How To Make Extra Money From Home Part Time

how to make extra money from home part time

Earlier this week we shared 17 Good Ways To Make Money Online From Home.

Out of these 17 ideas, some would qualify as ways to make extra money from home part-time, while some of them were full-time gigs.

Today, we are only focusing on how to make extra money from home part-time with two very lucrative opportunities.

How To Make Extra Money From Home Part Time

These two different paths we share just below can be done right from home and are ones that many have followed in order to achieve an income while only working part-time.

Many have even gone on to turn these “side hustles” into careers and now work remotely while being able to provide for families, vacation around the world, all while doing work they love doing.

If you’re worried about having experience or being an expert to succeed at these, don’t be.

We’ll show you where you can get started today while ensuring you get the best guidance on your new path to earn more, with only putting in part-time hours.

Freelance Online

Individuals and companies alike are looking for a hand with tasks they simply don’t have time for or don’t know how to do themselves.

Enter freelancing…

This is where freelancers come in, you can think of online freelancing as virtual talent which helps others get things done.

There’s an infinite list of things freelancers can do, like getting paid to assemble someone’s furniture or taking a trip to the grocery store for somebody.

But we’re strictly going to focus on tasks that can be done online from home, in this case.

As an online freelancer, you can:

  • Translate documents to English from another language or vice versa
  • Design/develop website’s for others
  • Manage social media accounts
  • Write for others and make money, if you like to write
  • Customer service
  • Virtual assistant
  • Voice talent
  • Graphic design
  • Animation/illustration
  • Accounting
  • Game or app development
  • The list goes on…..

As you can see, you have many options when it comes to the services you can offer as a freelancer and get paid for.

You don’t need to be an expert to get started. Heck, you don’t need any experience.

However, if you’re anything like me, you’re adventurous, but you like to take on new adventures while being at least somewhat prepared.

When it comes to getting started with freelancing, I haven’t found a more helpful and reliable guide than the one created by Danny Margulies of

You can find the free guide here.

In it, Danny M. shares his experience, includes examples of students of his, and will even help you build up the confidence to do the things you need to do to get started with freelancing.

You can even begin today if you like.

Danny uses a well-known freelancer/client platform known as Upwork and helps others create a successful freelancing business within the platform. You can get a taste of what Danny has to offer in the video “How To Get a $999/hr Job On Upwork”:

Obviously, charging these kinds of rates is something you will have to build up to overtime.

The big takeaway from this is that you CAN set your own rates as a freelancer.

You can work the hours of your choosing, you take on only the tasks that interest you, and you can work as little or as often as you like.

Just one of the beautiful things about earning extra money online from home.

Which brings me to our next…

Affiliate Marketing

For the past 2+ years, affiliate marketing has been my bread and butter.

If interested, you can read more about my personal experience as an affiliate.

As an affiliate, you can earn commissions for recommending other people’s products and services – to others all over the world.

laptop with apps and services floating outside of it

There’s a never-ending list to the things you can promote.

Take Amazon for example, just about everything that you can purchase on the website as a buyer, you can sell to others as an affiliate and make a commission.

Amazon is the ‘biggest’ affiliate program out there but is just one of many. (There may be close to a million, if not more).

In order to receive these commissions, someone needs to click on your affiliate link. This link then leads visitors to the product or service you are promoting and if a purchase is made, you get paid.

You can see how this can be lucrative once you understand how to set up a website, attract visitors to that website consistently, and learn how to get those visitors interested in your different offers.

To get started with affiliate marketing, there is no better place than Wealthy Affiliate aka WA.

With WA, you can create a free account (includes 2 free websites and 10 lessons). This will give you a great sense if affiliate marketing and WA’s lessons are right for you.

They do have an option to upgrade for about $49/mo. In my experience, it’s been totally worth it as their training and services is what has allowed me to work from home for myself.

It’s where I first got started online (over 3 years ago) and have not looked back since. I still rely on WA to this day and actively use it, which means I will be able to connect with you personally and offer my experience to ensure you are on the right path.

You can join Wealthy Affiliate here.

Or learn more about this opportunity here.

Conclusion – How To Make Extra Money From Home Part Time

Regardless of which of these two lucrative opportunities you choose to go with that we’ve shared above, they both can lead to life-changing income while only working part-time.

As with any business or opportunity, hard work is what will provide the best results.

Take advantage of what the internet has to offer, and you could very well be on your way to earning extra money from home part-time.

Know of any other similar worthwhile opportunities that can be done part-time? Let us know in the comments area just below.

Can’t wait to hear what you have to share with us!

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