Get Paid For Taking A Online Survey

Get Paid For Taking A Online Survey

Get Paid For Taking A Online Survey

Taking surveys online is where I got my first taste of making money online. I found it very convenient to be able to get paid for taking an online survey from the comfort of home. I knew there was money to be made online, I just didn’t know how. So for me, online surveys was a great start.

I searched while on Google, how to get paid for take surveys, and found a few interesting sites. These sites include:

Get Paid For Taking A Online Survey

There are numerous online survey sites available. These are the ones I took the time to research, and eventually tried them out. Keep in mind; taking surveys was an introduction to making money online for me, before I started making real income online.

Feel free to comment below some of the survey websites you use to earn money online.

How To Get Started

All reliable online surveys are free. I have never paid to take surveys, nor should you.  They are paying you for your time.

The only requirements are to provide some personal information about yourself. Such as your name, gender, ethnicity, email, address, employment status, etc. The reason they ask for this personal information and certain demographics is to see which better survey suits you, their website, and their sponsors.

The whole getting started process is simple. Find an interesting online survey website or company, do a little research, and be prepared to fill out a form giving your information. I never had any issues with any of the sites above as far as giving out personal info. Just be willing to spend some time taking these surveys in order to get paid.

Not in the mood to fill out long forms? Don’t want to spend a lot of time flipping through dull questions? Click this article, for a chance to start an online business for free.

What Will I Be Doing & How Will I Be Paid?

Simply enough you will be answering questions for market research study, and get paid as a result. Questions such as, “Do you purchase small appliances in-store or online?”, can be expected just to give a small example.

Let’s take a look inside of two of the websites I mentioned above to give you a quick illustration.

Get Paid For Taking A Online Survey

After setting up and creating your own account, this is your “homepage” at To get started, you simply select the “Start Now!” button for one of the given surveys.

You can’t see it in the image, but there is also one more section of surveys  entitled “Lifestyle Surveys”. There you can choose “what you drive”, “your finances”, “your lifestyle” surveys. Which just adds variety to the types of surveys you can do.

It’s all about earning points, you complete surveys to earn points, or refer friends to earn points using

To get a better idea on how long it will take to earn money and how you will be paid, have a look below at another image from

Get Paid For Taking A Online Survey

This particular survey took me 5 minutes to complete. And as you can see I received 20 points for my efforts.

With 1100 points = $10.

Don’t worry i’ll make it easy and do the math. At this rate, in three hours time, I can recieve 1200 points which amounts to just over $10. Time consuming I know, but stay with me.

When it’s time to cashout, you may do so by PayPal, redeem your profit for gift cards. Even switch your points for prizes within, such as a $25 E-Certificate for CVS, claim for 2700 points. Just one to name one.

Again, don’t expect to make tons of money taking online survey’s. For me it opened the gate to better opportunities online.

What Is Swagbucks For

Swagbucks is an online rewards and cashback program. Also, free to join.

Swagbucks has a more modern feel to it instantly, it also offers more ways to earn points or “swagbucks”. You may earn swagbucks by inviting friends, searching the web using their own personal search engine, watching videos, playing games, shopping, and yes, taking surveys.

There are more ways to earn, but those are the easy methods I use, and you may use already in your daily internet affairs. Except now, you can be paid for your efforts.

Get Paid For Taking A Online Survey

How much swag bucks you earn depends on what activities you participate in. You can earn 1SB(swagbuck) just for watching a short video. Shopping online is a great way to earn SB, for example, for every $1 you spend using you could earn up to 4SB. Take a survey you can earn 80SB, sometimes more, sometimes less.
(Above are just a few examples I notices while using on that day, all offers are subject to change)

Get Paid For Taking A Online Survey

100 Swagbucks = $1 dollar

Earn enough swagbucks and you may redeem payment through PayPal or redeem exciting gift cards. Gift cards are for stores including but not limited to; GameStop, Walmart, Kohl’s, BestBuy, to name a few. has an exciting concept on ways to earn points that will eventually lead to cash in your hand.

The fastest way to earn seems to be using the online shopping feature through Swagbucks, which will earn you swagbucks for money you spend at participating stores.

Final Thought On Online Surveys

They can be time consuming, and have very little reward for your time. Again, taking surveys online helped me realize making money online is possible. Which eventually lead to bigger and better things for me, such as being able to work from home.

Feel free to try out any of the survey taking websites I mentioned above. Or have a look on your own. Always be sure to do research before jumping into any online service, company, or product.

Click here to learn more on my #1 Recommendation to making money online.

Make the Rest of your life, the Best of your life. Enjoy.


