How To Earn A Paycheck With Affiliate Marketing

how to earn a paycheck with affiliate marketing

Welcome to Extra Paycheck Online.

Helping people understand where and how they can begin earning real money online is our focus.

However, affiliate marketing is a specialty of mine.

Over the past 3 years or so, I’ve spent thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours on affiliate marketing resources and training to learn how to earn more money using this particular business model.

Affiliate marketing is also where the majority of my income has come from for the past few years.

So you can rest assured that you are in good hands and will be learning how to earn a paycheck with affiliate marketing from an actual affiliate and someone who practices this virtually every day.

More importantly, I’ll show you where you can get started today in one of the most cost-friendly, educational affiliate marketing communities available.

How To Earn A Paycheck With Affiliate Marketing

Before earning real money by way of affiliate marketing, there are of course some steps involved that you need to do.

These steps include creating your own website, choosing a niche or topic for your business, learning how to attract visitors and more.

We go into great detail about these steps in our affiliate marketing guide if you would like to learn the full ins and outs and see some awesome examples of websites earning money.

Do I Need A Website To Start Affiliate Marketing?

A question that gets asked a lot by beginners is “Will I need a website”?

Technically, no.

You can promote items as an affiliate without a website and even experience success by using social media, email marketing or other means to put your offers in front of an audience.

However, the best practice for affiliates is and always will be, to own your website.

There are several reasons for this but I’ll share three main reasons why:

1. What if your social media account gets banned?

Whether you prefer Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or some other social media platform, you are at the mercy of these platforms as long as you are relying on them to do business.

This has its positives, but one day you could wake up to a banned account without any explanation.

I know because it happened to me on Facebook. A page that I had been running for 3+ years was suddenly “unpublished” with no explanation.extra paycheck online facebookSocial media can be a great avenue to get people to your website where you can further inform them and even funnel them to your affiliate offers.

However, just be aware that you have to play by ‘their’ rules.

2. Your own website gives you CONTROL

Not only does relying on social media put your business at risk (if you were ever banned) but you will always have a set of rules to follow.

Some of these rules may actually benefit your business while others not so much. It just depends on the platform yo are sing, not to mention, these rules can change without notice.

No such rules exist when you own your own website.

I came across a podcast that expresses the important reasons for having your own platform even further and why not to rely on other platforms which could potentially back your website into a corner.

Long story short, if you want to truly own your business, you need your own platform.

3. A place to inform your audience and build trust

People aren’t just building websites for the sake of building websites anymore.

They’re building businesses.

Affiliate marketing is just one way for online business owners can monetize their website.

Having your own website gives you a chance to build authority, a chance to bring in traffic for free (using SEO), and build trust with an audience.

Not Too Technical

Creating a website doesn’t require any special degree or technical skills.

Newbies usually don’t want to go through the “hassle” of having to put together a new website or deal with any extra costs, which is understandable.

However, I don’t think they realize how simple it actually is to put together an affiliate marketing website.

Nor do they realize how cost friendly it is considering the fact that you can spend around $100 to get started in the first year or so.

Promote What’s Relevant

Affiliates earn money by promoting other people’s products and services in exchange for a commission.

Offer a good product, and you will build trust with your website visitors

Along with affiliate marketing, there are other ways you can monetize a single website.

It’s important that you do so without getting greedy and always keeping the website visitor in mind.

Other ways to monetize a single website would include:

  • Selling your own product; like a video course
  • Display ads
  • Selling ad space
  • Sponsored posts/articles
  • and more

The goal here is to not become too cluttered with offers and promotions and to always keep the user visiting your website in mind.

Have you ever been to a website that barely loaded due to dozens of ads placed everywhere? What was your experience like?

I bet you scrambled for the exit button as quickly as possible.

These type of ‘hybrid’ websites that use several business models to earn revenue are quite common. So just know that you can use affiliate marketing along with other methods to earn a paycheck from a single website.

Millions of Products As An Affiliate

As an affiliate, you get instant access to millions of products which you can promote and earn revenue from. But remember, its best to only promote relevant, helpful items to your audience.

Finding a product to promote and an affiliate program who offers the product is usually as simple as a quick Google search.

