EZ Money Team ReviewEasily A Scam!

ez money team review

If it’s not too late, do yourself the favor of saving $49 and a lot of time by avoiding the EZ Money Team’s training

In this EZ Money Team review we will find out if you can reallyearn 6 figuresusing their system. Plus, how I got free access to the entire system.

Product Name: EZ Money Team
Product Owner: Oscar T. Ortiz, goes byJeffery Hart
Price: $49
sajt: ezmoneyteam.com

Join Over 500,000+ Members Using An Excellent Service To Help Create An Income From Home!

EZ Money Team Review

What Is It?

The EZ Money Team, by Oscar T. Ortiz and found at ezmoneyteam.com, is a system composed of cheats and lies that intentionally teaches you how to swindle others into buying low-quality/scam products.

Initially, I was impressed to see that the EZ Money Team’s training offered some decent tips.

But after digging further and further into the system, I realized they were after your pockets and teaching an unethical business practice.

EZ Money Team places several of these tools within it’s training, SOME of these tools are perfectly fine. Unfortunately these tools are not being put to good use and for each tool you decide to buy while following this training, EZ Money Team will get a percentage of your purchase.

Getting you to buy more and more products for their own personal gain, seems to be the theme over at the EZ Money Team.

In short, the EZ Money Team is nowhere close to being a viable business venture and you can expect numerous unnecessary up-sells.

If you wish to learn how to start an online business around a topic you enjoy, and learning to do so without all the shady tactics, I recommend joining here.

The Training

Thanks to the BRILLIANT minds behind the EZ Money Team and an attached Youtube link on their promotion page;

I was able to access all of the training videos and inside information, for free.

What You’re Being Taught!

Here’s modules 1-5, which can be found inside the EZ Money Team’s (owner) Youtube account:

  • Module 1 – Join Clicksure (an affiliate network) and creating a “veb stranica”
  • Module 2 – Email marketing
  • Module 3 – Drive traffic
  • Module 4 – FAQs/What to watch out for
  • Module 5 – Platinum and Gold membersWILL NOT be in your members area unless you sign up for the VIP (up sell?)

At first glance, it seems like decent training, but here’s what’s really going on.

Oscar Ortiz, creator of EZ Money Team, is teaching you how to promote scams and is attempting to make good money off of you in the process.

Here’s a list of some of the products he’s currently involved in himself, this can be found in one of the lessons found on Youtube:

ez money team review

I have highlighted Millionaire Bizpro, My Internet Success Coach, and Steal My Systemall of which are known scams. You can see my full review on Millionaire Bizpro here.

And this is what you are learning to promote! By doing so, can you make money? Sure

But this is without question an unreliable business practice which takes advantage of others, all the while Oscar and whoever else is responsible for the EZ Money Team are the ones who will really profit.

Each tool that they recommend (see below) or that you purchase, earns them money. This is along side the original faulty training and Gold and PlatinumVIPmemberships.

The Up-Sells

I was unable to find out how much exactly it would cost for the Gold and Platinumupgradesfor the EZ Money Team, but here are some other expenses you can expect to encounter after joining for the $49:

  • ClickmagickBetween $12-$66/moez money team review
  • Coolhandle (web hosting) – $3.95-$8.95 a month
  • Clicksure (affiliate network) – Besplatno se pridružiti
  • Clickfunnels – $97 to $297/mo
  • Get ResponseStarts at $15/mo

Some of these tools are useful, on the other hand Clicksure is known for managing scams. It is by far the worse affiliate network I’ve come across. If you come across Clicksure in the future, run the opposite way.

When it comes to EZ Money Team, the Gold membership gives you 50 pre-written email letters while Platinum membership gives you a pre-built EZ Money Teamstylemembers area and into the Skype ‘members group’.

I have a good idea that the Gold membership will cost around $99+ and Platinum twice as much.

It’s important to note however, that bothupgradesare virtually worthless as this will not provide a long-term business solution for you.

The Promotion Page

I’m constantly on the lookout for new opportunities to share that help others make money online. Unfortunately I come across offers like EZ Money Team too often.

All of these sites do the same thing. Hype up a product (and the fact that it will make yourich”), only to deliver some low-quality BS.

This keeps many people in belief that making money online is impossible, which is simply not true.

The testimonies for the EZ Money Team, the ownership, bank account photos, and the opportunity to make “6 figureswhich can be found on the promotion page, are all fake.

You would be very lucky to get your money back after spending countless hours of following this training.