About the author


    My goal for this website is to help those who are looking to make money online from the comfort of their home and to offer people an alternative to the FIXED 9-to-5 life. Whether you are looking to make full time income online or just looking to make some extra cash. I've got you covered.

  • JasonLoes says:

    Hi Jason, I have get paid for taking online surveys. As a matter of fact, I have been taking surveys for some time in the past. I did surveys on Quassa, on Euroclix and others.

    When you have time, and like to give your opinion, this can certainly be rewarding. You just have to take up quite a few, to make some real money outof it. And that’s the only reason I did not go through with it.
    They payments where from €0,75 to €2,00 a piece.

    A little calculation will tell that, when you want to earn about 100 bucks a week, you have to fill in an average of 20 surveys a day. To come to this amount, you need to sign up for 20 different companies who are sending out these surveys.

    So this is something for people who have plenty of time and like to do this all day, and everyday.

    And there surely will be people like that around:) and I wish them a lot of fun and success helping out companies with their opinions:) because opinions are very valuable for the economic market.


    • JasonJason says:

      Very true, it’s not the most rewarding way to go about making money online. At the same time, not everyone is looking to make a living online, maybe just a few dollars on the side. This is where surveys could come in handy.

      Again, it can be very time consuming, that’s when I decided to look for alternative ways to make money online. Thankfully, I found a way that has.

      Thanks for commenting, Enjoy.

  • JasonKush1000 says:

    Hey, you created a nice page and post about online surveys. It was a first money making strategy for me too, years back…but ther was not much money involved, so i stopped doing that.
    You explain nicely and in detail, article is easily readable. I like it, i wish you success.

    • JasonJason says:

      Thank you, I appreciate that.

      Yeah there’s not a lot of money to be made going through surveys. Very time consuming as well.

      But it opened the gates for me to better things. It showed me you can receive money online, right at home, from your computer.

      Now I get to work from home as a result of doing research, and working hard. It’s truly bliss.

      Thanks for commenting

  • JasonDeidre says:

    Hi Jason,
    I really like this review regarding taking surveys as a way to make some money online. I also started out making money online with surveys using Swagbucks and websites. I made a few dollars, but I soon lost interest altogether because I got tired of being rejected. The most common reasons were probably because I am not married and do not have children. Most of the surveys these sites and others I have joined seem to be targeting either mothers with kids under 18 or married couples. What is your opinion regarding this?

    The one survey site I do visit regularly is I like this site because in addition to taking surveys, they pay you to read emails, watch videos, and play games (on another related site). Have you visited Inbox Dollars? If so, what is your opinion?

    Once again, great post; thanks for pointing out how much “spare change” a person can make with surveys.

    • JasonJason says:

      I have visited inbox dollars! I like the site and plan on doing a review on it.

      It is not uncommon to be rejected. Certain surveys are reaching out to certain demographics. I know there have been many that have caught my eye( higher pay than normal) and I too was rejected. It can be a frustrating process. To be honest, that is what pushed me away to find other ways to earn some real money online as stated above.

      I now spend the time working on my own websites. And in my short lived “online career” I have seen impressive results, which seems to only be improving. You should try it out for yourself!

      Thanks for visiting Deidre and leaving a comment!

  • JasonJP says:

    Hi Jason,

    Thanks for this page. I have always wondered about taking online surveys. Your article has helped me no end. I for sure will not be paying any survey company. I always thought that was a bit dodgy and I am off now to sign up with the ones you have recommended!

  • Jasonrufat says:

    Great article about online survey sites. I like your very realistic review and being honest with your readers. There are so many people that are scammed every day by the people that take advantage of online survey opportunities in order to mislead people. I totally agree with you that no one should pay for getting access to online survey companies though very often we come across programs that try to sell this info to people. All reliable and legit online surveys companies are free to join. The only thing that I don’t like about online surveys is that it’s very time consuming with little money reward and that’s why I never join online surveys. I prefer working on my website and make dollars instead of pennies.

    • JasonJason says:

      Well said rufat,

      You can make money using survey sites and there are some legit ones. My whole point is that you cannot make very much using these survey sites, even if you dedicate many hours into taking surveys or participating in other offers for these sites.

      Like you, I would rather spend time working on my website which has proven to make more money. It’s not all about the money. But I chose to work online from home to be able to enjoy the freedom of working on my own schedule and spending more time with my two daughters. Mission accomplished, and I owe it all to what I learned at Wealthy Affiliate.

      Thanks for commenting rufat.

  • JasonJohn Rico says:

    Hi there! Is taking surveys really worth it? Actually I heard that some survey sites are just scam that wants your information and doesn’t give you any payout. Right now I am really searching for a legit online job that can earn some extra cash. But I don’t want to fall into scams again. I will really appreciate your thoughts about my concern. Thanks!

