyone else know before I ‘donated’ $49 into the scammers pocket. Automated should be taken down once & for all so others don’t get sucked in!
    Becky Eaton

    • Jason Jason says:

      Yes I agree, Becky. They should be shut down!

      But the whole thing can become a circus act when it comes to these scammers, using fake names, hopping from one website to the next, outsourcing there work (hiring voice actors and paying people totestifyfor their product), all while on the internet. Not to mention, there’s no telling where these people are actually located. They could be in overseas, where certain laws could be very different than here in the U.S.

      A way to stay safe when looking for such opportunities online is to ALWAYS do your research on a product, like you have done here. Also, avoid those promising that you will become rich with minimal work or websites who don’t really explain exactly what it is you are buying and that show off nothing but dollar signs. Stay away!

      I wish you well, Becky.

  • Jason Jason says:

    Yo bro thank you so much for all the details, and break everything down. I honestly havery come across Automated Daily Income very often as and always push it away because they want me to depend money but I really wasn’t sure it was a scam until I read your info. You’ve made my decisions final and and much more rewarding in the end. Thanks again

    • Jason Jason says:

      You’re welcome, Jason.

      There’s many sites out there similar to Automated Daily Income, always do your research on products before taking any actions. It’s your right as a customer to research and ask questions beforehand!

  • Jason Cory t.simmons says:

    To whom this may concern. My name is cory im a 2 strike 6 term felon. Who has paid my debts to society. a free man now clean of probation.and parole.even though i have many skills i leared them in prison.its hard for me to get a when i seen this job opportunity i thought ok i can be civil and adapt back into society a working member of the community. I took the only money i had in my life.and purchased the 21 step automated income program to have a between a rock and a hard place..will some one please help me get some employment.i to must survive. Thank you

    • Jason Jason says:

      Hey Cory, Jason here.

      Just so you know there are online jobs available, but this is not something that I focus on with this website. That being said, I do not recommend Automated Daily Income. These kinds ofprogramsare unrealistic and usually a huge waste of time and money. You are free to involve yourself in anything you like, but that is my opinion.

      My website, Extra Paycheck Online, helps point people in the direction of starting their own business online. I usually recommend to people to ensure that they are in a good place financially before pursuing something such as an online businessit could take several months before seeing any earnings.

      I hope you find what you are looking for, sir. And good luck!

      Feel free to email me or reply to this message if you have any questions.

  • Jason michelle nobles says:

    To the people that has lost money I would contact my financial institution and file fraud expecially when you have proof 30 day money back guarantee

  • Jason ELIZABETH says:

    so whats a good website to make money online do you know of any thanks

  • Jason Christie says:

    I almost fell for your crap. Thank God I did more research before I fell for your deception. That woman who says she’s made all this money is probably a scam I’m sure the people who gave testimonials are not being truthful. You’re just like trump giving alternative facts. You’re both terrible and scam.

    • Jason Jason says:

      Hi Christie, I am glad you took the time to do some research before joining the Automated Daily Income.

      There is no deception here or a woman claiming to make money on this website, I think your comments were directed towards Automated Daily Income. In the review above, I clearly do not recommend anyone participating with their program.

  • Jason Melvin martin says:

    I need help setting it up

  • Jason Billy says:

    These crooks are sucking cash from people who can least afford to lose it. I am a veteran with no job, they should be fragged for what they are doing.

    • Jason Jason says:

      I agree, Billy. They spend their time and money targeting folks who can least afford to part ways with their money rather than actually helping people. Automated Daily Income is a big sham.

  • Jason Lovely says:

    2879 9 north 5th street Howell
    07731 nj usa
    Furniture store business

  • Jason Kimberly says:

    Jason, WOW I am EXTREMELY greatful for your rebuttal! Having read this and wanting todouble checkbefore I spent any monies….you have saved me from being duped ! Single mom here, gosh they make it sound so goodTO GOOD ! How can they legally get away with scamming people over and over is very sad and it angers me ! Thank you very much for your honesty and straightforward truth it is much appreciated! Your the Best ! Kim

    • Jason Jason says:

      You’re welcome Kim and I’m glad you were able to inform yourself before signing up for this particular program.

      Have a nice rest of the week and thanks for commenting on our post for Automated Daily Income.

  • Jason Shane Johnson says:

    thanks for the truth.. glad someone was willing to warn people. thanks again..

  • Jason Shaunta Williams says:

    Wow! I was just about to sign up! Thank u

  • Jason Susan Nightingale says:

    Did I just get trapped by MOSE?

  • >