We already know that the creator (Oscar) is using the ‘stage nameJeffrey Hart. Here’s more evidence that this system cannot be taken too seriously:

ez money team review

ez money team review

This is a photo ofSarah”, the unemployed mother who now makes over $100,000 income by using this system, according to the website.

But as you can see this photo is not actually ofSarahand can be purchased and used by anyone over at iStock.com.

How legit do you think Sarah’s bank accounts are and the recorded phone call that was made with her sharing her success story? Chances are, it ain’t!

This made up testimony, along with much more BS can all be found on the same promotion page.

A good way to avoid scams like this in the future is to leave behind the idea that you can get rich quick by following some miracle system:

ez money team

The truth is, you can make a killing online or a decent living from home. It will require more thanbarely lifting a fingeras some places suggest.

It’s not too different than earning a decent living offlineit requires work, dedication, and patience.

Don’t fall for the fallacy that earning steady income on the internet happens with a single click of a mouse.

Final Opinion

0/ 0
EZ Money Team - Overall Rating

I do not recommend the EZ Money Team’s training to anyone.

There’s ways to promote other people’s products and services online, earn you consistent income. In fact, this exact business is known as affiliate marketing, and is a multi-billion dollar industry.

My issue with EZ Money Team is that you are not only learning how to do it noneffective way, but one that is unethical and promotes products and services which will scam each and everyone of your visitors (if any).

If you wish to learn how to properly take part in affiliate marketing in a way that helps your visitors and can allow you to learn how to make a living online, I suggest you visit our #1 recommendation.

Feel free to share your experiences with the EZ Money Team below or send any questions my way. Sharing your experiences helps others avoid these faulty products 🙂

Stay safe.

About the author


    My goal for this website is to help those who are looking to make money online from the comfort of their home and to offer people an alternative to the FIXED 9-to-5 life. Whether you are looking to make full time income online or just looking to make some extra cash. I've got you covered.

  • JasonChris says:

    Well the bold title of EZ Money Team doesn’t exactly fill you with confindence does it? Sounds like a typical push button opportunity that thrives on upsells. I also don’t like the way that the owner is trying to cover his name (much like a pen name if you like!). Pretty unethical system of education really that won’t last longagree?

    • JasonJason says:

      You’re absolutely right Chris,

      Following this ‘systemis setting yourself up for failure. If you do manage to make some money by taking advantage of others, like the entire EZ Money Team will teach you to do, it’s not a long term solution.

      There’s (WAY) better ways to learn about making money online while providing a positive service to people, many options here.

  • Hello Jason I am reaching out to you in hopes of connecting about your area of expertise demonstrated here. I am attempting to do the same and had hoped you might speak with me.
    Ps. Thx for the info on ez money team I took ur advice.- Brandon Daily

  • JasonSam says:

    Hey Jason,
    What systems do u find that do actually work

  • JasonPatricia Goff says:

    I was gone send my money and try so is it s bad idea sir please let me know

  • JasonAlphonsp says:

    Thanks for the heads up. Yes I was looking for a way to make money online without spending a lot of money and not having anything to show for it.

  • JasonChristina pitts says:

    Thank you I thought it was half way thru the video so I goggle it at that time I read your review

  • JasonLinda Johnston says:

    I did try to sign up with easy money.He was charging me only $9 to sign up.I did put our debit card # in to pay for it but nothing else came up.I was suppose to have a coach get on line with me walk through the system with me but nothing became of it as of yet.they said they never got my money.we’ll I tried again to send $9 but my bank declined to put it through again. what do i do now?

    • JasonJason says:

      There could have been an error on their end, with the sales page, or on your end with the debit card.

      I would check double check my bank account’s activity to see if there was any purchase made and keep an eye out for suspicious activity. If everything seems normal, then I guess your purchase didn’t go through.

  • JasonMarie says:

    I listened to this video on this site -I seen both Sarah bank account and then he showed his bank account. But I caught the acct number on both being the same acct numbers- That was my red flag. I then researched the company and found your review. Thanks-you clearified just what I thought- It was a scam.

  • JasonCharlotte says:

    Thanks I almost was all in I’m still searching. Any recommendations?

  • JasonMontie Barham says:

    I’m interested but skeptical cause I’ve tried it all

    • JasonJason says:

      I was in your shoes not too long ago and completely understand. I was very skeptical when it came to shopping online, sharing information online (still am), and certainly when it came to these opportunities to make money online. I didn’t think it could be done.

      Then I came across Wealthy Affiliate. To be honest, I was still skeptical, but it was free to get started and participate in the training. I gave it a shot, loved what I was learning, decided to upgrade and haven’t looked back since. It’s been a great experience and I have learned a lot.

