Can You Really Make Money While Playing Video Games?

make money while playing video games

If you are passionate about gaming, chances are the thought of earning money while sitting back and playing some of your favorite titles, has crossed your mind.

Is this really a viable way for one to earn their living? Can you really make money while playing video games?

Most of us recognize, maybe even envy, some of the bigger Youtube stars or even the popular Twitch streamers who do just that. Earn their living by sharing their passion for gaming with the world.

These people don’t have unique “powers”, so certainly it can be done.make money while playing video games

Realize however, that you DO NOT need to become the next ‘Pewdiepie’ or ‘syndicate’ (two well-known gamers), to earn a comfortable living while entertaining others online. And let’s not forget the many successful video game websites.make money while playing video games

To be able to play video games and generate income from doing so, there is a certain sophistication to it, and one that you can begin learning today.

From learning the art of Youtube, to an exclusive guide on gaining followers on Twitch, to attracting and choosing the right sponsors, and much more, Video Games Pays My Bills has got you covered.

With Video Games Pays My Bills or VGPMB, you can learn the ropes as a complete beginner or grow an existing account and master the steps to monetizing your new business online.

VGPMB will not only teach you step by step how to make a living following your passion for gaming, but give you the edge you need to stand out from the competition.

Here’s Tony from giving you more details on this exciting opportunity.


Make Money While Playing Video Games

There are many methods to making money online, one of the most popular today is through the playing of online games and the creation of related gaming content.

Online gamers can find many ways to make money through simple actions like streaming, if they are properly set up to do so. Many people attempt this blindly and end up wasting more time or simply giving up because the results are what was expected.make money while playing video games

Video Games Pay My Bills is an aggregate site of techniques centered around creating an income from online gaming.

You may be wondering how this is exactly accomplished, but the process is quite simple. The full-length guides available on the website provide methods that make online gaming profitable.

They are as follows:

  • Twitch Streaming Guide – Everything from getting started, to promoting, and becoming a partnered streamer.
  • YouTube Gaming Guide – Breaks down gaming success on YouTube Gaming.
  • Creating a Gaming Website – You’ll need somewhere to show off, we show you how to create, run, and monetize your own gaming website.
  • Gaming Sponsorship – Think you have what it takes to earn a sponsorship status? Check out the typical requirements for becoming a sponsored gamer.make money while playing video games
  •  Buy / Sell Vintage Video Games – Real-World methods are just as important as online, this guide breaks down the vintage video game marketplaces.
  • Video Game Tester Guide – Got a knack for programming and a keen eye? Video game testing might be right up your alley.
  • Competitive Gaming Guide – If you have mad skills and can climb the leaderboards, you’ll want to know how the become an award-winning gamer.
  • Selling Game Services Guide – Virtual labor can pay just as well as in real-life. Learn how to make money from working those fingers to the bone.
  • Selling MMO Accounts – Not using that lvl 80 account? Try selling it! Gamers with less time and more money tend to purchase these accounts, we teach you how to do it with best results.
  • Other resources include – Gaming videos, Video Game Job Board, a blog for news and updates, Forums, Downloads, and a VGPMB Affiliate Program.

There is simply no other source available online that is this comprehensive and guarantees the results you’re looking for.

If you’ve ever wondered just what it takes to make it as an online gamer, this is the website you’ll need to know.

Video Games Pays My Bills provides only the best and current online marketing techniques combined with the knowledge used by the professionals.


Using a service like Video Games Pays My Bills provides you with the strategies you need to pursuit a career in gaming. Try it for yourself and see where your passion for gaming can take you.


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