Is Cheat Sheet Profits A Scam? Review!

is cheat sheet profits a scam

Cheat Sheet Profits claims to know the secrets to why the (rich) people are on the top and even goes on saying that their system will CHANGE YOUR LIFE.

Is there any truth to this or is Cheat Sheet Profits a scam?

Product Name: Cheat Sheet Profits

Product: “Mason Hill”

Price: $97


Cheat Sheet Profits Review

Although the website for Cheat Sheet Profits says it’s an all-in-one solution to changing your life for good and will allow you to work from home (making serious money)… I noticed a few things that would NEVER make me interested in this system.

For starters, The Product!

On the website, the owner shares his name, tells us a little about his background, and even shows us his bank accounts. I found it particularly strange that the name of the product or tool is not once mentioned.

He just briefly stated that some (magical) tool changed his life forever and began making thousands of dollars per sale:

is cheat sheets profits a scam

In this case I’m guessing “Cheat Sheet Profits” is only the name of the website and not the actual product itself. It’s designed to get you to buy their offer, only then will the real ‘product’ be revealed…

Being able to name what it is you are buying before buying it would be nice, don’t you think?

It’s the same deal at the checkout page, still no name available:

is cheat sheet profits a scam

I don’t know about you but “Instant Access” doesn’t bring much satisfaction. Instant access to what?

Mystery step by step instructions, some lead pages, and an unknown success toolbox. If I had to guess this system does one of two things.

It will teach you to lead people to other low-value websites like (there’s endless sites like this) or it will lead you to a company that will require you to pay MORE money. This involves the “coach” who’s allegedly a 6 figure online earner, which we will get to shortly.

Though it’s said on the website that this product will change your life, and I know many are really hoping for such a break, there’s no way this is a legit service or means to making substantial money online.

Being able to work from home or earn steady income on the internet never comes as easy as buying some unknown miracle “tool”, but speaking from first-hand experience, it can be done with a commitment of time and dedication.

Something “Mason Hill” clearly doesn’t want you to know.

The Owner

Mason Hill, the one who claims to own Cheat Sheet Profits, is more than likely a stage name. Using a stage name is typical with many of these scam sites.

Real name or not, there is no denying the photo Mason suggests is of him (shown during the video) can actually be purchased and downloaded on

is cheat sheet profits a scam

is cheat sheet profits a scam

Again, another recycled tactic among these sites.

Not to mention the news presentation seen in the beginning and the misleading “user testimonies”. The exact testimonies seen on are one’s that I have seen over and over again on other scams that I have reviewed in the past.

The $500 Guarantee

What grabs a lot of people’s attention right away is the BIG claim and the false implication that even if you fail using Cheat Sheet Profits, you will still be handed $500 for giving it a 30 day try:

Note: Most products typically have a 30 day money back guarantee. In other words after 30 days, NO refund.

is cheat sheet profits a scam

Since the program only costs $97 and their that confident that you will love their system, they’re willing to bet $403 on it!

The truth about the $500 Guarantee is much more complicated then that…

There are certain steps that you have to take AFTER paying the $97 and deciding to join.

This includes 21 steps that must be completed in 21 days.

Remember the “coach” aka the “6 figure earner” who will be getting in touch with you? His role is to upsell you on this program and making one or two hefty purchases as part of the 21 steps that you must complete to qualify for the $500 guarantee.

You can believe someone will be giving you a call. Just don’t expect much proper coaching…

To show you that I am not making this all up, you can find this in the Purchase Agreement on the bottom of Cheat Sheet Profits website:

is cheat sheet profits a scam

Requires full participation which “may” require additional costs.

I don’t like my chances with the upsells or the mystery tool itself and that is why I chose not to purchase this program.

Is Cheat Sheet Profits A Scam?

0/ 0
Cheat Sheet Profits - Overall Rating

Cheat Sheet Profits is nothing I haven’t encountered before and the sales page (entire website) is setup much alike similar scams. I know he claims that this opportunity is different and that he (Mason Hill) is different himself from other online gurus but;

From the fake ownership to the $500 guarantee to the product/tool that they refuse to reveal any details about.

It was an easy NO and decision for me.

I am no expert or ‘guru’ but I know a bad opportunity when I see one and have been researching opportunities that allow people to actually earn money online for awhile cheat sheet profits a scam

For me I chose a path that has allowed me to work from home (full-time now). With that being said it was no walk in the park and required a commitment of time and dedication, but was worth it in my book.

You can see how I make money online and even learn how to get started yourself free of charge.

For a full list of recommendations, have a look at my growing list of legitimate opportunities in which you can really begin making money online.

What are your experiences with Cheat Sheet Profits? Feel free to share them below for others to see!


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    My goal for this website is to help those who are looking to make money online from the comfort of their home and to offer people an alternative to the FIXED 9-to-5 life. Whether you are looking to make full time income online or just looking to make some extra cash. I've got you covered.

    Nathan - 6 years ago

    That was a very good review. Did you purchase the product? While there are certainly a lot of evidence that it is a scam I think if you tried to share a bit more with what happened when you purchased the “mystery software”. Your right that is doesn’t clearly say what it does and if you told people your experience and what it really is that it would be the one more piece of evidence that would really show its a scam.

      Jason - 6 years ago

      Hey Nathan that is a good suggestion but no I did not purchase Cheat Sheet Profits and explain why above.

      There have been times where I will intentionally purchase such products to do exactly what you are suggesting. It’s not always fun trying to get your money back from these systems and I refuse to benefit these product “creators” at all.

      So though I have a good idea on what is inside of Cheat Sheet Profits (by purchasing VERY similar products in the past) I cannot say for sure what is on the inside.

      Based on ALL that I found reviewing the product from the outside (fake owner, misleading guarantees, etc.) I can tell you that it is not worth MY $97 dollars.

    Glen - 5 years ago

    Thanks for posting this great review! My scam antenna must have been working to the point the ads just did not register. There are no “secrets” or magic what evers that can guarantee success. But the scammers still target beginners. There are no secrets; just things that newbies don’t know. I always recommend newbies read Tom Corley’s article, “I Spent 5 Years Studying Rich and Poor People and I Would Like to Share What Separates The Rich From the Poor” for insights on becoming wealthy. Tom Corley publishes The Rich Habits blog.

      Jason - 5 years ago

      Hi Glen, I’ve never heard of Tom Corley’s blog The Rich Habits but will definitely have a look.

      I agree with you also, there are no secrets and success (in terms of earning decent income online), never happens over night.

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