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click cash system review

Click Cash System Summary

Name: Click Cash System
Owner: “Carl Randolph”
Price: $97

Summary: The Click Cash System is a spin-off, or better yet, a sad attempt at reviving an older system known as Click For Cash.

There are numerous reviews regarding the “original” Click For Cash system which many call it out for being a scam.

After tuning in and watching a lengthy and somewhat awkward sales video, I can understand why.

What Carl is teaching in the sales video, in my opinion, can be downright dangerous for internet beginners looking for a legitimate way to earn income online.

I’ll explain why just below.

Recommended? No.

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Click Cash System Review

There’s evidence that Click Cash System is the exact same system as Click For Cash.

Not only can the same sales video be found on both websites, but Carl mentions it himself:

There is also evidence that this particular sales video was recorded back in 2014.

If ‘they’ didn’t take the time to update the sales video by now, rest assured that the system you are buying and its training will date back to that same time period, if not a sooner date.

Click Cash System in a nutshell – a sad attempt to revive a system that has been called out for being a scam and is highly unrecommended.

I guess they figured by adjusting the title of the product, they would be able to start anew with a clean slate.

What Do You Need To Join?

In order to gain access to the sales video and checkout page, I was required to give out my name, email address, and phone number.

You might have been required to do the same.

Next, you are required to watch at least 15 minutes of a very long (it’s nearly an hour) sales video.

After the 15min. you are then presented with a “checkout form” in which you can insert your credit card details and purchase this system for $97.

There are no other known requirements, but not so fast….

What Does Click Clash System Provide?

I know Carl mentions certain things like “all you need to do is spend 3 hours, press GO, and watch the money come in”.

However, nobody actually is able to earn a reliable income online this way.

It never works out.

Also, I feel some of Carl’s statements were borderline ‘dangerous’ to internet beginners because to run a successful online business it WILL require a website, traffic, and usually you will need to create “boring” content.

In order to experience success online, expect there to be work involved.

If you’re new, expect a learning curve. Give yourself time to learn the materials and to create an online business the right way.

OK, Here’s What You Get

In reality, the Click Cash System teaches you how to set up ‘affiliate’ campaigns and comes with 50 pre-made templates.

Affiliate marketing has been around for many years, and it’s actually a well-known way of making money online.

However, it’s not as easy as Click Cash System wants you to believe. It takes a lot more than a few clicks to generate money online.

With affiliate marketing, you promote other people’s products and get a commission if you make successfully a sale.

You will obviously need traffic in order for people to see these products.

With Click Cash System, you are taught how to generate traffic through paid ads.

Which Carl conveniently forgets to tell us.

Paid traffic is one way to get people to see your various offers and products. There are also ways to attract traffic to your website for free.

But realize it can take quite the budget to run ads. And it’s best to make sure the person training you know’s what they are doing and that your offers can convert.

Otherwise, you will be at risk of throwing lots of money away.

I am certain that Carl and the Click Cash System won’t provide you with the best training with videos dating back to 2014.

Other Things To Look Out For

A lot of the language being used in the sales pitch makes this entire system look desperate.

They claim that they can help complete newbies make 6 figures or even millions of dollars within a matter of days.

They claim that anyone who uses their systems “should be able to immediately quit their jobs and live the life of their dreams”.

Fat chance.

This entire thing comes off as another get rich quick scheme and is set up too many ‘scammy’ websites that I have reviewed in the past.

Carl was even desperate enough to try and tell you that he is part of some super “secret underground mastermind group” of successful marketers:

It’s desperate, crazy talk.

Though there’s an hour long sales video in place, you are not once shown how the system works exactly.

Nor are you shown what type of actual work is involved.

Instead, you are shown flashy cars, an expensive house (rented out for recording purposes), and random screenshots of bank accounts.

These are all typically red-flags.

Is Click Cash System A Scam?

0/ 0
Click Cash System - Overall Rating

I chose not to purchase this system for the many reasons discussed above.

I’ve seen this system before going by the name Click For Cash. It’s been proven to be a scam by numerous blogs.

If you believe that after spending the $97 that all you need to do is “copy and paste a stupid system” to get rich online, then this may be the system for you.

We, on the other hand, do not recommend using Click Cash system.

If interested in learning how to generate revenue from home with a real affiliate marketing business, visit our #1 recommendation.

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