Is Guaranteed Income Machine A Scam

is guaranteed income machine a scam

Guaranteed Income Machine Short Review

Name: Guaranteed Income Machine
Owner: “Bobby”
Price: Free to join, must buy tools to participate

Summary: Guaranteed Income Machine is highly asvertised as not only a free system, but one which could earn you between “$125 – $461 a day”.

This is done by spending 10 minutes a day sending emails to people who are pretty much assigned to you. You will also receive what to say and to promote to these emails subscribers that will be “given” to you, according to “Bobby” and the Guaranteed Income Machine website.

If only earning money online were this simple!

You of course are going to need to cough up some money in order to actually use this system.

Considering all that I’ve seen on the website and within the sales video, the training wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be but I still have a hard time recommending Guaranteed Income Machine to anyone based on some of the things I see.

Recommended? Not Recommended

Guaranteed Income Machine Review

After first landing on the homepage (sales page) for Guaranteed Income Machine Review, my first thoughts were ‘Uh Oh, here we go again’.

That’s because it’s set up identical to many of the scam sites I have come across. Which ultimately is the reason why I refused to buy the tools they recommend in order to fully participate with their system.

Irrelevant News

A good majority of the scams that I have encountered all began with some sort of video on their homepage which feature some old, irrelevant news clips.

These news clips are used with the intention of somehow connecting the product, in this case Guaranteed Income Machine, with the news story being reported.

Most of the time the two are not connected in any way. Guaranteed Income Machine is no exception and right as the video rolls, you are swamped with a compilation of news clip after news clip which talks about earning money online/work from home.

Keep in mind, these news clips have nothing to do with the Guaranteed Income Machine system, not one of them.

The truth is that these videos were ‘borrowed’ from Youtube, where anyone has access to them. It is being used as an attempt to give their product validity and to gain your trust.

Don’t fall for it as the clips being shown and their product have NO relation:

is guaranteed income machine a scam

is guaranteed income machine a scam

Then there’s also this part that I would like to address which you may have noticed while on the website:

is guaranteed income machine a scam

“As Seen On: CNBC, ABC, etc.”

I guarantee that Guaranteed Income Machine has not been featured on any of these popular networks, again it’s simply a ploy to make you think their product is noteworthy.

Despite the disheartening opening act, you are able to join and register to the Guaranteed Income Machine’s member area for free. Giving you a look inside of their system and training.

“You Will Never Pay A Single Dime”

Throughout the sales video, the owner “Bobby” tells you that this system is free and that “you will never pay a single dime” on several occasions.

This is not true, at all. 

In order to use this system, there’s a separate service that you MUST buy. So much for being “completely free”.

What you are asked to purchase is a monthly subscription to either GVO or My Inbox Pro, they are both autoresponders.

(Note: An autoresponder is basically a tool which helps you automate your emails and are very commonly used.)

According to the training, you will need to complete this step for their system to work. For My Inbox Pro, you can expect to pay $27 a month for the basic service. I didn’t go for it…

The entire time for this lesson of the “training”, you are being enticed by a countdown timer, $100, and a FAKE testimony.

The countdown timer gives you 10 minutes to make a hasty decision, but if you refresh the page, it starts over to 10 minutes.

It’s a dud.

Speaking of duds, what really troubles me is the fake user testimony on the same page:

is guaranteed income machine a scam

is guaranteed income machine a scam

In this testimony, the user claims that this is the easiest system she has ever used and is on the way to making a few thousand a month just by using it.

The truth is, this Guaranteed Income Machine “user” was paid around $5 on to give a false testimony. You can see the different testimony services she offers here.

Is Anyone Reading?

Another huge part of the training is the pre-written emails, or as Bobby put it, the proven emails and offers he is going to give to you.

The 3rd lesson has a list of 20 pre-written emails for users to utilize when sending out emails to their prospective “buyers”.

I haven’t been working online for years, but I happen to know that what gets the best results is being able to provide a quality experience and being able to relate to your audience.

These ‘given emails’ don’t do any of that and frankly, they’re worded much alike the spam you and I are used to receiving in our inboxes:

is guaranteed income machine a scam

You cannot expect these kinds of emails to result in earning you up to hundreds of dollars a day, or much money at all.

Is Guaranteed Income Machine A Scam

1/ 0
Guaranteed Income Machine - Overall Rating

After gaining free access to the members area, I thought I had stumbled across something positive that I could share with you all.

A system which actually would be worth your time. I am not seeing that here….

