How Do I Rank In Google – Use These Tips!

how do i rank in google

How Do I Rank In Google

So, how do I rank in Google.

Admittedly, it can be tough getting your website and content ranked into Google. A lot of people shy away from competition, my approach is different however. Essentially, you are the competitionhow do i rank in google, and can replace existing pages and earn your spot into the top Google’s rankings.

These tips were put together to help you improve and continue to rank in Google today.

Firstly, to rank in Google, you will need a website of your own.

Having your website’s content ranked will get it the most attention. Whether if you are advertising a product or service, wanting to get a message out there, or just blogging for fun.

Everyone who has a website is looking to rank in the top search engines such as Yahoo, Bing, and of course Google. Starting a website is very low-cost and proven to be one of the most common yet effective ways to earning income online.

Many are discovering how tough it actually can be to get ranked. Not only due to competing sites, but with Google changing it’s algorithm(calculates the rankings of websites) whenever it pleases, makes matters more difficult.

For Some…

Unfortunately, there is no way to decipher Google’s search engine. The exact formula is a secret. But there are a few things you can do to improve your positioning and rankings in the future!

1) Keyword Research

A keyword is the exact text a person enters in the search bar when using Google or other search engines. Depending on your niche, or what your website is about, you need to be able to find the correct keywords. A lot of niches or topics that webmasters will want to write about can be saturated. But not completely, if you can find the right keywords you can overcome:

how do i rank in google

The image above is from a keyword tool I use called Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool. Using this tool, I am able to find keywords with low competition and rank very well within Google.

Enter the keyword(s) you have currently applied to your website, along with your websites URL, and see exactly which page and position you are located within Google. They show results for Google only on Jaaxy due to it being the most popular search engine.

How Do I Rank In Google

I do a little brainstorming, and figure out which phrases or keywords are suitable for my audience and website. Above is just an example, “video game consoles”.

Let’s say my website was related to video games, a large industry already which will only continue to expand, video game consoles would be a good fit. So I enter that into Jaaxy’s search bar, and got those results.

You will notice my exact keyword “video game consoles” along with tons of related suggestions. Along side the suggestions are numbers and topics we will break down really quick!

  • Avg. The number of times that keyword is searched per month.
  • Traffic. The number of traffic you can expect to your website for that keyword if ranked on Google Page 1.
  • Quoted Search Results(QSR). Competing websites ranked in Google for that keyword.
  • Keyword Quality Indicator(KQI). Green is great, Yellow is OK, Red(I don’t even bother).
  • SEO. Score based on traffic and competition for that keyword. The greater the number the better.

You are able to see a list of related keywords, pick apart overly competitive keywords, see exactly how many times your keyword is being searched, and how much traffic you can expect for that keyword.

how do i rank in google

So based on what we learned from Jaaxy, video game consoles is out of the question. Forget about it. Now, “video game console comparison” is something I would consider. Decent traffic, and very low competition. I prefer 100 QSR or lower.

If you were wondering about the “Domains”; within Jaaxy you are able to see if the URL is available for that particular keyword. So “” is available.

What I do after finding the correct keyword related to my website is I create an article using the keyword as my title, and entering it within the first paragraph of my article.

Do not overuse your keywords throughout your articles/posts. It looks like spam to google, heck maybe even your visitors. Place your keywords appropriately.

Another important thing to consider is that your keywords Make Sense. Google will discredit you for keywords that do not make sense. You will find quality keywords out there at times that don’t. Simply avoid them and move on.

There are other keyword tools available, comment below which ones have or have not worked for you.

For me, Jaaxy has unmatched quality and is fairly simple to use. See for yourself by entering a keyword below. First 30 searches are for free.

2) Have You Submitted A Sitemap

A sitemap is a file where you can list the web pages of your site to tell Google and other search engines about the organization of your site content.

If you have not submitted a sitemap, Google search: “google search console”. From there you can learn more on how to submit a sitemap, get alerts for any issues or errors within your website, and test whether Google can successfully understand your content.

For a step-by-step walk through, click this very helpful article, from  Here you will learn how to properly verify your website and even more tips to getting better ranking using Google Search Console.

This all looks good in Google’s eyes, and worth applying.

3) Links Pointing Back At You

Hyperlinks pointing to your website also play a factor in where your site ranks. Quality links displayed on popular websites pointing back to yours, is obviously a good sign. Do not stress over this too much, especially if your site is newer.

4) Your Images!

Here’s a cool trick. Enter suitable keywords into your images in the <alt text> field.

how do i rank in google

I use Wordpress, if you do not it will look different. Enter your keyword phrase within there, but do not stuff keywords.

5) Content is King

The main thing I was taught, and is constantly addressed where I learned how to make a profitable website, is that content is king. When writing content for your website always write natural, well written, user friendly do i rank in google

You do not want to sound like a repeat of 100’s of already existing sites. This will get you no where. Instead write naturally, be yourself, and stay on topic. A strong, well-organized site will help you achieve higher rankings.

My last observation for true success online, is your content needs to address a problem, in other words be helpful. Don’t make money your main focus, treat your site and it’s visitors well and the money will follow.

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    Angel - 7 years ago

    Dear Jason,

    This was a great informative Blog Post Article which you have written. I liked the way in which you mentioned the way you can see how your Keyword is ranking had anyone used the Pro Version of the Jaaxy Program. 🙂

    I also believe that your Website is quite creative, especially the name. Content is easily laid out and organized. Plus, you made this simple and easy for any avid reader like me to understand the concepts better and faster upon reading it the first time around. 😀

    Thanks for the reminder on the Alt Text aspect as I sometimes fail in remembering to do those. 🙂

    Looking forward to reading more great Content like this from you in the days ahead. 🙂 Keep it up!

    Wishing you all the best with your online accomplishments above and beyond the horizon,


      Jason - 7 years ago

      Hello and Thank You,

      I’m glad the article was easy to follow and that you liked it.

      Same to you, I wish you great success!

    Shivaram - 7 years ago

    I read your article about ranking in Google. You have provided a detailed review about using the Jaaxy tool. This is really great. Jaaxy is a great product from my experience. There are lots of great features that Jaaxy has got which makes it easy for the user to rank high on Google. Did you choose the enterprise membership or the pro membership of Jaaxy?

      Jason - 7 years ago

      Pro membership,

      Enterprise has some great perks, but I decided I did not want to spend any more than what the Pro membership was offered at. Plus, enterprise is more based for larger companies. I am gladly at this alone!

      It has been well worth it, being able to target excellent keywords and bringing traffic to my website. Jaaxy pays for itself and more!

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