Commission Millionaires Review – Is It A Scam?

commission millionaires review

Is this FINALLY the answer to all your financial troubles, or is Commission Millionaires a scam?

Believe me when I tell you this – I understand the appeal and the fact that you really want this system to be IT.

While the owner does a good job of trying to set his product and himself apart from all of the other online “gurus” who sell bad products, I hate to break it to you but Commission Millionaires is NO different.

Product Name: Commission Millionaires

Product Owner: “Brandon Watson”

Price: $47


What Is Commission Millionaires

I will admit that while on the website for Commission Millionaires, I did notice a few things they did get right.

They suggested what to look out for when buying online products. The owner Brandon Watson stated the following himself:

  1. “Never pay for anyone’s secrets to make money online – that’s the first clear sign of a scam”.
  2. “Do Not ever pay anyone for any information teaching you how to make money online if they do not show you exactly what you are going to be doing before you buy”.
  3. “If they do not have solid evidence that the information they have will make you money, their lying to you”.

I don’t completely agree with the third one where he implies that people need to show their proof of earnings, because those can easily be photoshopped.

The real kicker is that while Watson is attempting to bash (pretty much) everyone else out there, he breaks his own principles:

commission millionaires review

commission millionaires review

To be completely honest I am not too surprised by this. This is just your typical case of someone willing to do and say ANYTHING to ensure you buy their product.

Commission Millionaires claims that you will be handed the #1 money making secret and exact system that generates you thousands everyday by barely lifting a finger.

I find this hard to be true. Speaking from personal experience making money online doesn’t come as easy as pushing a button.

It never has, it never will.

There’s a commitment of work and dedication involved especially for those wanting to start an online business. It can be done, but it’s going to require real work.

Think about it, how many successful business owners do you know achieved there success by “barely lifting a finger”. It’s unrealistic and achieving success online is no different….

Breaks Own Rules, Again

The entire time on Commission Millionaire’s website you are told how much money you will make and that you will be giving an explanation on how he (Watson) did it, which is in compliance with rule #2 above.

But ONCE AGAIN, he fails to comply with his own principle’s and never explains the work involved or what to expect. Your constantly told how awesome the system is and how it will change your life:

commission millionaires review

The Offer

Here’s what you are told you will get for the $47:

  • Lifetime access to their system and updates
  • Easy to follow step by step directions
  • Custom built website in the niche of your choice
  • Access to premium established domains
  • One on one video training
  • A personal welcome call to get you all setup

And the things you need to join:

  • Claim your lifetime membership. Pay $47
  • Claim your free website. Apparently a replica of the site he uses and makes “thousands of dollars” with.
  • Take action. Spend 60 minutes a day, which is reasonable as most people have busy schedules.

I don’t like the custom-built websites aka cookie cutter websites that you will be given for the simple fact that anyone else who purchases Commission Millionaires will get the exact same one.

If your not too familiar with websites, just know that having duplicate content or the same websites as others are big no-no’s. Google, Yahoo, Bing hates copy-cat material.

Your hurting your chances of ‘ranking’ in Google and the other searches engines where people typically will find your website.

If your interested in learning more about starting your own website, you can get started here for free, the same place where I learned to create a website around any topic I want and design it however I like.

Will You Really Make $500 Minimum/Week?

When it comes to Commission Millionaires and there exceedingly big claims that you can earn up to $7,528 per day without barely lifting a finger, use caution. The truth is usually right under your nose:

commission millionaires review

This income disclaimer can be found at the bottom of the website.

And while all ‘make money online’ opportunities need to have them in accordance with the FTC guidelines, it tells a much different story than the big guarantees being made in the video on the website.

Despite everything they say you are getting and how much of an impact Commission Millionaires will have on your life, all the proof I needed is right above.

“The typical purchaser does not make any money using this system”…

Other Things To Be Aware Of

Commission Millionaires claims that you can join for free in the video and there’s even a big ‘CREATE YOUR FREE ACCOUNT’ button below that.

But it in fact will cost $47 to purchase this system.

commission millionaires review

I know how tempting offers like these can be especially with all the money they say you will make, but as it turns out products like these never work out.

They just tell you what you want to hear so that the creators can fatten up their pockets. Speaking of which…

The Owner

Brandon Watson gives you a little bit on his background – how he was poor from childhood to early adulthood, but apparently this system changed all that.

The same system he refuses to tell us how it works.

He also claims that he’s a 28 year old millionaire and has been “recognized several times as one of the leading internet marketing entrepreneurs in the world”:

commission millionaires review

The strange thing is that this super successful internet marketer (so he say’s) can not be found. I searched on Google, Facebook, Youtube, LinkedIn. Nothing.

Not a trace of evidence of any of his work or past teachings. Odd for someone so sought after and makes millions online.

Even Worse

I wasn’t going to share this portion but I know many of you landed on Commission Millionaires in the same fashion that I did. When you see these fake news sites, run for the hills:

commission millionaires review

This is not a legitimate website and be eerie when you see a ‘News Website’ like this one.

Every link you click on takes you to Commission Millionaires website (not another section of news) and the “work from home mom” story was made up.