After doing a little further investigating, it was plain to see that Guaranteed Income Machine is NOT what they try and make it out to be. Which is a system with potential of earning you up to “$461 per day”. Such a random number, lol.

Earning Online And Working From Home

You can learn and receive real training that can help you earn money online while running your own business from home.

The best part about it, YOU choose which business.

Something that interests you, something that you can look forward to working on by focusing on some of your hobbies, passions, or interests.

Earning consistent income on the internet can be done, but it never comes as easy as spending “10 minutes per day sending emails”. It requires real work and commitment to your business.

To learn more and receive the same training that took ME from no job to working ‘full time’ from my laptop. Get started below:

See My #1 Recommendation – Get Started!



Feel free to share your experiences using Guaranteed Income Machines below to help others become aware of this system 🙂


About the author


    My goal for this website is to help those who are looking to make money online from the comfort of their home and to offer people an alternative to the FIXED 9-to-5 life. Whether you are looking to make full time income online or just looking to make some extra cash. I've got you covered.

    emery - 6 years ago

    How do you get paid to go to your Paypal account

      Jason - 6 years ago

      You leave the payer/client/company with your Paypal email address. Most of my earnings are sent over Paypal and it’s worked smoothly thus far 🙂

    Tara Corbet
    Tara Corbet - 6 years ago

    I have been using the GIN system for about a month it gives me 500 new subscribers every Monday inwhich us by theory suppose to increase number of clicks I get. Well I do got 3500 subscribers supposedly but my earnings consistently go up by $4 each day and after about 30 days I’m at $ 209.00 now though it says that I have to warn at least $500 before I can cash out.Why? But as long as it pays when I hit 500 then it’s ok for virtually doing nothing but is not no 100-400 a day system.

      Jason - 6 years ago

      Hi Tara, this is very interesting and I too wonder if they will actually send you your earnings.

      $500 is a very high payout threshold, but it’s not uncommon for companies to have a payout threshold. You mention having a mailing list or “subscribers”, do you know what is being advertised in order for you to earn?

      Thanks for sharing this, do keep us posted.

    Neal - 5 years ago

    I joined last night and need help getting started.but who can I can I call,I need a

      Jason - 5 years ago

      Hi Neal, where did you join?

    Lindsay - 5 years ago

    Hi Guys,

    I just joined the GIM system and cannot access the part where you can collect your 100 dollars. I am getting really nervous now.

    Its supposed to be immediate. Is this system a scam?

    Thank you.

      Jason - 5 years ago

      Hi Lindsay,

      I do not recommend using the Guaranteed Income Machine, as stated in the review. Personally, I would do everything I could to cancel my membership with them and maybe ask for a refund.

    Tammy - 5 years ago

    Hi: I have had the system for a minute now. The system is suppose to notify me to collect my earnings. It has fail to do so. My Id is 86563 I am over the $500 Dollars amount. How can I get my money release

      Jason - 5 years ago

      Hi Tammy, you will need to try communicating with Guaranteed Income Machine on their website. This is a review for the Guaranteed Income Machine system – we do not recommend using them.

    Barbara - 5 years ago

    I have been trying for several weeks to make contact to no avail. I have also been trying to cancel my account with the autoresponder company, to no avail. STAY AWAY! Wish I had read your website before getting involved.

      Jason - 5 years ago

      Hi Barbara, thanks for the heads up.

      Since Guaranteed Income Machine and the email service provider you have shared above have given out bad contact info (not surprised), I would consider calling my credit card provider to cancel any potential recurring charges.

    Traci L Signer
    Traci L Signer - 5 years ago

    You state you would not recommend them, but also that you get your earnings deposited in your Paypal account. Hypocrite?

      Jason - 5 years ago

      You must have misconstrued one of the earlier comments in this post.

      I have never earned a single dime from, nor do I work with, the Guaranteed Income System.

      I answered the question in a general sense. I have earned by way of Paypal from other companies/merchants/opportunities.

      Guaranteed Income Machine is not recommended. You are free to join if you like.

    J. Hiramatsu
    J. Hiramatsu - 3 years ago

    This GIM seems exactly like the My Email Mentor that I joined back some years ago. The same promotion. The same lies. Telling you that you can withdraw after you earn over $500. When it comes time to make the withdrawals, they simply stop communications with you. That’s when I realized I got duped too. I earned up to $1,050 and tried to withdraw $1000 from their withdrawal page. It processed but that was it. Nothing happened. When I tried to contact the admin, they never replied. That was their reply……nothing after that. Stay away from this, it’s just a waste of time and money.

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