There’s an affiliate program for just about anything. Try this yourself:

  1. Go to
  2. Type (your product) + affiliate program
  3. Browse through free to join affiliate programs

Here’s a quick example of what these steps will look like.

affiliate programs for computer chairs

While searching for one very specific product “computer chairs”, hundreds of affiliate programs popped up.

You could do this for any product you would like to promote on your website as an affiliate.

Joining an affiliate program is free 99% of the time.

You will have these oddball affiliate networks who charge for access to their products or affiliate programs but I tend to avoid these sites.

Why pay when I can promote the same products, if not better, for free?

Understanding How You Get Paid

When it comes to receiving payment as an affiliate, popular means of receiving payment include PayPal, directly to your bank account, or even by paycheck which can be mailed to an address you provide.

I’ve always gotten paid through PayPal or direct deposit into my bank account and have never had any issues when it comes to a company paying on time or with the amounts.

Not to say that this couldn’t happen as there are some bad eggs out there.

Just about everything you need to know about payments, commission percentage, and more information regarding an affiliate program can be found on their website. You should be able to access this information before joining.

If not, you can always look for contact information to the affiliate manager or contact the owners directly with any questions.

Where To Learn Affiliate Marketing

Who’s ready to learn affiliate marketing?

When it comes to learning affiliate marketing, their’s always one place that I recommend, called Wealthy Affiliate.

I’ve been a member of Wealthy Affiliate for the past 4 years and in fact, learned most of what I know about online business as a result of their training.

The best part, it now allows me to work with individuals one on one inside the community and share things I’ve learned over the years.

All the training, tools, and personal help you need are found in one place. Which makes it easy for beginners to focus on growing their business and not other things like “hosting plans”, “setting up a website”, etc.

For best results, follow the training in order and reach out whenever you need help.

You can learn more here.


Affiliate marketing has allowed me to earn an income online and work from home full-time for myself.

This didn’t occur overnight, however.

It took time and hard work to be able to see the kind of results I have. If this is something that sounds suitable to you, then be sure to get started by following the link above.

Learning how to earn a paycheck with affiliate marketing could help you pay down debt, take more vacations with the fam, invest back into your business, or whatever you would like to do!

It’s just a matter of taking action.

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    My goal for this website is to help those who are looking to make money online from the comfort of their home and to offer people an alternative to the FIXED 9-to-5 life. Whether you are looking to make full time income online or just looking to make some extra cash. I've got you covered.

    ajibola40 - 3 years ago

    Thanks for writing this article on affiliate marketing and how to get started. I must commend you for taking your time to help other people searching for how to make money online. Affiliate marketing is not for someone that want to get rich over night. It is for some one that is ready to work and learn at the same time. Because all success depends the amount of time and commitment you are willing to put into it. But it really a lucrative business,i have been doing is also for sometimes now and am  happy doing it. Thanks

      Jason - 3 years ago

      Hi ajibola,

      Glad to hear you are enjoying your experiences as an affiliate marketer. I couldn’t agree with you more and also feel that it is an excellent way for beginners to learn the ins and outs of online business as a WHOLE while earning some income in the meantime.

      It’s a truly lucrative business model to be a part of.

      How long have you been involved with affiliate marketing if you don’t mind me asking?

    Adamuts - 3 years ago

    Affiliates marketing is an online means of making money at the comfort of your home, every affiliates marketer receives commission on every work done. Affiliate marketing is a middle man between a company and the buyer.

    Affiliate marketer must have a niche and a website to promote to earn more online, the blog can also be an advertising site either text ads or banner ads. I enjoy working as an affiliate marketer. This article is really resourceful. Thanks for the insight. Best regards 

      Jason - 3 years ago

      Hi Adamuts, thanks for stopping by and sharing your knowledge on aff marketing.

      Though I don’t fully agree that “every affiliate marketer receives a commission for all work done”.

      While it’s true a lot of the work you do will work as an accumulative effort to grow your website, not every move you make or article you post will result in commission or revenue.

      Some articles will rank well in Google and resonate well with your particular audience. While others not so much.

      So while every step you take (big or small) helps grow your site, not everything you do will result in affiliate marketing income.

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