You don’t have to take my word for it, they tell you that they adjusted the story themselves:

commission millionaires review

The user comments, story, anything one may have found on this website that lead me to Commission Millionaires is all not real.

This statement covers their ass, I wrote this review in hopes of covering yours.

Commission Millionaires Review – Is It A Scam?

1/ 0
Commission Millionaires - Overall Rating

Due to the numerous red-flags I cannot recommend Commission Millionaires to anyone.

They try setting themselves apart from the other typical BS products but use the SAME tactics as the rest of them.

If you believe spending $47 will earn you “significant amounts of money” using this system, by all means help yourself.

I know for a fact that they are selling unrealistic dreams and that working online requires more work than “barely lifting a finger”.

Recommendationscommission millionaires review

Feel free to have a look at my growing list of recommendations which will actually put you in the right direction to learning how to earn money online.

You can find apps, surveys, and even a (free to join) learning center to starting your own online business. Hope this review was helpful.

If you have had a different experience while using Commission Millionaires, please let us know in the comments below. This helps out others as well 🙂

About the author


    My goal for this website is to help those who are looking to make money online from the comfort of their home and to offer people an alternative to the FIXED 9-to-5 life. Whether you are looking to make full time income online or just looking to make some extra cash. I've got you covered.

    Samuel - 6 years ago


    Great another typical “business opportunity” scam. Will put their income disclaimer at a place that can’t be seen. Now more and more many internet marketers and online entrepreneur are trying to come out with new “programs” or “system” to lure people inside as more and more people are turning to the internet to make money. (They are a disgrace to the online society)


      Jason - 6 years ago

      I would have to agree but these fake systems aren’t going anywhere. A lot of people get burned for their money.

      What’s even worse is that their time is also being wasted and they believe making money online is a complete scam. A wonderful opportunity is missed because of systems like these which offer low value and provide no results.

      I enjoy working online and want to help people avoid these systems and realize that there is real work involved if serious about earning money on the internet.

      Thanks for commenting Samuel. Did you by chance purchase Commission Millionaires?

    Zinette - 6 years ago

    Hi, Jason! Your review is very in depth and clear cut. I was wondering whether it truly lived up to its hype when I found Commission Millionaires and good thing I searched for a review on it and came across yours. Do you think many had signed up for it?

      Jason - 6 years ago

      Hey Zinette,

      Good thinking on doing some research before buying into Commission Millionaires.

      As far as how many have bought into it – it’s hard to say.

      Not sure how long they have been around (though I think they haven’t been around long), or how many people have joined.

      I do know that Commission Millionaires and sites like it put a lot of time and effort in setting up these sales pages, more effort than what goes into the product that’s for sure.

      Bottom line it had too many red-flags for me.

      Glad I was able to help out Zinette.

    Neil - 6 years ago

    DOH! I really thought I had finally found a breakthrough online by coming across your review of Commission Millionaires because I have been scammed so many times before! 🙁

    The program does seem to contradict itself but the training and the price also seems legit until I read about the money making claims and also other scammy aspects.

    I’m disappointed with Commission Millionaires but thanks for your insights.


      Jason - 6 years ago

      Hi Neil thanks for sharing.

      As I was reviewing this opportunity it became apparent that whoever is behind Commission Millionaires is really out to take advantage of people looking for a ‘quick-fix’ to make some extra money.

      Just like many other scams online, no one benefits but the person(s) behind it. It’s all glamour.

      Avoid these systems making promises of quick riches and that claim all the work will be done for you. Starting a business or making money online requires real work just like it would offline.

      Remember that, and you will be fine 🙂

    Chris - 6 years ago

    I never know what to think about this product as not enough people have written pro reviews on it. I like the fact the Sales pitch is written for you – but how legit and unique is this sales pitch or copy? Do they write out separate copy examples for every member? I doubt it in the long run!

      Jason - 6 years ago

      I doubt that as well Chris.

      I believe that the “copy” will be the exact same for all Commission Millionaire users/customers and ultimately all of their “businesses” will be doing is leading people to the phony news website I came across and then onto the Commission Millionaire’s sales page or website.

      From there they may earn a commission – no telling if anyone is actually getting paid or not.

      The product was slopped together carelessly, and is unreliable in my opinion.

    Norbert Henn
    Norbert Henn - 6 years ago

    By the way…price as of 9/8/16 is $97.00….what happened to “free”? Also got into habit of doing an immediate search for referrals on seeing something like this. That is how I found your site.

    Thanks for your insight!


      Jason - 6 years ago

      Hi Bert, you are certainly welcome!

      Thanks for sharing the price increase, maybe there trying to cash out? Good for you for doing your research!

    Kurtis Quick
    Kurtis Quick - 5 years ago

    That owner looks really familiar for some reason. Is that a stock photo from somewhere like Shutterstock? I have seen that dude before but I cannot remember where and I know it was not attached to this scam. Unless, he was running a different scam with a different name at some point.

      Jason - 5 years ago

      Hi Kurtis,

      This very well could be a photo from Shuttershock. It is also not unusual for people who put together these scam websites to recylce old photos, “testimonies”, and sales videos from one scam to the next.

      I do not doubt that you have seen this mug before.

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