Cash At Home Bonanza Review – Scam or Legit?

cash at home bonanza review

Cash At Home Bonanza or Bonanza Cash, found at, is a website which boasts of helping people earn $300 to $500 per day.

What else we learned from the sales video is that you don’t need any skills or experience to get started.

If you’re currently working a full-time job, a few hours a day is all you need to succeed, according to Cash At Home Bonanza.

As nice as everything sounds when it comes to this system, we found many things that we don’t agree with, which we share in our review below.

If interested in learning how to earn a true income from home, with personal help, this is the best place to get started.

Cash At Home Bonanza Review

You won’t believe how many systems exist online which sell people a box of dreams.

What I mean by that is rather than giving an in depth description of how their product or service can be used and how it may benefit potential customers, they showcase big cars and fancy houses into tricking people that this is what their life will become with a small one-time investment.

It works because they purposely target people who are new and unfamiliar with how ‘online business’ works. They simply don’t know any better.

In the case of Cash At Home Bonanza, they actually share how their system works and give you a glimpse of what it is they have to offer.

I give them credit for at least giving a job description, but this is also where they fall short miserably.

Link Posting Scam?

The job description given by Cash At Home Bonanza is “ad link posting”.

In fact, this is how the whole system works:

the 3 steps from the sales video
  1. “Follow our step by step system to do ad link posting”
  2. “Choose an ad link company to work with”
  3. “Spend the money you made from ad link posting”

When it comes to link posting jobs aka ad link posting, it is well-known that the pay involved with this is usually painfully low or that it’s a full on scam.

In other words, link posting is not really a thing.

Link posting comes closest to affiliate marketing, though affiliate marketing is a legitimate business model which continues to allow many people to earn small to great incomes from home.

It’s best to avoid any place promising to help you earn money online by way of ad link posting or a link posting job.

We’ve Seen This Before

We thought it was worth pointing out that we’ve encountered and reviewed numerous places which promote link posting as a legitimate way to make money online.

People who decided to purchase these were hugely disappointed.

Check out Learn How To Link Academy and Computer Partners to see for yourself and to get a better understanding how these misleading link posting opportunities work.


  • Gives a description of how system works/what to expect (even if we disagree with it)


  • No one to contact prior to purchase (to learn more, ask questions, etc)
  • Shares link posting as job title (link posting is a terrible option to making money online)’
  • False income promises such as making $300 first day
  • Overall, unethical system
  • There are far BETTER options available to you

A lot of these systems fail to provide any contact information to potential customers. If no number available, there should be some type of support system that you can ‘easily’ get a hold of for people with lingering questions.

In my experience, if you have a hard time contacting someone before the purchase, communication will be just as difficult after purchase.

When working or learning new things online, like online business for example, communication is key. Especially for those who may be new or unfamiliar with how things work.

No matter how great the training, it’s natural that people will need personalized help from time to time.

That’s why we recommend Wealthy Affiliate. Not only is the training and community the best out there, but you will have my personal help and support, each step of the way.

You can learn more and even get started here for free.


Cash At Home Bonanza may be a new website, but the false income promises and horrid job description is nothing new.

Link posting jobs are not a reliable way of creating an income from home for many reasons.

  • Posting ad links on YouTube, other websites, or social media can easily be recognized as spam and never gets seen
  • If you do successfully manage to post a link or two, the pay is extremely low

Bottom line, whenever you see a link posting job being promoted as a legitimate opportunity it’s best to run in the opposite direction.

For this reason and the others shared in our review, we do not recommend Cash At Home Bonanza.

There are better, proven ways to earning money online.

What are your experiences with this system? Do let us know in the comments section below!


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