Earning Extra Money At Home – In 2015

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Earning Extra Money At Home

I started off my search to earning extra money at home simply to save up for a new laptop, little did I know this would turn into a full-blown business.

My older Dell laptop model wasn’t completely ruined or tarnished, it had a minor nagging problems though, that I couldn’t stand. And the fact it was a bit out-dated, I figured why not upgrade. So I set out for ways to earn money online using the “naggy” laptop so that I could purchase a new one.earning extra money at home

I only used my laptop for social media, reading the news, sometimes shopping, all the norm I guess. The problems it had is that it would restart automatically and randomly, and never establish a good wireless connection. Though the router seemed to work perfect with all the other in-home devices.

What good is a laptop if it can’t connect to wireless internet? I thought. Anyway, it was time to get a new one, and boy o’ boy were there some nice looking ones over at Dell.com. But not within my budget, so here’s where it gets interesting.

How my search to save up for a laptop, turned into a online business.

I hopped on Google, after another bout of getting a stable connection, and searched best ways to earn extra money at home. I came across numerous of promising looking sites. All claiming they will earn me $1000’s in a week. Pretty convincing too.

If you have ever searched making money online, you know exactly what I am talking about.

I now know that they are scams. Fortunately, I didn’t bite and sign up and pay these crooks who get rich off of false advertising to people like you and I. Primary reason I didn’t sign up because that too, wasn’t in the budget.


Eventually I came across other honest sites, and was able to sign up for free and make a little money. These sites were for taking surveys online.

Notice how I mention a little money, and using little as an adjective in this case is being modest. I was signed up for over 4 survey taking websites, and didn’t make over $40 in 2 weeks. This was too time consuming, and not helping me purchase that new Dell Inspiron 15.

I didn’t get discouraged, I kept searching. And eventually found something that has changed my life, and many other lives as well.

I’m not going to list different ways and methods where you could potentially make money online. Instead I am going to show you what has worked for me in 2015, and will continue to work years and years to come.

A great and current way for earning extra money at home right now, is through affiliate marketing.earning extra money at home

Do not let that intimidate you as it did me in the beginning. I’ve went through a lot of training, and put the time and effort in online, and now I am a work at home Dad, which has been bliss.

To simplify what affiliate marketing is; You “sell” real products or services to real customers, and never have to ship a single thing.

How Is This Done

  • Choose an interest; Known as a niche
  • Create a website
  • Attract visitors
  • Earn commissions

You can gain 2 free websites, 1-on-1 support, and the first training course with a starter account for free.

I had zero experience in making money online, to having my own online business in months. Granted, it took work and effort on my end but it turned out to be more then worth it.

I had and continue to get massive help from an online community at Wealthy Affiliate. I have to give all my achievements and success this far credit to Wealthy Affiliate. I learned how to create a profitable website by following the training such as the one Here.

My Advice To Youearning extra money at home

If serious about earning extra money at home, visit Wealthy Affiliate. Receive your 2 websites, spend an hour a day following the training, and ask as many questions as you can to the many experienced members who are always around to help.

It is completely free with a Starter account. I pay $47 monthly to get access to all the training and tools Wealthy Affiliate has to offer. The training alone is worth way more then the $47. But you will not need to spend a dime unless you feel it is right for you. I will be there to greet and help you out personally.

Learn more about it in this Wealthy Affiliate Review. Enjoy.


“Make the Rest of your life, the Best of your life”

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