      My advice is to create a free account and see if you like the training they have there and if the community (tons of other experienced/helpful members), then stick with it. If not, walk away, no hard feelings.

      If truly interested in earning an income online, be prepared to learn and work 🙂

  • JasonDave says:

    Thanks for this infoI paid $9 to get into the Easy Money business? and got a call from a Mike Ramsey asking me some questions, like, if I have any credit cards or anything saved up for emergencies (which the answer was and is no) and to look for an email from them. After ending the call, I did not find any such email. Meanwhile I found this when Googling about them and see you recommend something I’m already in (WA) but don’t know what I’m to do next. I do have a couple passions or niches—–Scrabble and my photography but don’t know how to make money with them. I even wrote and published a Scrabble book but am a dummy in how to get it in front of all the Scrabble players around the world!

    • JasonJason says:

      Hey Dave, I wouldn’t expect much from The EZ Money Team especially after that phone call.

      I don’t get why companies feel the need to call and ask such personal questions. Well actually I do, they are trying to figure out your financial situation to see how much money they can take from you

      Feel free to connect with me on WA, here’s my profile page.

      As you already know WA has step by step training and one of the early lessons does help you to decide a business topic or niche. I know a few good pieces of training that I think will help you.

  • Jasondarren says:

    Ughwow. Finally found a splendor of truth. I had a nit pi king feeling something was just not right although i tried to convince myzelf to believe in my desperate plunder…..Then i saw this. And pulled up from near disaster.

    Thank you. Your a merited valued force.


  • JasonVictor Anderson says:

    I want to close my membership please credit my credit card

    • JasonJason says:

      Hi Victor,

      You will need to contact The EZ Money Team for any refunds or cancellation. I have no relation to them and also, this website does not collect ANY credit card information.

  • JasonLamont Prell says:

    Ive tried to get a refund but thr refund site doesnt work, and Ive been very disappointed with them

  • Jasonlfeit7130@gmail.com says:


    • JasonJason says:

      I agree, there should be some form of discipline for those scamming others, e.g. EZ Money Team.

      The issue with most of these scams is that the people behind them hide their identity, and plus, there’s no telling where in the world they reside. The laws could be much different (less strict) there.

  • JasonJon says:

    E Z Slimeballs. My wife has a fraudulent charge on her credit card fromClick Magick”. Taking action now with VISA. Seems that credit card fraud must be one of theTeam‘s E Z way of making money. Public execution would be appropriate for these clownsand make it pay-per-view to reimburse those they’ve defrauded.

    • JasonJason says:


      Sorry for the bad experience you and your spouse had with the EZ Money Team. This will help make others aware of their wrongdoings, however. And I thank you for taking the time to share.

      Hope you are able to get this sorted out.

  • JasonBeebea says:

    Thanks for your page, because I just watched it, I’ve been scammed so much I’m glad, you’ve decided to be different and actually tell us the real.

  • Jasonchasity says:

    just wanting to know how do I log in to set up my module to start making money

  • JasonCheryl Riley says:

    Hi my name is Cheryl Riley. I watched the video by Jeffrey Hart. I really want to do this an I got through the video but when it came to paying $37.00 it didn’t go through an I don’t know why? Please email me back.. so I can get this going.. my email address is: [EDIT]
    It said I tried to complete the order to many times unsuccessfully..

    • JasonJason says:

      Hi Cherly,

      This is a review of the EZ Money Team and we have no affiliation with them. I would stop attempting to purchase the system until you get a hold of their customer service.

      Just so you know, we do not recommend EZ Money Team for the reasons expressed in the review, but you are free to pursue any products you wish.

  • JasonGregory Suvalian says:

    Bearing in mind it’s being advertised via spam, that there is no information on webpage to contact anybody, that bothterm of service ” i “legallink on order page just cycles you back to home page. Scam hint after another scam hint and yet after another. I really hoped that after listening through entire pitch that there will be an option to send email to this scammers to check if they allow spamming for promotion but since I did not find any way to contact them. I officially and finally declare whoever owns this site is a scammer and scambag as well.

    • JasonJason says:

      I’ve noticed the EZ Money Team pop up more and more in my inbox as of late. And as you mentioned, it’s coming from spam mail.

      Great observations, Gregory. Thanks for taking the time to share.

  • Jasonkekee says:

    Yes they are a scam. I paid my 37 dollars and even tried to call the number they gave e for the mentor to help me set the program up. That was a fake number it don’t even ring. I have been trying to get my refund back but no success. I used my credit card to pay. Will they take anymore money of my card and if so what do I do?