    • JasonJason says:

      Hey John, Yes there are many scams online, some claim they will pay you to take surveys and never do, some ask you to pay money upfront and you can get access to X amount of surveys that pay out X amount of dollars daily, but never deliver, and so on and so on.

      There are some trustworthy survey sites out there which will pay you for taking the time to complete surveys. To answer your question I do not feel the payout is worth the time you have to put in while dealing with these survey sites.

      A great way to start earning substantial income online is by starting your own business. You will not make money automatically or overnight, it takes time building up a business online just like it would offline.

      A great place to learn how to start your own business would be by using Wealthy Affiliate. It is an online learning center for building businesses, you will have the support of a community, easy to follow training, my personal help, your own websites, and tools you need to succeed and earn money online.

  • JasonSheila says:

    Hi Jason,

    I’ve been doing surveys online over the past 6 months here and there when I have some time to kill. I use inbox dollars, ipoll and survey savvy. I find that survey savvy pays the best for your time while the other two are hit and miss. This is not a good way to make money I know and my time is better spent writing articles for my blog but I do this occasionally when I am in a line or waiting room to earn a little money on the side.

    • JasonJason says:

      I’ve heard of those programs, haven’t got around to trying them myself.

      I see your point however and did not think of that. It could be a good use of time to take some surveys while in a waiting room, flight layover, or doing something else where you have time to kill.

      I know some people who are able to put use to certain survey sites and earn an ok amount of side money for the holidays, pay bills, etc.

      Thanks for pointing that out. I guess my whole point is that you could make better use of your time by learning how to build a business online, opposed to spending too much time taking surveys.

      I like referring WA to people because it’s where I got my start in the online business world. And ANY one can participate 🙂

      Thanks for commenting Sheila

  • JasonRay says:

    Hi Jason,

    Thanks for the great article, I’ve done a survey and tried to earn some money in the past but forgot about it, then I just didn’t carry on. It makes me realise that you need to carry on steadily, because I believe every spare cash counts! I’ll sty MySurvey and Swaybacks. Your page is very informative with lots of images, it’s really easy to understand. Thanks!


    • JasonJason says:

      Thank you for the compliments Ray

      Yes taking surveys, within the right sites, can add up to some nice change overtime and if you are participating day after day or whenever surveys are available.

      Thanks for visiting, enjoy!

  • JasonAndrew says:

    Hey there. Thanks for providing this useful information on survey sites. I have heard a lot of mixed reviews about these kinds of sites and so have never gotten involved. In my search for ways to make money online I have heard of Swagbucks a few times and the reviews have sometimes been quite poor. I know the aim here is to keep on doing surveys and keep building up the points, but the payment for the time spent seems really low. Or am I missing something?

    • JasonJason says:

      You’re spot on if you ask me, Andrew.

      In my opinion the pay is poor compared to the time spent in taking surveys.

      As opposed to all the other false opportunities floating around on the internet, survey sites have been around for a LONG time.

      The only positive I can say is that there are some legitimate sites that actually pay in money/other rewards and you will receive some incentive for work on your behalf.

      Another thing is people enjoy them because they are fairly simple to do, don’t require much focus, and convenient. You could knock a couple of surveys out while in a waiting room for example.

      I don’t touch them anymore. There are more lucrative ways to earning and spending your time online.

      Thanks for sharing Andrew

  • JasonAlexey says:

    Hi its Alexey,
    I am familiar with this type of business, which of course has its own advantages and disadvantages. I know a one called PaidSurveysAtHome.
    Its cool that you have na opportunity to answer to a few questions, or in other words give your opinion and get paid on that. Not some serious money, but still when it adds up it can be an extra hundre bucks.

    • JasonJason says:

      Thanks for sharing Alexey, I have yet to heard of Paid Surveys At Home til now.

      Another potential survey site, that’s good news for anyone interested in doing surveys. I will take the time to look it up!

  • JasonJP says:

    Good stuff bro. I remember getting into the online world a few years ago and there were so many scams and stuff going around the web, I didn’t know what to think. But I like how in your post you give it straight.. Surveys are a great way to make some money that could lead to better things like earning commissions online through affiliate programs. Keep up the good work!

    • JasonJason says:

      Hey JP,

      Yeah that was pretty much my introduction to making money online.

      Started out taking surveys, not too long, but still was able to earn a little something. That was all the proof I needed.

      I searched for different opportunities and legit ways to earning money online for beginners. That’s when I stumbled across affiliate marketing, I have been earning money online in this business, I find it simple enough for anyone to do, and fairly cheap to get started!

      Everything I learned about affiliate marketing came in thanks to WA. I started there close to 8 months ago and still learn and work there everyday!

      Thanks for stopping by JP.

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