Building Online Business One Site at a Time – Sole Build It

Building Online Business One Site at a Time – Sole Build It

If you have seen my # 1 Recommendation, you know that I strongly recommend Wealthy Affiliate community. But the close second is Solo Site Build. I am New to Solo Site Build so I cannot publish my own review yet, but I wanted to still give everyone a flavor of what Solo Site Build is.

First of all, they claim that people who use Solo Build It are up to 100 times more likely (no exaggeration) to succeed than others who try to build profitable online businesses.

So What is Solo Build it?

Affiliate marketing is a profitable system by which you earn a commission for recommending people to buy products from third-party websites when they click on an affiliate link provided by the provider. This link can be placed on a search engine advertisement, on a banner on other sites, such as links in articles and reviews, as well as on blogs.

Essentially, Solo Build It is a complete online platform for affiliate marketing. it teaches you to find the right lucrative niche for your online business.

SBI offers detailed manuals and step-by-step online training courses. It offers a plethora of affiliate marketing research and productivity tools. Membership also includes free hosting on WordPress. You get free access to mentors who are available to guide you through everything from product selection to website design, marketing techniques and growing your business.

Solo build it makes it so easy for both beginners and professionals looking for advanced techniques or who want to share their knowledge with others, there is something for people of all the levels of affiliate marketing.

Many reviews online can show a picture of this network as nothing more than a paid version of the many affiliate marketing sites that offer the same information and resources for free. But nothing could be further from the truth.


At Solo build it, the sites are hosted on state-of-the-art hosted hosting and users have direct 24/7 access to site staff in the event of hosting problems.

One of the most important but also overlooked issues with Internet marketers is website security. There are many cyber criminals who will try to damage websites. They invade, create viruses and vulnerabilities so that they can somehow benefit from site visitors.

When a website is hosted on solo build it, it is monitored and protected daily, this is a huge advantage at no additional cost.

Below are some of the basic features solo built it exhibit.

Support and training

The Solo build platform is very user-friendly with quick access to help and support. Subscribers receive assistance in classrooms, live chat and training modules

Thousands of ideas are discussed every day on the platform. The platform is very helpful and members provide constructive advice at every stage of the process.

Keyword research tool

This is really a powerful tool that you can use to help your affiliate marketing succeed. When you decide which market you want to focus on, you need to take the time to do the keyword research necessary to find what people are looking for in their market. You want to compare different markets that might interest you by trying to find the most requested keywords and phrases for each niche. You will want to rate 5 main keywords and 25 subcategory keywords, all with high demand and low supply. You know that a keyword is in high demand, how many times a month it is searched, and you know if it is weak by checking the search engine results for these keywords and by seeing how competitive the sites are. in these results.

Similar to Wealthy Affiliate, the Solo Build it teaches you to find the right lucrative niche for your online business.

These tools can be quite expensive. Solo build it subscribers have access to an excellent search and keyword tool and there is no need to purchase a supplement, which is included in the subscription at no additional cost.

Easy Website Builder

Easy Website Builder makes it easy to create a fully functional WordPress site in seconds.

Rapid Writer

This tool makes it easy to create, store, analyze and manage articles and site content campaigns. Subscribers can export their articles by clicking a button to the best article sites of this tool. It is for content creation; Solo build it presents its Rapid Writer tool.

Link tracking

With a solo build it, it’s easy to know the performance of links.

Website templates

There are available website templates that makes to focus only on the content. So you don’t need the services of these expensive website developers. You save a lot of money.

These templates have already been used by a large number of affiliates who are now millionaires. Yes, that’s right, there are affiliates on Solo build it platform who have earned and continue to make money from websites designed from SBI website templates.

Campaign Manager

Creating successful marketing campaigns is the goal of this game.

Solo Build It – Is it really making people an online success?

They also have cool reviews and recommendations from their successful business entrepreneurs. For example, the story of an air traffic controller who became a Disney mogul!

They also talk about taking your local business and turning it into an online business and growing it through social media.

Pros and Cons

One of the main advantages of Solo build it is the quantity and quality of the step-by-step videos that users have access to. The training modules are updated to teach the latest marketing trends in SEO, article marketing, email marketing, social media marketing, and all other internet and affiliate marketing techniques. Below are few of its advantages

  • Two sites and premium hosting
  • Easy website builder
  • Search tool and keywords
  • Content writing and exporting tool
  • Link Tracker
  • Campaign creation and management tool
  • Website monitoring and security
  • Help, training and live support 24/7.

This online training platform is very well thought out and well designed. Internet marketers and new and experienced affiliates benefit greatly.

Instead of buying a dozen different training eBooks and subscribing to a dozen different keyword, niche, article or PPC tools and signing up with different hosts, Solo build it offers complete and complete solution to help you. you reach your goals as thousands of its members are already reaping tangible results every day.

So, the real question is, “Is it right for you?”

There is only one way to be sure (I have recently a Solo Site Built affiliate, so still in the trial mode). At absolutely no risk, give SBI! a good try. Commit to it and follow their Action Guide for one month.
Use the tools, they vouch by it. Let’s share our findings over the next few months and exchange notes and comments here.

Oh before I forget, they also have a Solo Site Build for wordpress (a content management software, effectively an easy was to build cool websites for free).

Also, if you want to learn more about the affiliate programs out there and other ways to making money online, you can read my posts on affiliate marketing, 35 ways to make money online, my reviews on what is Shopify and how to get started with your own ecommerce store, and my # 1 recommendation.

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