Auto Home Profits Review – A Scam?

Name: Auto Home Profits
Owner: “Shelly Davis”
Price: $97

Recommended? No.

Auto Home Profits Review

Auto Home Profits is part of an ongoing scam, in fact, it is the most reproduced scam that I have personally come across on the internet.

From the work from home “news clip”, to the “ownership”, right down to the sales pitch. It’s all been done before. The only thing that seems to change when it comes to Auto Home Profits and company, is what they choose to name the product.

There is good news here.

Not everything you come across online will be a scam or some ‘get-rich-quick’ scheme. There are positive, legitimate services out there that will teach you proper methods to generate an income online.

For all of the proper tools, training, and guidance, I recommend joining Wealthy Affiliate – by far the best service when it comes to learning to create and operate a successful business online.

Similarities With This Website

I think it’s no coincidence that Auto Home Profits has many duplicate websites in existence on the internet. I will show you what I mean:

financial health reset review

This is just a small handful of these sites and to me draws many red-flags. As I have stated before, it is the most common scam that I come across.

Why the need for so many duplicate sites?

It would be my guess that these sites are constantly being reproduced in an attempt to reach more people. There’s no real need to have the same product, with the same sales page, and pitching the same “opportunity”, while changing it’s name.

My only other guess would be is the people behind sites like Auto Home Profits change the title of the website in an attempt to clear their name. My website is not the only one reviewing these types of scams and so as they notice people are calling them out for cheating people, they simply move on by renaming the product.

Is Auto Home Profits A Scam?

So we’ve covered the fact that this site continues to ‘pop-up’ ruthlessly under different aliases, but then, there’s also this:

The image of the lady is one that can be purchased online, and not only do they mix around the name of the product, but they switch around the name of the owner from time to time. Above, one owner is Shelly Davis while the other is Karen Evans.

Same photo, same sales pitch, just another reason to avoid purchasing this “opportunity”.

Bottom Line

You are promised that you can live a lifestyle of freedom and even “fire your boss” just by buying into this system.

Truth is, this is what is known as the link posting scam. Their whole ordeal is based on link posting, which is not a real business model by the way.

You are told that the $97 you need to spend is for a Wealth Development Certification to become a certified “link-poster” (whatever the hell that is).

The whole thing is a ploy to part you with $97+ dollars. The plus is for the bombard of upsells you can expect to be exposed to after purchasing Auto Home Profits and sharing some of your personal information.

Learning how to earn an income online doesn’t have to be so risky or confusing.

Try a legitimate platform that allows you to join and try out their training, get your own websites, communicate in real-time with real people, and more, for free. You will notice the difference between this opportunity and a fake one right away.

What You’re Really Buying

Auto Home Profits is selling their “product” for $97. You are promised to be given a Wealth Development Certification course in exchange for your money but that is not what really takes place.

Remember, link posting is not a real business model. You would be lucky to make a few cents posting links around the internet at random.

You can expect to receive a phone call, as advertised, after purchasing Auto Home Profits but it won’t be a one-on-one consultation from an “internet wealth expert”.

The call is likely to be from someone wanting to inquire if you are a good “fit” for their business opportunity. You will learn nothing but be asked to spend more money, usually thousands of dollars.

It is my advice to avoid Auto Home Profits and get-rich-quick schemes altogether. Working from home and being able to do so online requires actual work.

Final Recommendation

Any legitimate business models?

I’ve mentioned that link posting, which is what is being sold by Auto Home Profits, is not a real business model.

Well, there are plenty of GREAT business models when it comes to working online. Some are more preferred than others but know that they will work and you can generate an income online, so long as you are prepared to work.

No business will ever magically fall into your lap just because you are on the internet. There’s still work involved 🙂

Feel free to share your thoughts and experiences regarding Auto Home Profits below.

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    Alex - 5 years ago

    Hi Jason!

    Thank you for such a great review! It’s good to be aware of scam programs and there are so much on the internet that it’s really scary! Anyone can fall into this traps and loose a lot of money, right?

    I’ve heard of Auto Home Profits program and it’s good to read a good review about it. I always search for online reviews before join any program. And definitely this is not the best one!

    I also read your complete review on Wealthy Affiliate and it seems a great program. But I have a question for you: If I join how much time can I stay as a free member?

    Thank you so much


      Jason - 5 years ago

      Hey Alex,

      I have become custom to doing my research as well, it’s a really good habit.

      Wealthy Affiliate does offer a free Starter Account now. For anyone who decides to join, you can remain a Starter member for as long as you like 🙂

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