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7 Steps On How To Affiliate With Amazon Successfully!

Learning how to affiliate with amazon and becoming a part of their associates program is the easy part.

However to do so and be successful, there are important steps involved so you can avoid running into this:

As previously stated, we have terminated the Amazon Associates Program Operating Agreement with you with immediate effect. Your Associates Program account has been closed and you will not receive further payment of advertising fees. We have taken this step because you are not in compliance with the Operating Agreement that governs your participation in the Associates Program.

This is a message I received several months ago from my first “Amazon website” after making a couple of sells.

Here’s some steps I learned on choosing the right topic for your website, gaining visitors and trust, choosing which items to display from Amazon, and most certainly how to AVOID the message I received above!

The best thing about these steps is that you can apply them to any of your favorite stores or affiliate programs to make money.

You Didn’t Know?how to affiliate with amazon

Amazon isn’t the only place with an affiliate program. You can start making money with stores like Best Buy, Walmart, Target, Starbucks, Old Navy, and Footlocker just to name a few.

These popular stores all have affiliate programs and theirs THOUSANDS of them, free to join.

You may notice joining Amazon isn’t the first step… The steps given below are one’s you should follow if serious about how to affiliate with Amazon successfully…

1.  Choosing A Topic

There’s a few steps involved prior to ever becoming an affiliate with Amazon, such as having a website and choosing what your website will be about.

Remember, this is how to affiliate with amazon successfully. I’m not going to leave you a link to Amazon’s affiliate sign up page like I have seen on other sites and have you fend for yourself.

This topic for your website, better known as a niche, is your starting point and there’s limitless niches to choose from. I recommend choosing a passion or hobby of yours, seriously!

To give you an idea if you’re into Health, something along the lines of ‘weight loss for guys/men’ would be an acceptable niche.

Weight loss (alone) is too broad of a niche or topic for your website and has too much competition.

‘Weight loss for men in their 20’s’ is even better. Your niche, your audience, is narrowed down and focused on one particular group of people. It will be much easier to appeal and relate to, narrowing is always a great option.

Let’s say you’re into gaming…

Video games alone will not be a recommended niche to jump into. However ‘video game chairs’ would work better. To break this down even further into a sub-niche we could do something like ‘video game chairs with sound’.

Starting to notice a pattern here? You want to choose a topic you like or are passionate about. Break these down into sub-niches to help you better relate to a certain group of people, or item.

That’s all a niche is, a group of people looking for something…

While some people may know what their website is going to be about, other’s dont.

For further ideas on what your website will be about, you can even utilize Amazon:

Use their large database to help you narrow it down a bit into a more targeted niche.

For example, if you’re into camping and being in the great outdoors, some targeted niches within this area could be:

  • Camping furniture
  • Camping tents
  • Sleeping bags
  • GPS trackers/Two-way radios
  • Hunting knives

Each are actually doable, targeted niches in which you can successfully sell Amazon products. Starting to get the idea?

how to affiliate with amazon

​There’s seriously a lot of ideas you can come up with just by giving them a visit. Once there just hover over ‘Shop by Department’, find something that interests you, and dig a little deeper by visiting some of the subcategories.

Don’t panic if you can’t find the perfect niche… Just choose something that interests you.

2. You’re Gonna Need A Website

You could always join Amazon’s affiliate program, start grabbing links, then post and pray on Facebook and Twitter but that’s not going to earn you any money. It’s rookie stuff!

Besides if you were lucky enough to eventually gain a sell from that method, Amazon’s going to come looking for a website that you own eventually:

how to affiliate with amazon

After making your first sale with Amazon, they will do a review of your website and choose to approve it or not from there. Remember the highlighted message I shared up top?

That came after my first website was not approved by them!

Anyway, your going to need a website which will be the foundation for your new business and how you can share your chosen niche within your own space in the online world.

If you don’t have a website, you can learn to create your first website here, for free.

3. You Need An Audience

There’s no sense in sharing stuff from Amazon without any visitors (traffic) coming in.

There’s both free and paid ways of attracting visitors to your site. I tend to stick to the free way and it has worked out pretty well for me.

To do this, you need to learn a thing or two about keywords… You know the words you type into Google or Bing’s search bar… Those are considered keywords.

Learn more about keywords and how gaining visitors to your site is done:

*​Note: Video will take you inside of Wealthy Affiliate which is where I learned how to build a business online. Don’t worry, you can watch and even join for Free once inside*

how to affiliate with amazon

4. Joining Amazon

This has to be the easiest step. You can join Amazon’s affiliate program here.

Thru the initial set-up you will be asked simple questions like:

  • Name & Address
  • Your website url & what your website is about
  • What kinds of products do you plan putting on your website & other ways you monetize
  • Etc.

how to affiliate with amazon

It’s a quick process but be sure to answer honestly and appropriately to avoid any complications in the future.

