How To Sell Online For Free In 2016

how to sell online for free

“How To Sell Online For Free”

Believe it or not, when it comes to how to sell online for free YOU HAVE OPTIONS. how to sell online for free

These ways to sell online for free include what you choose to sell, how you sell it, how much you wish to make and most importantly getting started the correct way.

To be perfectly clear, I do not own any products, I do not work for anyone, I sell products and services on the internet and in return I receive commissions.

If you do have your own product, that’s great! You can learn right here how to attract people online to finding and purchasing your product in ABUNDANCE.

Selling products that you do not own can be done by joining affiliate programs, which is completely free to do. By joining one of these free programs you are now allowed to display just about any of their products onto your own website and begin to receive commissions yourself.

What are affiliate programs?

Ever heard of Ebay, Amazon, Walmart, Target, Foot Locker, Old Navy, iTunes? This list can seriously go on and on. The point is the majority of top retailers or companies in general have affiliate programs.

Once joined you have access to display just about any of their products available to you to place on your website. The goal is to attract visitors, have them select on an item from your website which will guide them to the program you are a part of, and if they choose to make a purchase you receive commission.

With 3 billion active users currently online globally, I don’t even have to mention the potential in earnings here. There are MANY people working online and earning full-time income using this same process I am sharing with you today.

“Getting Started The Correct Way”

I cannot reiterate the importance of starting out on the right foot enough. If you wish to sell items and eventually have your own profitable business online, you need to learn the proper steps.

Three Simple Steps To Your First Online Store:how to sell online for free

  1. Choosing a topic/what to sell
  2. Your very own website (free, see below)
  3. Training

To ensure your success online you will need to first decide what to sell. It can be anything really.

I like to suggest to people who are unfamiliar with working online to firstly think of something you are passionate about. Be it sports, fashion, music, people, fitness, finance, technology, education, anything works! Something you could perhaps talk about for days.

These are all topics, amongst MANY others, you could express on your very own website and earn money online from. These topics are known as niche’s in the online world, something to keep in mind moving forward.

The next step is to determine which items or services you would like to sell. Let’s look at an example.

Let’s say someone chose fashion as their niche, I would suggest narrowing that down to something more along the lines of running shoes.

Reason being is that fashion alone is too broad of a topic. Not saying you couldn’t strictly do fashion and share all your favorite clothing apparel, shoes, etc. onto your own website.

Narrowing it down will get you the best outcome when starting out with a newer website online and best results for creating sells. Expanding and adding a variety of items is something you would definitely consider as your website and business grow online.

Running shoes would work well because:how to sell online for free

a) You have your audience…
b) You have your product

Keep in mind this is only one idea of millions, if you have any niche ideas you would like to discuss, leave a comment below and I will be sure to respond.

“Your Own Website”

Having your own website is a must if you would like to sell online and have a lasting business. Running a website is very affordable and will be your foundation which contributes to your overall success. It is your own personal ‘storefront’ online.

If you have never created a website before it’s a lot simpler than you would think.

It’s as easy as choosing a Title, a theme (how it looks), and click on ‘Build My Website Now’. All free to do when you try it out below:

If blank above, Try Here for Free.

“I Have My Website, Now What?”

I would recommend some Training.

You need to structure your website which includes adding some content, making it user friendly, adding images as you go along amongst a few other things.

If new to creating websites online, this could sound pretty intimidating. But it doesn’t have to be.

I use Wealthy Affiliate (WA) to learn how to create my own websites which eventually lead to having my own online business.

WA is free to join and use and what it is, is an online community and learning center where you will be building a business online.

I would like to mention that they do have an option to upgrade to Premium membership which unlocks access to all the training, videos, classrooms, tools, and much more.

Free or Starter Accounts gain instant access to step-by-step training, access and instant support from other members via live chat and your own personal page, helpful tools, and 2 websites all for free. And by free I mean no credit card necessary, see for yourself and join WA.

The best part about it is your are allowed to work and build your business at your own pace. Making money online doesn’t happen overnight but it is a process which can be very rewarding and even life changing.

how to sell online for free

The key to learning how to sell online is to find a topic you enjoy, get started the correct way, and take action.

Starting a business allowing you to sell online for free requires effort and some time on your part, not too different than if you were wanting to start a store ‘offline’. The only major difference is the MASSIVE viewership that will have access to your store online 🙂

Take the time to do the work now, and experience the freedom and flexibility starting a business online has to offer.

Try it for yourself and share some of your experiences in the comment section below. I will be sure to respond.

About the author


    My goal for this website is to help those who are looking to make money online from the comfort of their home and to offer people an alternative to the FIXED 9-to-5 life. Whether you are looking to make full time income online or just looking to make some extra cash. I've got you covered.

    Daniel Aittie
    Daniel Aittie - 6 years ago


    You have done a good job by showing the way of how one can start an online shop. It is good you mentioned Wealthy Affiliate. It is the best place to start a business and succeed.

