Guide: How To Start A Free Online Business In 2019

start a free online business

Welcome to our guide on how to start a free online business.

I would just like to make one thing clear from the jump.

You can get STARTED for free, I’ll even show you where to grab 2 free websites, hosting, and training on how to set it all up, but eventually, you are going to want to make an investment.

This greatly enhances your chances of building a profitable online business.

There’s no way around this investment as you will need your own website. The costs involved include a domain name and website hosting, this is the minimum you will need.

Anyone promising you that you can make $1,000’s or $10,000’s of dollars online for free, and all of the work will already be done for you, is more than likely lying.

So in short, getting started today will be free. This will give you a chance to experience safe online business training, connect with other online business owners, and even create your first website.

To test out and see if it’s right for you.

If it is, we highly recommend investing in yourself and your new online business.

Guide: How To Start A Free Online Business In 2019

In today’s age, starting an online business is not the most complicated thing to do, succeeding is usually a matter of being persistent and putting forth an effort – proper guidance and training are always a great way to ignite your business as well.

There are no legitimate ‘done-for-you businesses’ that come in a box. It requires actual work, and if you’re new or don’t know where to start, training is always recommended.

Aside from being uncomplicated to start, another major bonus is the cost of starting up online is significantly cheaper than that of your traditional offline business.

Here are some more advantages of an online business:

  • Larger customer base, you can reach people all across the globe
  • Lower overhead costs
  • No physical location needed
  • No stock or inventory (in some cases)
  • There are plenty of options/business models for online business
  • ANYONE can build a successful business online (age, gender, race, background, doesn’t matter)

Though there are differences between the two, one factor remains the same. Whether if you decide to open up a local shop selling furry hats or whatever, or take the online route, succeeding at either will require hard work.

Again, you’re eventually going to want to make some sort of investment for best results.

Here’s what Ramit of GrowthLab who’s been running his online business for over a decade says you need to get started:


A website, website hosting, and a domain name are the absolute minimum. (You can always reinvest in other premium tools and features once you begin earning money with your business).

I’ll show you where you can create your first website for free with hosting and designs to choose from today, just below, and how to put it all together to begin building your own online biz.

The Steps

Let’s get to it!

A Direction for Your Business

The first step to start a free online business is to choose a niche (or business topic) for your website.

A niche can be thought of as a segment of a market, take headphones for example.

There are many niches or segments within the larger market of headphones. Noise-canceling headphones would be a niche as would wireless sports headphones, Bluetooth headphones, etc.

These would all be niches within the broader ‘headphones’ market.

There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to niche selection and there are endless to choose from, yet many people get stuck in this early stage.

When choosing a niche, think of things that you are passionate about, have sound knowledge in, or problems you can help others solve.

For further ideas, I suggest you grab a pen and paper or wherever you like to take notes and fill in the following.

Niche ideas:

Jobs you’ve held:

Problems you’ve had to deal with: (Examples: acne, weight-loss, weight-gain, diets, relationships, stress/anxiety, etc)

Training or certifications: (Examples: hair/cosmetology, personal trainer, computer programming, medical, engineering, etc)

Leisure activities: (Examples: any sport, drones, video games, reading, fishing, camping, meditation, exercise, DIY crafts, baking, etc)

When it comes to choosing a niche you have the freedom to choose a topic that is unique to you. There is money to be made within just about every niche and this is a space you could find yourself working in for many years to come.

Have A Question About Niches? Connect With Me In The Comments Below.

Building Your Website

We recently posted an article about how to build a website and how to ensure success with that website.

One of the cool things about building a website is that once you learn how to do it once, you really get a knack for how it’s done and building any more after that becomes simple.

In fact, the whole process can be done in seconds:

a video demonstrating how to build a website in seconds

Though you will learn how to build a website and how to set it up properly, you really only need one website, within one niche to experience success. Creating multiple websites is optional and it is recommended to focus on one at a time.

Steps Continued…& How To Earn

Once your website is set up, you will be learning how to prepare for and attract traffic.

Attract Visitors

Though there are many different ways you could pay to advertise your online business, attracting real people to your website too can be done for free.

Free is usually through social media or by optimizing your website for the search engines – allowing people to find your website on Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.

This is usually done through content creation. Content, or writing articles, is a great free method for attracting people to your website when done right.

Chances are if you found this site, it was through one of these sources and not a paid ad – just to show you that what I have to share really does work.

Earning Online

There are several different business models or ways to monetize your website.

Much like choosing your own niche, choosing how you monetize your online business is up to you.

person working form his laptop using wordpress

In my opinion, monetization is something that you worry about LATER down the line once you begin seeing a decent amount of consistent traffic to your website.

You could have the best-looking website with the best offers but what good are these offers if nobody ever sees them?

A lot of people like to get straight to the money, but the truth is that this is something that usually occurs after following the steps listed above.

Choosing a niche for your website, building and setting up your website properly, and creating helpful content should be the focus prior to monetizing your online business.

When it comes to earning, you can earn through ads, affiliate marketing, creating your own product(s), putting together a video course, or other methods as shared here.

I’m going to introduce you to a place that will teach you how to apply all of these things more in depth and allow you to get hands-on with your first or next online business today.

Start A Free Online Business Here (Upgrade Later?)

For getting started with an online business, I recommend joining Wealthy Affiliate where you can create an account, access two free websites along with website hosting, and connect with an online business community of people ranging from novice to 10+ years of experience, at no cost.

It’s a bit like a free trial because you will not have access to all of the training and other features unless you upgrade.

Even as a “starter” member, you will be able to begin building your website and following the first 10 lessons of the main training. This will give you a great idea if what WA has to offer, is right for you.

If so, upgrade and continue learning!

The system is not perfect, no system that I’ve come across when it comes to online business has been. but WA is the best that I’ve come by in my 3+ years experience of working from home online.

If you’ve read through to this point of the post, you’re already more equipped than the average person joining, plus you will have my personal help each step of the way.

Learn More About WA & Connect With Me Here.

Conclusion – Start A Free Online Business

At the end of the day whether you choose to start a free online business or not, all the training you need to be able to make money online is available to you, you can even get started for free.

We do recommend upgrading at some point to see the best results and online business won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

For example, I spend around $100 per month to operate. When getting started, I only spent half that much.

Now I make way more than this each and every month.

Succeeding will only be a matter of applying yourself, hard work, and learning some new skills.

No different from making legitimate money anywhere else, really.

If you have any questions regarding the steps we have shared, feel free to reach out to us in the comments below!

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