The Best Affiliate Marketing Course For Beginners in 2018

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To start things off I would have to say that I am a huge advocate for one platform in particular.

That’s because this same platform took me from a complete newbie, in 2015, to providing me with thorough knowledge and the necessary tools to creating a successful business online.

Heck, I didn’t even know what the term “affiliate marketing” meant at the time.

Out of curiosity, I began searching how people were able to make money by having their own websites. This search eventually led me to this platform.

They offered a free trial. So with nothing to lose, I signed up and became completely consumed by all that I was learning.

Before diving into my personal favorite affiliate marketing course for beginners, I would like to point out the reason why such learning centers and platforms exist and also look at some of the different options out there.

Why Affiliate Marketing Courses Exist, Should You Join?

Like myself, I think some people genuinely join some of these online courses by accident.

While others may be more familiar with the whole Internet Marketing “scene” and wish to join a course that can help them ‘cut to the chase’.

Just about everything you need to know about affiliate marketing, or any business model for that matter, can readily be found on Google.

By using the Search button.

The problem that many come across while doing this is a lack of direction and they find themselves spending months and months just sifting through information.

This is where people experience analysis paralysis, and some at this point, are ready to give up.

Not to mention, the ENDLESS misinformation you will come across and the many outdated, useless posts.

The Purpose Of Joining A Course

The purpose of joining a course should be obvious:

a) To follow a laid-out plan with up-to-date information. (Guidance & Direction).
b) To get Results

Another obvious is that online courses are not always free.

I get this a lot: “I need money, I don’t want to spend it”.

The reality is that others put in a lot of work putting together such products that help you eventually learn how to work from home.

It’s only fitting that people are compensated for their hours of work and sharing their knowledge/skills with you while putting together a course.

Think of it as an opportunity or an investment and not a fee.

With the right course, you can learn life-changing skills that can be applied over and over again. As an example, once you learn the “formula” for affiliate marketing, you can apply this over and over again to many websites.

As an example, once you learn the “formula” for affiliate marketing, you can apply this over and over again to many websites.

How many websites you create and ultimately how much you earn, is up to you.

Best Affiliate Marketing Courses

I recently came across an article instructing beginners interested in learning affiliate marketing to “just search on Google or go on the Warrior Forum” to learn.

I really dislike this advice because the reasons we just went over above.

  • You’re going to spend months and months sifting through information
  • You will more than likely encounter plenty of misinformation and outdated information. (Some of the methods that were working well for affiliate marketers back in 2013, is a sure way to fail today).
  • Analysis paralysis. You can easily get caught up in a constant reading and learning cycle and never take any real action to creating an affiliate marketing business.

Ultimately, you are just going to spin your wheels a lot.

This is why affiliate marketing courses exist.

So without further delay, let’s look at some of the better one’s out there suitable for beginners.

#1 Wealthy Affiliate

When it comes to beginner-friendly training and starting a business, Wealthy Affiliate is pretty much the best kept secret online.

I do not want you to mistake that last sentence as hype because that’s not what the community is all about. There’s no hype or empty promises, just thorough training available to anyone wanting to create success from home.

There’s no hype or empty promises, just thorough training available to anyone wanting to create success from home.

But aside from the training. A website builder, excellent hosting, along with several other useful tools are all included in the program.

They also have a free option to join without a credit card so that you can see what is available in the program before you purchase.

You will learn a lot about online business in general, such as researching and understanding customers/an audience, other ways to monetize your website than affiliate marketing, creating high-quality content, and more.

#2 Affilorama

The second program on the list is Affilorama.

This too has good training built in to it, however I will point out that I am not a fan of all of the upsells.

They do offer a free trial as well, but expect to pay more for Premium membership than the program listed as #1.

The programs are somewhat similar but the Afillorama community is not as large and not as active.

#3 Chris Farrell Membership

This is actually one of the first programs I came across while searching how to earn online by owning a website.

From what I have gathered, Chris, of the Chris Farrell Membership, offers some solid affiliate marketing training as well.

Honorable Mention: Affiliate Marketing – A Beginners Guide To Earning Online by Lisa Irby.

While researching the different affiliate marketing training’s out there for this post, I came across Lisa’s course. Lisa has been working online for well over a decade and not only is her energy quite contagious, her knowledge of the business is evident.

This course offers 56 lectures packed into 4 hours and is geared for beginners.

The Best Affiliate Marketing Course For Beginners

My top choice would easily have to be Wealthy Affiliate.

What I enjoy most about WA is that they are constantly updating their information, to keep up with an evolving internet.

They offer a free trial.

And you can literally join as a complete beginner with zero business ideas, to creating an established business online.

I know because it happened to me.

With Wealthy Affiliate, all of the tools and everything you need to create, grow, and even scale a business can be found within the community. There are no upsells, which should be a huge relief to hear.

It’s truly a unique platform.


Something to keep in mind when joining ANY online training or course.

Just by joining and even paying for a membership somewhere – doesn’t guarantee you will earn money.

Ultimately, you are responsible for making this happen. By joining a certain program, such as the ones shared above, you can expect a positive learning experience.

Creating an online business as a complete beginner is 100% doable, just realize it will take work.