    But as an advice to business starters, the road to success in business is never rosy, it is always rough but if they will persist and discipline themselves they will get there.


      Jason - 6 years ago

      Thanks for sharing Daniel,

      I touched base on the work it will take and the process of starting a successful business online. Discipline and staying active with your business no matter who you are, or what your interests are will always produce the best results.

      That[‘s why I like sharing WA with people. There is a set plan in place where ANYONE can succeed online just by following the training. I am also impressed with how many people are quitting their jobs and having more freedom to live the life they want after spending just months there.

      Thanks again Daniel.

    Christian - 6 years ago

    Hey Jason. Very interesting information. I had no idea companies like Old Navy, Foot Locker and iTunes offered affiliate programs. I’m sure each company has different payout structures. I would be interested in learning more about which affiliate payout structures are the highest, and the pros and cons of each. Is this something you may write about in the future?

      Jason - 6 years ago

      Many, many top companies are offering affiliate programs, it’s really intriguing and motivating.

      It opens up so much opportunity and anyone with an internet connection can participate!

      These companies definitely do have differing payout structures for it’s affiliates. You usually can find that out prior to joining.

      As far as a listing and review for some of the more efficient and may be not so efficient affiliate programs is a wonderful idea. Thank you for asking, I will take the time to put that together be on the look out for that in the near future 🙂

      Thanks for commenting Christian

    Martha - 6 years ago

    Love your article Jason, i´ve been wanting to create an online business since long time ago, i have tried different training programs, articles, videos ,webinars, but haven’t had success yet, up until now, when i discovered Wealthy affiliate, i feel that this program will help me step by step to create an online business with success. I believe that success in general doesn’t happen over night but with hard work and discipline, it will.

      Jason - 6 years ago

      You already have the right attitude going in!

      That’s half the battle!

      WA is a learning center for building a business of your own, and anyone can participate there!

      Next you need to put ALL of the tools, trainings, and other helpful materials into action which is provided at WA and you too will have yourself a business online.

      Give it time, ask questions, and work hard. There’s no way you will fail. Good luck and feel free to contact me anytime you are in need of help.

    Derek Marshall
    Derek Marshall - 6 years ago

    Hi Jason,

    It is true that you can earn money online by affiliate marketing. I am myself an affiliate marketer. I do think that you perhaps missed out on mentioning one way of earning some coin online, by creating membership sites, however that itself you “maybe” can classify as a service.

    If there is a demand for the information, people may just be willing to pay for the information.

    I’d love to hear your thoughts on that. Setting up a site front end affiliate sales and quality information(available to everyone) back end (member area) more specific specialised information and access to (for example a forum. webinars podcasts etc etc)

      Jason - 6 years ago

      Hey Derek you are completely right. I did state however in the very first sentence there are MANY options.

      Creating a membership site could be classified as a service. In this article I wanted to focus more on affiliate marketing and not getting into selling your own products or services. Which is something to consider later.

      Affiliate marketing is a great way to begin earning online and a great introduction to the online business in general. Especially for a beginner.

      You have listed and constructed a lot of common ways in which people are providing a service online. If the service is interesting enough I suppose they will come. The main thing, as you may know already, is providing VALUE UPFRONT. For any assignment you are doing, big or small.

      Thanks for sharing Derek

    Giancarlos Gonzalez
    Giancarlos Gonzalez - 6 years ago

    Great Post Jason!
    if you let me give some opinion about, you can set the color of the subtitle of the website, is black with a black background.
    With your post, is very good how you describe affiliate marketing, I think is very clear and everyone can understand what is about.
    Another opinion: you can expand your website by posting about online programs such as forex market and stuff.
    NOTE: Would be a placer if you go to my website (EDIT) and chek it and leave comment….thank you 🙂

      Jason - 6 years ago

      Hey Giancarlos, thank you for the feedback.

      The website header is a tricky one because as you pointed out the text is dark sitting over a dark image.

      I could easily change the text to white but there is a feature in place when one scrolls up on any page, the dark image is replaced by a white header area in which case the dark text stands out.

      So I decided to leave it as is.

      As far as forex and all these “opportunities” I see online involving the stock market I tend to stay away from because I do not fully understand it (forex, stocks etc.)

      Of course I can learn and will ask around and research before I start reviewing such products. Funny thing is I get approached a lot to learn Forex but never thought the training would be worth it.

      Besides, learning forex is not really a necessity as all of my income comes from affiliate marketing. Though it would be worth looking into to review for others.

      I took the time to visit your site and see that you are just building it up. The images look great, the site is easy to navigate, and the content seems helpful.

      Keep up the good work!

      – Jason

      PS. It’s not wise to share your url within the comments of other sites (anymore). It’s usually picked up as spam and hurts any parties involved.

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