Copy My Cashflow Review – $1000 a Day?

copy my cashflow review

I can confidently say that you won’t gain access to an account which produces $1000 daily for a fee of $37.


Learn more about the Copy My Cashflow system in our review below.

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Copy My Cashflow Summary

Name: Copy My Cashflow
Owner: Josh
Price: $37

Summary: Copy My Cashflow claims that by using their system, you will be making money using only three simple steps. – they take care of all of the work

What I’ve come to find is that Copy My Cashflow is one of the most desperate systems that I have reviewed in a long time.- they take care of all of the work

Simply put, you will not be given an account containing $175 upon joining. And I can confidently tell you that your “cashflow website” will not generate $1,000 per day.

Recommended? No.

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Copy My Cashflow Review

Copy My Cashflow promises a lot. Unfortunately, they will not deliver on these promises.

Their intention is to get you to purchase the initial product (Copy My Cashflow). If you decide to buy the product, you can expect to come across many upsells telling you that this product will help ‘accelerate your success’.

If Copy My Cashflow is so great, as they insist on the sales video on their website, then why the need for other products?

Well, the goal is to get you to part with less and less money.

I’ve seen and reviewed similar systems before. I’ve actually purchased one claiming that their “millionaire websites will earn you thousands of dollars and that all of the work will be done for you”.

Sound familiar? Let’s take a look at some of these pre-existing websites.

A Look At The Preexisting Websites

I’ve seen some of the handiwork of these pre-existing websites.

You know, the same website’s that Copy My Cashflow claims they will just “hand over to you”.

Have a look for yourself:

Now, this didn’t come from Copy My Cashflow but it came from a very similar website that I purchased from, which turned out to be a scam.

The problem with “done for you websites”.

The whole sales pitch is to get you to purchase one of these websites which will produce $1,000 daily for you. According to the Copy My Cashflow website.

The problem with these websites, aside from the fact that they are completely tasteless, is that Google and every other search engine hates duplicate content.

Unless you plan on paying for advertisement to attract actual people to these websites, there is no way they will be ranking in Google using the exact same content and images as the other pre-existing websites.

When building a business online there’s one important thing that you must keep in mind. Actual people will be the ones interacting and even buying from your website.

People are smart and easily turned off by a website that is too “salesy” and will simply click away. (Like the pre-existing website shown above).

Always keep in mind that real people will be on the other end of the monitor. It’s best to offer helpful content and solve problems with your website.

Any proper training will teach you this.


Don’t Trust The “Reviews”

Within the sales video, you will come across some “user testimonies” in which people are claiming to have made $60,000 or more within a short time. Don’t believe any of this…

The testimonies or reviews were bought and paid for by the people behind Copy My Cashflow.

This is a major red flag when considering one of these systems.

I find it hard to believe that Copy My Cashflow users have made “thousands of dollars within months”. I find it hard to believe anything that this website has to say.

Is Copy My Cashflow A Scam

1/ 0
Copy My Cashflow - Overall Rating

In my opinion, Copy My Cashflow is not a real opportunity.

The people behind it come off as very desperate in trying to reassure visitors that there’s tons of money to be made and also that the doors will be closing soon.

None of which is true. Utilizing get-rich-quick systems is NOT a good way to earn revenue from home. They never work.

You as a consumer are free to purchase any products of your choosing however in this case, we do not recommend it.


According to Copy My Cashflow, all you have to do is check your stats a few times a week to make sure the money is coming to your account.

All of this for a one-time small investment of $37….

If this sounds too good to be true, that’s because it is.

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