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fb cash system review

FB Cash System Summary

Name: FB Cash System or FB Freedom System
Website: www.fbcashsystem.com
Owner: Jonathan Crisper
Price: $47

Summary: Make no mistake, FB Cash System or FB Freedom System, has no relation to Facebook.com.

Instead, FB Cash System leads people on by telling them they will earn a free $500 just for watching a pair of videos, they can earn over $300 a day by working an hour a day, and that it’s super easy to do.

Obviously, not of the above is true. Learn more about this system in our full review below.

Recommended? Definitely not.

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FB Cash System Review

I’ve been getting daily (spam) emails over the last few weeks regarding this system.

I doubt that I am the only one receiving these emails so I thought, what the heck, I might as well offer a review on this program to see if it is beneficial to others or not.

Here’s what we found when it comes to the FB Cash System…

An Odd Description

The entire story of how this system came about seemed odd.

Or am I the only one?

The narrator who dubs himself as “Jonathan Crisper” and claims to have been struggling to make ends meet as a restaurant cook before starting the FB Cash System.

He also shares that by eavesdropping on Mark Zuckerburg and Bill Gates who just so happened to be sitting feet away from him at the restaurant which he worked at, is how he came up with this system.


He says that by listening to their conversation, he was able to come up with ways to exploit loopholes or “weaknesses” within Facebook’s system.

This is obviously quite the story. Fortunately, it’s just that, a story and not true.

I pointed the story out to say this – it’s tough trusting these money making systems online.

Fortunately, there are some really good platforms that will teach you how to work from home.

On the other hand, it’s hard to trust someone who is clearly making up such a story.

How Do You Earn?

Also, not once are we shown or told what type of work is involved in order to actually make money with this system.

Not the slightest demonstration.

You are told over and over again how great life will be after swiping your credit card for $47, but that’s about as much ‘detail’ as you are given.

Not to mention, the whole time you are strung along with this bogus $500 incentive just for watching a pair of sales video.

The $500 Incentive

The $500 promise is hard to miss as they mention it about 50 times during the sales video.

In order to actually receive the $500 guarantee, there is a series of steps that you must complete.

One of these steps includes a larger investment of a couple $1,000.

Starting to make sense now?

You will not qualify for the “free” $500 if you don’t fully participate in each of these steps. So in essence, you will need to spend about 4x the amount you are guaranteed to receive back if you decide this system is not for you.

“Personal Coach”

This is also where the personal coach, as mentioned on the FB Cash System website, steps in.

It is not his job to ensure that you have the best experience and to personally ensure your success.

The personal coach is there to close the deal.

He or she is there to get on the phone with you to get an idea of how much income you currently make and also to see how much more you are willing to invest in this system.

Their role is to urge you to complete all of the steps mentioned above – potentially costing you thousands of dollars.


It wouldn’t be a sales video without social proof.

Unfortunately, this is another area where FB Cash System falls short.

Did you know that you can hire people to vouch for your product for a small fee, no matter the quality of that product?

That’s what FB Cash System did by using the promotional and brand video section over at Fiverr.com:

I have nothing against Fiverr, but this particular service allows places like FB Cash System to trick people into thinking their product actually will benefit them.

It’s safe to say that any of the “testimonies” found on their website can be discarded as they were all given by “actors”.

Other Things To Be Aware Of

It’s always best to take the time to do some research before getting involved with and investing in a company.

If you’ve made it this far, you’re one of those people who like to do such thorough research and in this case, it saved you some money.

You have the potential to go far online, seriously!

Other things to be aware of when looking for ways to make money online are websites claiming:

  • “You will earn lots of money working less than an hour a day”
  • “This push button system does all of the work for you”
  • “Earn X amount of money on autopilot”

All of the ‘lingo’ above came directly from the FB Cash System website. It’s not unusual for me to come across such language when reviewing ‘scammy’ websites.

It almost never fails.

Working From Home

The truth is building something such as an online business does take hard work.

If you can only spend an hour a day working on a side business, then so be it. You can get plenty done within an hours time just don’t expect a quick, large return of $3,000, or whatever, overnight.

This is something you build up to.

In order to make $3,000, you first need to make $300 online.

I’m using $3,000 as an example from the FB Cash System website but it doesn’t stop there. There are plenty of online business owners earning 6 and 7 figures.

Not sure what kind of business you can start from home? Check out our 6 Best Options here.

Is FB Cash System A Scam?

1/ 0
FB Cash System - Overall Rating

If you think that you can make between $500 and $3,000 per day “messing around on Facebook and other social media”, then this might be the right system for you.

However, based on all the findings in the review above, we do not recommend the FB Cash System.

There are MUCH better ways to go about learning how to earn an income from home.

Do us a favor and share your experiences using FB Cash System below. Your input goes a long way and may help the next visitor in making their decision. Thanks 🙂



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    Russell - 5 years ago

    Good info! Just googled info about fb cash sytems and came across your review. Thanks for taking the time to review their site. You never know who to trust and it takes forever to sift through all the garbage websites and emails that make outrageous claims. Keep up the good work.

      Jason - 5 years ago

      I appreciate that Russell and am glad you found our FB Cash System review to be of some help.

      Have a nice day.

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