Financial Health Reset Review – Is It A Scam?

financial health reset review

Financial Health Reset Quick Review

Name: Financial Health Reset
Owner: Karen Evans
Price: $97

Summary: In short, Financial Health Reset is part of an ongoing scam known as the link posting scam.

They claim to provide its customers with an opportunity to work from home and earn thousands of dollars while having it “deposited directly into your bank account each and every week”.

I honestly thought I was done reviewing this very product, as this is nothing new and I have done similar ones in the past, but in the case of Financial Health Reset – it was too hard to resist.

They do a very good job tapping into people’s emotions, (American’s in particular), by attempting to exploit the recent election and economic “issues” in a false news report.

Financial Health Reset is not here to help you earn a living from home, they are wrongfully taking money from people.

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Recommended? No.

Financial Health Reset Review

Above I mention already reviewing this product in the past on this website. Here is what I meant:

financial health reset review

financial health reset review

financial health reset review

financial health reset review

financial health reset review

financial health reset review

Financial Health Reset is not a new system, it’s a recycled scam. As with these other similar sites you see above, they all offer the same “opportunity” and are completely identical. Right down to the sales page.

This should raise concern.

The only thing new with Financial Health Reset is the promotion they have in place leading up to its sales page.

This Is Not From Forbes

The promotion page that they have in place appears to be from the Forbes website, which is not the case:

financial health reset review

They try their best to imitate the Forbes website and even place what looks to be the domain name into their web address. Really it’s just some weird extension of domain name with the URL ending in ‘.tech’ and not ‘.com’.

In other words, this is not related to in anyway:

financial health reset review

The article was filled with strong statements such as “massive unemployment”, “millions of jobs lost” in light of the recent election. And “regular people are making millions per month”, “earn more than you need and survive the coming global chaos” in reference to their system.

And “regular people are making millions per month”, “earn more than you need and survive the coming global chaos” in reference to their system.

Keep in mind, this entire news article is completely made up and not really coming from “Mark Cuban” or the Forbes website. The plan here is to frazzle the readers (with a fake news site) and get them over to Financial Health Reset to take action.

Not to mention, ANYWHERE that you click on this dummy news site, it takes you directly to the Financial Health Reset’s sign up/sales page. Which is also very strange.

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The Sales Page

It’s the exact same sales page as all of the other scams shown above, the only thing that changes is the website’s “owner” and the name of the program.

financial health reset review

financial health reset review

On the left, we have a “Karen Evans” for Financial Health Reset. While on the right the owner, with the same exact sales page, is a “Cami White” for Home Cash Code.

What They Tell You VS. What You’re Getting

You’re told you can make an “easy and proven $379 per day working part-time from home. How awesome would that be for just 60 minutes a day?

You’re also told you need the Wealth Development Certification Program, which is the training that will help you reach this status and is what costs the $97 Financial Health Reset is asking for.

Here’s what you can really expect.

After your initial purchase of $97, you can expect upsells.

You’re told you will get a “free one-on-one consultation with an internet wealth expert”. Well historically, these ‘training phone calls’ can result in sales pitches’ for higher level programs (programs you don’t need but will cost you more), and for things such as website traffic generators, and more.

You can expect zero to little customer service or any kind of support (after the sales “training call”).

You can expect to be asked to spam popular social media and blog websites in an attempt to get your links noticed.

You can expect training much more confusing and difficult than described.

You can expect (whoever is behind Financial Health Reset), to farm out your number and/or email information to false “work from home” companies.

You will be lucky to get your money back if you earn any at all.

Is Financial Health Reset A Scam

1/ 0
Financial Health Reset - Overall Rating

There’s an untold amount of programs which promise to teach people how to run an independent business online, from the comfort of home. It is my opinion that Financial Health Reset will not offer such training, and does not have your best interest in mind.

Due to the many red flags which have been shared above, I do not recommend using Financial Health Reset.

Could you make money using their system?

Yes, possibly. But being asked to post random links on social media sites or other popular websites is not only annoying, but it’s considered spam.

These links are easily detected by software and 9 times out of 10, your link will not be approved. On top of that, I can only wonder where these links are leading people to? Financial Health Reset? Another fake news site? One of the many duplicates of FHR?

The risk is definitely not worth the reward here.

If you’re interested in learning how to start your own business from home and establishing yourself within the online space the right way, then I suggest you check out my top recommendation, Wealthy Affiliate.

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