After informing Amazon of some of your info and site details, you can immediately begin sharing their products onto your website(s).

Just make sure you’ve followed the previous steps above!

5. Relevancy

You have your topic and website ready to share Amazon’s products so that you can begin earning commissions. Not to mention you can share almost anything (if not all of it) found on their website.

But what should you share? Being relevant is important here!

Let’s use a previous example from above and say you chose camping furniture as your niche. You wouldn’t want to share the latest Blu-ray player on a camping website would you?

Your visitors are there to learn more and even hear some of your experiences. They want to see some of your recommendations for making camping and being outdoors more comfortable and enjoyable.

Blu-ray players, or something else unrelated, will not fit and only confuse your visitors and run them off!

6. Genuine Recommendations & Reviews

You’re going to be sharing related Amazon products on your website to REAL PEOPLE.

You’re average person doesn’t want to be completely sold to or;

Awesome Camping Tent!!!!  So Easy You Can Set It Up In Your Sleep, Then Sleep In It!!! Buy it now!!!

This can be a turn off for most.

Instead visitors are looking for honest opinions, recommendations, and even experience with the item if you have it. Just realize that it will be actual people visiting your website…

Give an honest review, list the pros and cons, and listen to what your audience (or visitors) are telling you.

That’s the way to succeed with Amazon.

You can find training on how to add product links and banners to your website within your Amazon affiliate dashboard.

7. Keep It Going

A lot of people think once they’ve added a few pages and product reviews to their site, that they’re done.


Get involved with your niche, surf the internet for recent news or related things. There’s always something to add.

To become a true authority and push your website further, keep writing and add content regularly to your website.

Review more products or offer help or insight.

For example, If you’ve made a computer-related website don’t just review computer after computer. Offer help on how to regularaly update your computer or ways to keep it running smooth!

You’re In Business!

As mentioned Amazon isn’t the only one that offers an affiliate program out there. Regardless of your niche or which items you choose to display there is an affiliate program for you.

Don’t believe me? Leave a comment below with your niche in mind and I’ll show you an affiliate program that will pay you!

With patience and consistent work, you can earn a full-time living from doing this to affiliate with amazon

If you would like further direction on how to get started and becoming an affiliate with Amazon (or any other available program!). I recommend stopping by Wealthy Affiliate.

Here you will learn the ropes from choosing the right niche for your website, the exact steps of earning money thru your website, you can connect with other successful members, and even get started with your own 2 websites, for free.


Learn More About Wealthy Affiliate Check It Out!


What would you have added to the 7 Steps On How To Affiliate With Amazon? Let us know in the comments section.


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    Maria - 6 years ago

    Hi I too got disapproved after a couple months when I first joined last year and had to requalify. Fortunately I was able to make some sales and clear up the issue they had. In my case I had entered websites that I hadn’t set up yet. So as an added caution, don’t add websites in the list that are not set up quite yet! This article includes great tips to setting up your account successfully and I fully agree with your steps!

      Jason - 6 years ago

      Hi Maria,

      Thanks or sharing some insight so others know the importance of having a website easy prior to joining Amazon’s program.

      Good to see you made a comeback as well nd didn’t give up after the first attempt, it really is a fun process and great opportunity to earn one extra cash on he internet.

      Thanks for stopping stopping by.

    alicia - 5 years ago

    Hi Jason, I appreciate the review that you did about becoming an Amazon affiliate. I recently joined WA, this is my first week, and I am enjoying it so far. I just need some advice, I have already set up my first free website but I am still putting the finishing touches on it and still going over the lessons from WA since I am a total beginner in Online Marketing. You said that you can prove that there opportunities online for whatever niche someone chooses, well I have chosen Alternative Natural Medicine for my niche because it is of personal interest to me, so do you think there is an affiliate program for me in my chosen niche? I will appreciate any tips or feedback that you can give me as a complete newbie. Thanks.

      Jason - 5 years ago

      Hi Alicia, glad to hear that you are enjoying WA thus far and congrats on the first website 🙂

      Now as far as alternative natural medicine, what I would do is narrow this down a bit by focusing on one particular area.

      For example, natural medicine for: headaches/migraines, ADHD, anxiety/depression, diabetes, insomnia, obesity, back pain, cold/flu, sleep…LOTS more to choose from here. Alternative natural medicine is a vast market and by choosing a specific area you will be able to focus on a particular audience rather than writing about natural medicine for all of the above.

      So you have the right idea with alternative natural medicine, but don’t be afraid to get more specific. By the way, there are hundreds of affiliate programs for this given niche and thousands of products you could promote regardless of which category you choose for alternative natural medicine.

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