If you decide to join a program, take full advantage by asking questions, being consistent, and take action by implementing the things you are learning.

Take risks. Learn something new. Have fun.

The results of a successful online business are worth it…

About the author


    My goal for this website is to help those who are looking to make money online from the comfort of their home and to offer people an alternative to the FIXED 9-to-5 life. Whether you are looking to make full time income online or just looking to make some extra cash. I've got you covered.

    Dane - 5 years ago

    Wow, great post. It really opened my eyes to the many affiliate marketing programs available at our fingertips! Quick question, of the 3 you have listed, which one provides the most in depth information for all beginners, intermediates and pros? Thanks! ps. I love the structure of the article, great work!

      Jason - 5 years ago

      Hi Dane.

      I would have to say Wealthy Affiliate .

    Paul - 5 years ago

    Hi Jason,
    I would have to say that taking a course is a must if you want to be successful. If you just start a blog, for example, you’re really kind of gambling. The blog might take off, but it probably won’t.
    Having someone to guide you through the process of making your blog appealing to search engines and social audiences will make all the difference.
    Without said guidance, it’s easy to make decisions from bad information, or simply start writing without realizing that there’s more to be done than that.
    Would you agree?

      Jason - 5 years ago

      Great points Paul. I agree 100%.

      Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts on our best affiliate marketing courses post.

    CannaGary - 5 years ago

    Hi, Jason and Thanks for the great read of The Best Affiliate Marketing Course For Beginners in 2017.

    As I was reading through I saw you had mentioned Affilorama and the Chris Farrell Membership programs, but I have heard a lot of talk about another one called Solo Build and I was wondering how that may stack up against your Top Choice Wealthy Affiliate?
    Thanks for the great read,

    CannaGary - 5 years ago

    Hi, Jason and Thanks for the great read of The Best Affiliate Marketing Course For Beginners in 2017.

    As I was reading through I saw you had mentioned Affilorama and the Chris Farrell Membership programs.

    I have heard a lot of talk about another one called Solo Build and I was wondering how that may stack up against your Top Choice Wealthy Affiliate?
    Thanks for the great read,

      Jason - 5 years ago

      Hi CannaGary,

      I’ve heard of Solo Build and have even visited their website on a couple of occasions.

      I am not very interested in their program and feel those listed above are much better.

    Phil - 5 years ago

    Hi there,
    Well done on posting some great reviews for affiliate marketing.I have heard of Wealthy Affiliate and am currently enjoying the experience that that business has to offer. It’s probably one of the best that there is available out there, in my humble opinion.
    However, I have’nt heard of Affilorama in my travels.
    I suspect that its something to do with affiliate marketing, given the title of this company.
    Thanks again for the great posts and best wishes
    Cheers PB

      Jason - 5 years ago

      Hi Phil,

      Yes, the four courses shared above are all affiliate marketing courses. Thanks for dropping by.

    Jojo - 5 years ago

    How I agree with you.
    I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate myself and think that one of the strong points with this platform is how well it is structured. You simply follow the lessons, learn and take action at the same time. This will save you from a lot of confusion and frustration.
    Another strong point is the support. If you have any questions or problems, there is always help to get, both from other members or from founders Kyle and Carson.
    Finally there are many valuable tools included in the membership. Content writer, Keyword tool, Siterubix webhosting etc.
    Great review, I hope a lot of people read it.


    ariel - 4 years ago

    Hello jason! thanks for your nice share,and I defintely agree with Wealthy Affiliate will be greatly helpful others to make the correct first step on there difficult and confused begining, like me. I know WA is not long,and I start online marketing is short as well, when I first see the course, I can’t stop to finish all course, I recommend others you can try the free course at least and it will give some inspiration.

    best regards

      Jason - 4 years ago

      Thank you, Ariel.

      Yes I feel WA is a great place for beginners to start. After completing the training, anyone can go from beginner to advanced in terms of building a affiliate website(s) and having internet marketing business know-how.

      Definitely worth creating an account and partaking in the lessons.

    David - 4 years ago

    Really good article with some great information! One of the things that struck me while reading your article was that you had looked into several other affiliate marketing platforms before you joined Wealthy Affiliate. I too looked at several options before settling on WA. Your endorsement is a sound one, as the free membership is a no lose situation. What would you tell a newbie if they asked how long it should take before they start making money?

      Jason - 4 years ago

      Hey David, great question.

      I would tell a newbie that how long or soon it would take before they start making money depends on their niche (you have the ability to choose any area that interests you), their ability to follow the training, and their effort.

      Sounds like a generic answer, I know, but there is no real time limit for how long or soon somebody earns.

      Speaking from my own personal experience, I joined Wealthy Affiliate as a complete newbie. It took me one month before I made any money. 

      For others, it took longer. Some shorter, perhaps.

      Anyone looking to get started in this business and learn how to create a profitable niche website, as taught over at WA, should come in with a long-term mindset.

      Establishing a successful business online will take several months, but in the end, it will be worth it and could potentially be life-changing.

      Thanks for stopping by and seeing our suggestion for the best affiliate marketing course for beginners in 2018.

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