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digital millionaire secret a scam

Digital Millionaire Secret Summary

Name: Digital Millionaire Secret
Owner: Unknown (Leads you to Digital Altitude which is owned by Michael Force)
Price: $37 (monthly) – $19,997

Summary: In case you missed it, Digital Millionaire Secret is not what you are really buying.

What’s being sold on the Digital Millionaire Secret’s website is a product known as Digital Altitude – Aspire.

Recommended? No.

Digital Millionaire Secret Review

The reason I chose not to purchase Digital Millionaire Secret and even went as far as saying that I do not recommend it, is because I’ve experienced similar funnels before.

With this one in particular, they do a lot of ‘hype’ within the sales video and only focus on how much money you could be making and how wonderful your life will be.after spending $37 investing in their system.

All you have to do is invest $37 in their system.

This is not true. I’ll show you why below.

Digital Millionaire Secret doesn’t exist. There is no such system.

Digital Millionaire Secret is a website that was designed to do one thing – funnel you to a program known as Digital Altitude – Aspire.

Digital Altitude is the system that you will really end up with.

What You’re Really Buying

Should you decide to follow through on Digital Millionaire Secret’s offer, you will soon realize that you are buying something known as Digital Altitude.

The fact that this wasn’t mentioned once during the lengthy sales video troubles me. But, they did sneak in a picture of the product Aspire which comes from Digital Altitude.

But, they did manage to briefly display a picture of the product, Aspire somewhere within the video.

Nonetheless, it would be nice if the person(s) behind Digital Millionaire Secret were upfront about the product, explained more details on the work involved to actually see results (and not just pitch how wonderful life could be), and told the truth about all the upsells that come with Digital Altitude.

$1 Trial Could End Up Costing You $1000’s

Normally, you could join Digital Altitude for a $1 trial. (I think it’s about a 14-day trial).

The trial is a limited entry point into their system, understandably, and the next level of “membership” within Digital Altitude is a product known as Aspire.

Aspire costs $37 per month. This also happens to be what you end up with if you decide to join Digital Millionaire Secret.

The “membership” fees don’t stop there. Let’s have a look at some of the other products from Digital Altitude:

  • $1 for a 14-day
  • Aspire – At the end of the trial, you will be billed $37 each month.
  • Hiker – is $67 a month.
  • Hiker, plus Climber – $127 a month.
  • Base – one-time fee of $397.
  • Rise – is a one-time fee of $1497
  • Ascend – one-time fee of $6,997
  • Peak – one-time fee of $11,997
  • Finally, Apex – one-time fee of $19,997

This Is Their “Secret”

This must of been the secret from Digital Millionaire’s website. Upsell after upsell.

Again, no mention of this in the lengthy sales video. Which is just one reason why we do not recommend this.

Now, the big question.

Could you make money using this system?

Short answer: Yes.

Realistically, however, the idea behind this system is to get you to invest A LOT of money.

If you remember there being mention of a one-on-one call with some sort of “expert coach”, just realize that the job of this coach is to get you to buy as high a level into the program as they can. (Preferably, Apex).

The higher tier or level you are within the program, the more you earn by referring people to this exact program.

If you are a lower tier and someone you refer decides to purchase a tier higher than you, then to my understanding you will miss out on a lot of money.

Current Earnings

On the Digital Millionaire Secret website, they promise you a lot of things.

But you can see the results of Aspire members for yourself:

Aspire Earnings Income Disclosure

Aspire Earnings Disclosure

There are members making really good money. The majority (over 70% of all membership), is making less than $249 per month.

This tells a completely different story than what’s being advertised over at the Digital Millionaire Secret website.

Who Is This For?

I think this program fits people best who have big budgets and can invest 10’s of dollars into purchasing the product and even more money into advertising campaigns, which can add up to quite a bit.

I got introduced and started an online business over two years ago. To date, I haven’t spent close to $2,000 and see NO NEED for all these high-end products to run a legitimate online business.

The training I used only cost me $50 per month. And this included support, a website builder, websites, hosting, and everything you need to start an actual online business.

No hype. No ridiculously priced products. Just authentic help for building an online business.

This is not a full review on Digital Altitude, it just so happens that Digital Millionaire Secret is a funnel to Digital Altitude. For more information on Digital Altitude, check out this video that I found on Youtube:

Is Digital Millionaire Secret a Scam?

1/ 0
Overall Rating - Digital Millionaire Secret

We do not recommend using Digital Millionaire Secret.

You, as a consumer are free to pursue any products of your choosing.

I feel Digital Millionaire Secret would be much better off by revealing all the upsells involved and the true identity of their system – Digital Altitude.

Maybe there’s a good reason why they shy away from sharing this within the DMS website.

They make big claims that you could be “earning up to $500-$7000 per sale within a weeks time”. None of which I find believable.

Starting an online business, or any business for that matter, takes a certain level of commitment and effort as I am sure most of you know.

Avoid the get rich quick places promising to “generate you millions of dollars on complete auto-pilot”. It’s bullshit.


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