Brands Need You Review – What Is It?

brands need you review

Brands Need You, found at, is an extension of a more popular website known as Survey Voices.

In our original review for Survey Voices, we share that we did not recommend using the service and go into detail as to why.

In short, they were exposing people to a mixture of both good and bad survey companies. They were also recommending some well-known scams which promote false work from home.

This can be harmful and a waste of time and money for unsuspecting users.

You can check out our full review for Survey Voices if interested.

That particular review was created months ago and maybe they decided to clean up their act with the Brand Needs You website.

Let’s see if that’s the case…

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Brands Need You Review

Surveys are a great way to earn a bit of side cash using the internet. But be cautious as wherever there is money to be made, there’s always someone trying to exploit others.

Yes, even with survey sites.

Not too long ago there was a company charging a $97 fee to connect people with “the highest paying surveys” on the internet. People who decided to buy instead encountered sleazy upsells and a low-value business course.

Brands Need You is different in that it is free to use and based on my experience, the survey sites they share are legit.

See our top 3 free to join survey sites.

What Is Brands Need You

Brands Need You is a service that connects members with exclusive offers and the best survey sites available, according to the website.

Each of the survey sites recommended to me by the company were reputable sites that will pay you for completing a survey or other various tasks.

Here are some surveys I was matched with:

surveys from Brands Need You

You may or may not have been matched with the same ones.

If you feel questionable about any of the sites being recommended to you, take a minute to do a bit of research to see if they are any good prior to signing up and sharing any personal information.


Joining is as simple as entering a name and email, followed by a series of qualifying questions like “how much time do you spend on the internet”, “are you experiencing hair loss”, or “what is your household income”.

How you answer these questions may or may not affect the type of offers you get and type of surveys you’re matched with.

Earning Potential

Like myself, you may have been shown your earning potential.

I’m willing to bet it shows $350 for you as well.

$350 brands need you

It doesn’t matter who you are, an extra $350 is an extra $350.

This is purposely placed at the top of the page as an attention grabber and to get you to begin taking action.

Every time someone joins one of these survey sites through the Brands Need You website, the person(s) behind Brands Need You makes a small amount of money.

Which is perfectly fine.

However, it’s important that you realize that survey-taking be a slow process and it WILL take a while to earn as much as $350.

So, How Much Can I Earn?

One person using iSay, which Brands Need You recommends, said they averaged $1.01 per hour using this particular survey site.

These low payouts are actually quite common.

Using just one survey site at $1 per hour, working 8 hours per day for 5 days a week, it would take you 43 hours or just over one work week to earn the $350.

Keep in mind, this is 8 hours of survey taking per day.

Not to mention the time it takes qualifying for several surveys and being denied some. Also, some survey sites don’t pay out in cash but use a point system which can be used for gift cards, entries into sweepstakes or auctions, etc.

This is why we share a better, more lucrative way of earning online. You’ll even have my personal help each step of the way.

“Exclusive Offers”

Here is where my main issue lies with Survey Voices.

Their exclusive offers linked me to some extremely low-value make money online opportunities. Some were even downright scams.

With Brands Need You, I was given the option to take part in some website named Get Paid To Try to also to sign up for a credit card through Netspend.

I didn’t bother with either.

I’d recommend ignoring or skipping over the portion of the exclusive offer if possible.


  • Matches members with some reputable survey sites
  • Website is easy to use/navigate
  • Potential to earn
  • Signing up is free


  • Survey taking can be a slow grind. Could take a while to see $350 payout (as advertised)
  • Definitely not the best available survey sites (as advertised)
  • Avoid the “exclusive offers” portion

Conclusion – Brands Need You Review

Brands Need You is a company which matches its members with surveys and other market research opportunities.

My impression of them has been, so-so.

The sites I was matched with were nothing new and certainly weren’t the highest paying.

I do understand that there are many people who enjoy taking surveys. They are often simple to do, convenient, and a way to earn a bit of extra money.

If you’re interested in surveys, we highly recommend User Testing and Respondent.

User testing is quite fun and pays around $10 per every 20 minutes.

The average earnings for respondents are $140 per hour. Keep in mind, you likely won’t be taking these surveys back-to-back, but still a great way to earn a bit of side money. Learn more by following the links above.

Feel free to share your experiences using Brands Need You in the comments below. We’d love to hear from you.

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