Is Fast Cash From Home A Scam?

is fast cash from home a scam

Is Fast Cash From Home a scam?

I actually bought Fast Cash From Home a couple months ago, sort of.

The only difference is at the time I bought it, it went by a completely different name – Income From Home Academy.

Truth is there are honest places online that will teach you how to earn money from home, then there’s products like “Fast Cash From Home”.


Product Name: Fast Cash From Home

Product Owner: Jennifer Becker

Price: $4.97, $77 3 days later, then $58/month


Is Fast Cash From Home A Scam?

I would like to first consider the pricing structure, which some of you may have noticed above or on the Fast Cash From Home website itself:

is fast cash from home a scam

According to the fine print, 3 days later you will be charged a hefty $77 and then 30 days later another $58 for each month until you cancel.

So what was being HEAVILY advertised as a $4.97 investment, is actually going to cost you $719.97 within the first year.

Obviously they want people to rely on spending that inital $4.97, and then once the additional charges kick in is where they really see a profit.

Is It Worth The Price?

There are products out there which do cost more, but the training, expertise, and actual results by actual users make them worth the price.

Fast Cash From Home is NOT worth the $4.97, let alone the tacked on monthly fees.

Remember when I told you I bought a very similar system just 2 months ago? Here’s what I got from that experience:

is fast cash from home a scam

As soon as you buy you are greeted by up sell after up sell. They claim you won’t have a chance unless you spend an extra $40 on this and that, and to become a “VIP member”.

No thanks.

They wanted more money right off the bat, I had no clue what I had bought until fighting through all of the “must have” sales pages.

And then finally…

Here’s what you get for your investment:

is fast cash from home a scam

The Whole Thing Is A Dud.

Yes, their is an actual members area with training – to my surprise. But in it was no need-to-know information.

To sum it up, there is no clear-cut path to making money online by following it. It’s evident they do not have anyone who buys the program’s best interest in mind.

What they are doing, likely due to the fact many people catch on to them quickly, is changing the name of their product around – and from there copying and pasting the same sales pitch and pretty much website over and over again.

Making it look like a fresh opportunity. But it’s not.

Here’s an example of what I mean:

is fast cash from home a scam

is fast cash from home a scam

is fast cash from home a scam

From left to right: Fast Cash From Home, Earn At Home Club, Income From Home Academy

All three sites are nearly identical in the homepage, sales page/pitch, the pricing, and even say the same thing: “Want to make $397 a day? All you need is a computer and internet connection!”

This makes me 99% confident that each of these products are related.

Proof of copy and paste, I found this on the Fast Cash From Home website:

is fast cash from home a scam


My point is, all of these systems are tied together. The person(s) behind them then lazily rename the program and then copy and paste the same “script” onto another site.

I’ve already bought the “Income From Home Academy”, and you can see how that turned out for me here.

Things To Watch Out For

Here’s a few things you can look out for when coming across get rich quick schemes like these:

is fast cash from home a scam

Old, photoshopped paycheck copies, from the year 2013!

The fake testimonies:

is fast cash from home a scam

is fast cash from home a scam

is fast cash from home a scam

is fast cash from home a scam

Both of the comments on the left are allegedly “VIP member” testimonies for the Fast Cash From Home service. But as you notice these images can be found around the web. They were likely purchased then added to the website along with the made up testimony.

Also, you may have noticed the 5-minute countdown timer on both the sales page and the actual checkout page.

Just let it hit 0:00….

Never feel rushed into making a purchase online of any sort. Fast Cash From Home claims “There Are Only 8 Spots Available” but the truth is every time you visit one of these websites, the same message will be there with 8 remaining spots.

I’ve come to learn it’s OK to take your time and understand exactly what it is you are buying. If you feel pressured or uncertain, it’s probably not for you.

So, why did I choose to share all of this with you?

To help you avoid spending on a lousy product like this:

is fast cash from home a scam

is fast cash from home a scam

I’ve actually purchased the one on the right (both are pretty much the same), and went thru the unpleasant experience of bargaining to get my money back.


1/ 0
Fast Cash From Home - Overall Rating

Fast Cash From Home does provide some training, you can find this after about 7+ sales pages that you will encounter after buying it.

The training greatly contradicts itself however.

For instance, the first section of the training tells you how you can earn money without a website by strictly using social media sites like Facebook.

A few courses later you are being instructed on how to setup up your own website via Wordpress. The training is all over the place and very unreliable.

How To Earn Online

While it’s true that all you need to earn online is a computer and internet connection, there are programs out there designed to help you get started and will teach you the ropes.

Of course you can learn on your own, but it could take several years of trying to figure it out. I like to recommend programs that will save you time, energy, money, and a whole lot of questions.

Check out my top recommendation, that will teach you how to get started with your own online business. You can get help deciding on what kind of business to start, understanding a popular method to making money online, how to attract visitors, and even start building your own website – for free.

Again, you probably can learn to do all of this on your own in time… But why haven’t you learned yet? Click below to get started with proper help, that you could use:


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    Geoff - 6 years ago

    Hello Jason, and thanks for the heads up on the current scam over at fast cash from home. The very idea of fast cash always sets off alarms for me.

    It’s also a big deterrent any time a company with this kind of service won’t let you try it first. Even a charge of $4.97 gives a small amount of my hard earned money to a company I’m not familiar with (at least not until your review). It also provides them with my credit card info. Not good!

    Sites like yours that reveal these rip offs are always welcome in my opinion. I’ll be sure to stay away from this one, and be on the lookout for the next time they change the product name. Thanks again. Geoff.

      Jason - 6 years ago

      You’re welcome Geoff, and excellent point.

      Even though it only costs $4.97 to join (initially), they will have your credit card information on file. Something I didn’t consider when buying Income From Home Academy.

      Fortunately, I cancelled within the first 24hrs, and even with that their “support” gave me a hard time.

      I don’t mind reviewing these products and helping others steer clear from false promises.

      It’s my pleasure!

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