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best work from home program

When it comes to the best work from home programs there are a lot of ‘duds’ out there, but make no mistake as there are a lot of really good, reliable places to learn how to build an income from home as well.

How do you know a low-value opportunity when you see one?

Well, they usually make absurd promises of income while saying the work will be easy, and you will become rich in a matter of months.

“I earned $5,000 in my first week”, is an example of this. Run for the hills, lol.

Legitimate work from home programs and or opportunities don’t operate this way and instead focus on showing you how their system works and how it may benefit you, not selling you on some get-rich-quick dream.

Now that we know the difference, let me introduce you to a platform that took me from zero knowledge to working from home for myself.

What Is The Best Work From Home Program

I believe the best work from home program has these qualities:

  • Beginner friendly, up-to-date training
  • Immediate personal help and feedback from people with experience
  • Everything you need to work from home in one place
  • Gets Results!

Fortunately, there is a place like this known as Wealthy Affiliate which has helped everyday, ordinary people like myself learn the ropes of online business.

Not only a chance to learn but to earn along the way all the while building your own online business.

I have yet to come across a ‘perfect’ work from home program, and WA is not perfect, but it’s an excellent place to develop and grow and they do their best to provide each member with a quality experience.

Not to mention, people are having success within the platform. Here are a few examples:

fifth success story example

third success story example

second success story example

What To Expect

Wealthy Affiliate teaches a lot in regards to online business in general, but one of the main focuses is the affiliate marketing business model.

With 1000’s of training’s, videos, etc, you can bet that they go into a lot of detail about setting up and building an online business but here is what the process looks like at a glance:

chart showing 4 step process of building an affiliate website

  1. Here you have the freedom to choose any niche (or business topic) and learn how to generate revenue. A niche can be something that you are passionate about, have experience in, or even something you wish to learn more about. There’s plenty of opportunities to earn in just about every niche!
  2. Building a website is not complicated to do at all. In fact, you can build your first website within Wealthy Affiliate within minutes of joining.
  3. Unlike building a website, attracting actual readers to your website takes a bit more effort and strategy. WA teaches different methods of attracting people interested in your niche to your website.
  4. There are several ways of earning an income once you start seeing regular visitors to your website. With affiliate marketing, you can earn commissions for selling products that you don’t own, ship, create, or have to purchase yourself.

Again, the training goes into much more detail and does a great job of setting you up for a long-term online business. You don’t even need any experience to get started.

A Realistic Time Frame

Regardless if you decide to join WA or a different work from home program, I think pursuing an online business is best suited for those who can:

  • Commit a minimum of 10 hours per week
  • Are willing to learn new things
  • Not in need of money immediately

If you’re in need of money right now, an online business may not be the best route for you at the moment as it could take several months before seeing any monetary results if any.

I would give myself a full year before expecting a reliable, steady income from the time you start.

If you are willing to put in an effort, learn new things, and dedicate a bit of time, I think this can be a very rewarding path for you.

Again, these are just my suggestions.

How Much Does Wealthy Affiliate Cost?

Wealthy Affiliate costs $49 per month or $29 per month if you take them up on their yearly offer for $359.

This includes everything you need to get started including hosting for a full-year, a website builder, a keyword research tool, access to a knowledgeable community filled with experienced business owners and marketers, access to the owners, access to the current training and any updates, live weekly webinars, and more.

It’s also important to mention that you can join WA for free, which is unheard of in this industry.

With a free starter account, you can access the first 10 lessons, communicate with other members, begin building your own website, at no cost.

This gives you an idea if WA is right for you ahead of time. If you like what they have to offer, upgrade to premium!

We think you’ll enjoy it as many others have used their training and service to create their own success online:

first success story from inside of wealthy affiliate

fourth success story example

You can learn more about WA and get started here.

What Are The Best Work From Home Jobs?

If an online business doesn’t seem of much interest to you, you still have other options when it comes to making money online.

In our 17 Good Ways To Make Money Online post, we share various ways in which you can earn from home using the internet including surveys and companies who hire at home positions.


Here you have our pitch on Wealthy Affiliate and why we believe it is the best work from home program available.

If you take advantage of the training and all other resources available within the platform, you could very well turn this into an at home career.

If you have any questions regarding Wealthy Affiliate or what it’s like to work from home, feel free to reach out to us by leaving a comment below. We’d love to hear from you!

You can see find full WA review here.

I look forward to working with you.


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