    • JasonJason says:

      Hi Kekee,

      I would contact my credit card provider to stop any potential future charges from the EZ Money Team. They may also be able to help you in getting a refund.

      It’s unfortunate that you had to experience this. I hope it works out!

  • JasonBill Brown says:

    This is truly a scam. I joined for $37. Got to the website setup. Was told on the website to call your Million Dollar Mentor. Called the number several times and left messages. In the mean time, the ez money team website training video says you can continue setting up the website on your own.

    Got a call from someone saying they were calling on behalf of the Millionaire Mentor. He wanted to know what my goals were and he then told me that I needed to commit to using 5 to 10 thousand dollars to get this program up and running to make a lot of money online before I would get a call from the Mentor.

    I told him that I didn’t have that much free money available and that was why I was trying to make this money online.
    Needless to say I did not get any more calls from them.

    Purchased a hosting website for the ez money team.

    Every aspect of the program makes you have to spend money for this and then spend money for that. Buy leads.

    In it for two weeks so far. NO money made yet.

    Asking for money back today.

  • JasonLisa Dolby says:

    Well it’s pathetic out there with scammers.
    There is a number for that mentor they promised
    Karma will deal with the scammers

  • JasonMichelle Lee Moore says:

    thank you so much for creating this page, they almost got me too!! I am so tired of scams, I want a real work at home job that has no start up fees nor fees that I have to pay for to get training. please if you have any info on anything REAL LEGIT!! please send it way!!

    • JasonJason says:

      Hi Michelle, you’re welcome 🙂

      Most places WILL charge some type of fee in exchange for access to their training/service.

      People spend time and money putting programs together so it only makes sense that there are fees in place. There are a lot of positive training’s available, I recommend trying Wealthy Affiliate which will allow you to create an account and access the training for free. If you decide that you like what you are learning there, only then do I recommend paying for membership.

      You can learn more here.

      Happy new year and I hope you were able to get a response from The EZ Money Team.

  • JasonMichelle Lee Moore says:

    support@ezmoneyteam.com ;

    This email address is apparently who to contact for EZ Money!! yea, we will see!!

  • Jasonmelvin says:

    when is the web sites like this going to be policed and fined and taken off the web?answer:NEVER.

    • JasonJason says:

      Never is correct.

      It would be difficult to ‘policesuch websites because there are so many, with thousands perhaps, being created each day. Another obstacle is laws in certain countries, even regarding the internet, may be different than in your country.

  • JasonLOMAS ANDRE PEETE says:

    more money paid I needs I ‘m retired from detailz fine auto cleaning.inc don’t have no salary/year no more money slow down business

    • JasonJason says:

      Hey Lomas,

      I see that you have joined Wealthy Affiliate, I have connected with you there with tips on how to get started!

      Do keep in mind, starting an online business is not means to immediate money. You will learn how to generate income and potentially work for yourself in time, but if you need money nowthen this may not be the best opportunity for you.

      Give it time and you will see results.

      Hope to connect with you soon inside of WA!

  • Jasonnelly says:

    I got my programmed and blanked ATM card to
    withdraw the maximum of $5,000 daily for a maximum of 30
    days via (EDIT).
    I am so happy about this because i got mine last week and I have used it to get $150,000. EDIT is giving
    out the card just to help the poor and needy though it is illegal but it
    is something nice. He also give loans at 3%. get yours from EDIT today! Just send an email
    to (nice try!)
    or watsapp (+EDIT)


    • JasonJason says:

      Nice try, Nelly.

      But we do not promote nor tolerate any scams being promoted on this website. (Notice the Edits).

      You can take that elsewhere.

      HAVE A NICE DAY and thanks for stopping by our EZ Money Team review.

  • JasonPaul says:

    Dear Jason,

    Thanks for the great and in-depth review on EZ Money. I got new insights from your review on the product and very helpful. Reading reviews will help us to know about the products and will save our time. Thanks for helping many people via your review. Keep up the great work I will come back to your website to learn more information. Wishing you all success!

    Your Friend,

    • JasonJason says:

      Thanks Paul, I appreciate that and glad you were able to take something away from our EZ Money Team review.

      It’s a shame that the EZ Money Team training is teaching others how to make money by selling low-value products to others.

      There are far better ways to go about making money online which don’t include any of this nonsense. You can literally choose a topic that you enjoy or are passionate about, have experience in, or even something that you wish to learn yourself and learn how to turn that into a successful online business while HELPING others.

      As opposed to potentially introducing people to harmful products.

  • >